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Brainstorming Ideas to Create Your Information Product Empire

 August 14, 2010 When you make the decision to market information products on the ‘net, your first step is in conducting some niche research to see which target audience could provide you with a virtual ..

How to Compile an Information Product for Sale on the 'Net'

 August 13, 2010 When you're selling information products on the Internet, customers usually expect an instant download of the product unless they're otherwise notified up front. Of course some courses in the ..

Ebook Covers - Never Underestimate First Impressions

 June 18, 2008 There's an old saying that you should never judge a book by its cover. Nice sentiment but it's baloney. In the real world people do precisely that, instantly. They may not do it consciously but ..

Brand Your Name and Build Your Reputation With eBooks

 April 28, 2008 Many people who are considering writing their own eBook often ask themselves “Why would anyone want to buy an eBook from me?" That's a perfectly valid question. If they've never heard of you, ..

How To Author Only Published Books?

 December 03, 2007 It's an infopreneur's nightmare - ‘"What if my book doesn't get published?" Gone are the days when having a finished book alone was fair qualification to have it published. Today, authors with ..

Write Your Ebook Now - How To Write Ebooks That Show Other ..

 December 02, 2007 Writing ebooks is a way to share your information and knowledge with others. But how do you find out what kind of information people are interested in reading and purchasing? The very best way to ..

eBook Writing - 5 Strategies To Stop Distractions From ..

 August 25, 2007 1. Don’t wait for the perfect, time, place, and circumstances to write your ebook because it may never come. Have you ever said to yourself, it’s too noisy, I can’t write here? Or ..

7 Excuses For Not Writing Your eBook And How To Overcome Them

 August 21, 2007 1. You’re not sure that you can simplify your subject enough. Some subjects can get pretty technical and if that’s the case maybe it isn’t a good subject to write on unless you have .

Write And Sell An Ebook Online: Avoid These Two Traps For The ..

 May 12, 2007 Writing and selling your own ebooks is one of the easiest ways to make money online. However, there are a couple of pitfalls that you should be aware of before you start writing an ebook. If you ..

Baby Boomers - Organize Your eBook and Write It Tonight

 April 09, 2007 Baby boomers, are you thinking of writing a book? Maybe you want to have a book to promote your online business? Or you might just want to record your memoirs through life. Either way, writing your ..

Baby Boomers - You Have All the Information You need to Write ..

 April 09, 2007 Baby boomers, are you ready to write your eBook? Maybe you don’t know what topic to use. Well, don’t think too hard, you already have as much information as you need to get your first ..

Writing Ebooks That Sell Fast

 April 09, 2007 Thousands of people want to be authors. They want to have written a book but don’t really want to put the work into it. Many times the mantra is that they would love to write a book but ..

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