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5 Easy Strategies to Strengthen Your Health and Immune System

 March 29, 2012 We, in today's society, are working so really hard to get money that occasionally we leave behind the one matter that's most essential in all of this - our health and fitness. We need to fully grasp ..

You Are Not Wanted... Flu Stay Away!

 December 15, 2011 Here are the facts about the flu shot by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)… The flu vaccine protects against the following 3 flu viruses that research supports are the most .

SpaTrip – Guide to Spa and Wellness

 October 02, 2011 Unique Spa and Wellness database provides info and links to various European spa and wellness hotels, traditional spa and therapy, relaxation or beauty centers. The idea of this project is simple. ..

Things To Remember To Avoid Putting Up Weight During The ..

 March 31, 2011 December is just around the corner and it only means one thing - Christmas. Everybody loves this season because aside from the fact that there will be less days at the office, there will surely be ..

Factors That Affect Metabolism

 March 31, 2011 Metabolism is the body's ability to use food as energy. The rate at which the body uses energy determines the amount of calories needed for one's daily caloric requirement. Knowing how to tap into ..

Tips To Have A Safe Weight Lifting Session

 March 31, 2011 Weight lifting is a form of exercise that is geared towards developing the different muscle groups. A lot of people go to the gym to tone the areas they want to develop. Developing your muscles can't .

The Benefits Of A Treadmill

 March 30, 2011 Are you planning to get a treadmill for your apartment or house? If you are, then you came to the right site. Like many people today, we find ourselves oftentimes to busy to jog or even walk outside ..

When Not To Exercise

 March 30, 2011 Exercise is an essential part of daily life. Human beings are designed to move and mobilize. It is a fact of life that people would rather skip exercise, citing the most mundane reasons. However, ..

The Benefits Of Cardio

 March 30, 2011 Cardio exercises are a typical part of your workout routine. It would sometimes be the only exercise that some people do in a day because cardio exercises are usually easy and fun to do. They are ..

Creative And Fun Ways To Exercise At Home

 March 27, 2011 When you do not have the luxury of time to exercise at the gym, you can still continue to work out at home. However, you sometimes might get easily distracted or bored. Other times, especially when ..

Tips To Avoid Weight Gain This December

 March 27, 2011 December is such a special month of the year - quality time with family, exchanging gifts, and sumptuous food all month long! Yes, the first two things are so lovely to have, but too much of the ..

Easing Pregnancy Ailments

 September 17, 2010 Pregnancy brings with it a range of ailments. It begins with morning sickness, with the typical symptoms of nausea and vomiting. As the baby grows, extra weight begins to be felt like burden. One ..

Why do we trust them with our lives? Part 1

 July 23, 2010 Large chemical companies Who are they? They're the ones who put commercials on television. They are the ones who try to convince us to buy their products. They are the ones who produce a product ..

How To Drink More Water

 July 14, 2010 Most people do not drink enough fluids, and when they do, they seldom drink water, which is essential for basic metabolism. A very common mistake that people make is to believe that because they ..

How To Develop And Use Affirmations

 July 14, 2010 What are Affirmations? Affirmations are words and phrases stated in the present that allow you to condition and empower yourself for success in whatever your goals may be. Most often, people think ..

Truth About Cholesterol

 March 05, 2010 People are always getting confused about the two types of cholesterol found in the blood stream. In this article, we will differentiate between HDL (high density lipoprotein), or the good guys and ..

Making a SmartStart™ In The New Year

 February 03, 2010 As we come to the end of the first decade of this New Millennium, it is more evident than ever in the global economy, the environment, and in human relations that destructive behaviors do not work ..

How effective are banner advertising agencies?

 March 17, 2009 In the middle of the global economic turmoil, the business of an advertising agency is not just to survive but to generate profits that will foster a good economic activity in its surrounding area. ..

Dog Spas

 January 13, 2009 Ever stopped to ponder whether Scruffy or Cuddles have had a rough week and could be in need of some love and attention? Spas are wonderful for both relaxation and beauty enhancement and now dogs ..

A Look Behind Symptoms of Menopause

 January 08, 2009 During the menopausal transition, a woman generally experiences hormonal fluctuations. Such changes often cause the onset of symptoms of menopause. Symptoms of menopause often vary from woman to ..

Heeding the Warnings of a Heart Attack

 December 24, 2008 When somebody says “heart attack" what would probably come to mind is a sudden and deadly occurrence. This may seem to be so, but there are cases when such an instance can be prevented. There ..

For Computer Ergonomics to Really Work

 December 24, 2008 It certainly is good that companies are making means for better workspace conditions. After all, most offices are involved in heavy paper and computer work. This entails sitting on end for long ..

Creating Space For Better Health

 December 23, 2008 Have you ever tried to make a change in your life that you know will bring you better health, wellness or happiness, yet the whole process seems to be an uphill struggle. Well if you have, you are ..

There is a New Revolution on It's a Way Called Wellness

 December 23, 2008 We are on the cusp of a revolution, something so powerful that it will change the path that mankind is taking. This groundswell of change is coming about because we are waking up to the fact that ..

We Need to Take Responsibility For Our Own Health and ..

 December 23, 2008 We are now at the very beginning of the next massive industry - an industry that will impact almost every aspect of our lives but one that is as unknown today as the automobile industry was in 1908 ..

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