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Window Blinds Articles 

Before You Shop for Window Blinds Read This

 October 25, 2012 Until you start researching window blinds, you might not understand how complicated they can be. You literally have dozens of types of blinds and hundreds of styles. It is important for you to ..

Choosing Appropriate Window Shades For Your Home

 February 23, 2012 Home décor of all kinds can be tricky. Window treatments are not exempt from this. Window coverings are one thing that can tie a home together or completely separate it. This is not to say ..

The Great Debate: Windows with Blinds or Windows with Curtains .

 October 19, 2010 With so many options in blinds and curtains these days how does one really make a good choice on which is good for their home? The choices in blinds and curtains are endless. There are several ..

Drapes And Window Treatments - The Different Aspects Of Blinds

 October 16, 2010 People may have a little fun should they decide to redecorate. Nonetheless it can feel slightly overwhelming when you're thinking of deciding on the best items for the room. When you decide to start ..

Using Blinds to Stay Healthy

 March 13, 2009 Blinds are known for their aesthetic purposes, but not many know about the health effects they can have on those inside houses. Blinds can help provide ventilation for many rooms, meaning those with .

Sparkling Blinds in No Time

 February 12, 2009 As with all investments for the home, you will want to keep any new additions from damage and ensure they stay in tip-top condition. Window blinds may not be the first thing that spring to mind when ..

Safety Tips For Solar Window Blinds For Your Children and Pets

 September 09, 2008 It is important for each of us to know how to raise awareness of the dangers of solar window blinds. Each year, many children are rushed to local emergency rooms due to injuries sustained when ..

How to Install Mini Blinds

 July 26, 2008 This guide will help you to install mini blinds. Installing them is never difficult if you follow certain steps. We all know that installing window blinds helps to protect our room from sunlight and ..

How to Choose the Best Kitchen Window Treatments

 July 09, 2008 You know how parties often go - everyone ends up in the kitchen. This is certainly true at my house. I am not sure why that is. Maybe it is because the hosts are often still cooking or preparing food .

Decorate Your Windows With Roller Shades and Blinds

 July 08, 2008 All of us love our home as much we love ourselves. We dress ourselves in every possible way to look pretty and we remain thirsty to get complements. In the same way we also like to decorate our ..

Adorn Your Home With Elegant Window Shades and Blinds

 July 04, 2008 It does not matter whether you are building a new house or remodeling the existing one, window shades and blinds are just perfectly suited to give you the utmost level of privacy as well as make a ..

Top Selling Window Blinds and Shades

 April 27, 2008 If you think of your window as a blank canvas, then window treatments are the paint you apply to make that space beautiful. I was in this situation recently and frankly I was a little blown away by ..

Window Treatments - The Finishing Touch To Your Home Remodel

 January 23, 2008 Sounds obvious enough, right? And, in a way it is. I have seen many beautiful examples and many not-so-beautiful examples. The trick is to match up the decorating themes of a given room with the ..

Don't Get Robbed Blind Shopping For Shades

 January 09, 2008 My Mother recently spent over almost $900 on two pleated shades and one bamboo shade for her home. She purchased these blinds from Home Depot and the cost included the dual services of measuring and ..

How To Shop For Discount Window Blinds

 December 16, 2007 You can find discount wood window blinds, shades, shutters, mural blinds, verticals, metal roller blinds, minis, faux wood, bamboo, Roman, fabric, arch, velux and vinyls among many others. Many ..

Make Your Windows More Attractive With Bali Blinds

 July 29, 2007 A Do-It-Yourself brand: The Bali Blinds is the most inspiring of all the brands because it revolves around the “Do-It-Yourself” motto. It makes you at complete ease by letting you follow ..

Arch Windows Blinds

 July 25, 2007 To add more to the architectural look of the home many houses use the arch window blinds. It not only adds to the architectural essence but also gives a unique look to the house as well. Previously ..

Wood Blinds- Giving Your Home That Elegant Look

 July 15, 2007 Are you tired of the vinyl window blinds or aluminum that takes away from your home decor? Do you wish for something a little more elegant that you could be proud to show off to your friends and ..

Options In Window Blinds

 March 16, 2007 Window blinds or curtains, what is the best choice? Actually it is up to you and your personal preferences. In most cases it depends on what you are looking to do and which is more aesthetically ..

Comparing Vertical to Horizontal Blinds

 February 21, 2007 If you’re considering vertical blinds you might be please to know that they aren’t all that different from horizontal blinds. They operate in much the same fashion with the slats hanging ..

Helpful Tips on Cleaning Window Blinds

 January 30, 2007 While we all want to keep our window blinds clean and well maintained it might not always be the most enjoyable task on our ‘to do’ lists. In all honesty, most people never bother cleaning ..

How to Install Vertical Window Blinds

 January 04, 2007 Professional installation of vertical blinds for most is the ideal situation. This is particularly true if climbing up and down ladders while trying to juggle multiple tools, rods, strings, and ..

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