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Weddings in Jabalpur : A Lavish Affair

 September 04, 2016 Indian weddings is a lavish affair for the wealthy. To a smaller scale it is a big affair for the middle class. The weddings a traditionally rich with many events taking place that could last for ..

5 TopTips For the Perfect Wedding

 October 03, 2014 With your wedding approaching there is a lot of pressure on you to pull off the perfect day. Organizing the venue, your dress, the catering, the accomadation, the reception (and so on and so forth) ..

About Wedding Ceremonies in US

 January 17, 2014 Wedding Ceremonies in US Due to the intricacies and amazing traditions followed in a wedding, North American culture is always impressive. Wedding is always special and important event in once life ..

Better time management ensures a blissful wedding life

 November 25, 2013 Who wouldn’t disagree with these proverbs, Time and time tide wait for none and a stitch in time saves nine. These saying may have been told many eons ago where the life was still in a snail ..

Wedding photographers – how to know who’s right for you

 August 16, 2012 You’ve got the dresses sorted and the groom’s tux, probably the cake and you might even know where your flowers are coming from. But what about the pictures? It’s arguably the most .

Finding a Denver wedding photographer

 February 28, 2012 Some Denver wedding photographers like to use low quality cameras and take over 5000 photos of a wedding. This is where quantity is put before quality. The quality of the wedding photography should ..

Be a Good Party Organizer

 February 18, 2012 When organizing a private party or a major function then the best thing to do is to hire a catering service. If you are experienced and confident then do it yourself. If you believe in organizing the .

The Easiest Ways to Buy Classy Wedding Ties

 January 20, 2012 Choosing Trendy Ties That Just Happen to Be Economical To the extent that you find it viable, I would advocate choosing wedding ties that are fashionable but are simultaneously affordable. Beauty ..

Have Rememberable Wedding With These Wedding Favors

 December 06, 2011 If you think of turning your marriage ceremony memorable for your visitors, wedding favors play an important role in it, along with other factors such as your wedding apparel, place, photographs, ..

Start Your Big Event Off Right With The Best Wedding ..

 November 03, 2011 All things considered, it can seem like there are a thousand little things that you must do in order to get ready for your wedding day. The reason for this is simple: there's a thousand little (and ..

How to Clean Your Diamond Engagement Rings?

 October 28, 2011 Diamond engagement rings flamed up a love maybe because of the outstanding brilliance that radiates from the diamonds. It has to be forever and should not loose its spark to signify a continuously ..

Wedding Chair Cover Hire - THE PURCHASE STYLE!

 September 23, 2011 Wedding Chair Cover Hire - Purchase Style Thinking about where you are planning on holding your wedding reception? Have you got a beautiful hotel all set in your mind and have got the picture of how .

The Top ten weddings of the last decade

 September 07, 2011 Looking back on the weddings in the past ten years, it is obvious that the weddings followed a “The Bigger The better” line of thought. The grandiosity of an event was proportional to ..

The Basic Needs To A Wedding

 August 23, 2011 When you are putting together a wedding and reception it can feel like there are a million small things you need to take care of. From assembling a guest list, finding the perfect dipping sauce for ..

Picking The Right Announcements Is Step One

 August 17, 2011 Before, college announcements were pretty self-explanatory. You had the high school ones and the college ones and most folks purchased them through the school or the book store. Today, students of ..

Tips For Writing A Best Man Wedding Speech

 July 31, 2011 Being asked to be the best man at a wedding is an honour and it shows that you’ve impacted on somebody’s life so much they want you to play an important part in the biggest day of their ..

Why you should choose a wedding band over a DJ at your wedding .

 June 13, 2011 When planning your wedding, particularly if money is tight, you may be tempted to opt for the time honoured tradition of hiring a DJ to play at your wedding reception. I'm here to tell you why you ..

Where There is Love There is Life: A Hin-Jew Wedding in Texas

 February 24, 2011 One of the most unique weddings I have officiated was Shreeti and Jon's. I co-officiated with Shreeti's family's lay pundit (Hindu priest), Jaysurya ("Jay") Upadhyaya. It was fascinating to see how ..

DJ, Does more than just music

 February 23, 2011 All I Do is play music Ma'am Do you know what happens behind the scene at Tampa area weddings? It happens all the time, the Emcee is working the crowd and someone comes up and requests a song, it ..

Weddings Today

 February 12, 2011 The wedding industry is thriving, people are going for much bigger, more glamorous and extremely expensive wedding these days. A few years ago the average wedding would cost between $5,000 and ..

How To Ensure You Choose The Ideal Engagement Ring

 January 21, 2011 You have found the girl you want to spend the rest of your life with and you are about to make the ultimate in romantic gestures, but how do you go about ensuring that she is going to absolutely love .

6 Ways to Make your Wedding Menu Unforgettable

 October 12, 2010 People seem to have that innate love and passion for food. Your partner may disagree but your wedding guests are definitely willing to fill their tummies with sumptuous meals. A good menu planning ..

Wedding Planning Best Tips

 September 17, 2010 Wedding Planning Best Tips You will always remember your wedding day. Things happening smooth on this day is important. A vital key to a flawless wedding day is comprehensive wedding planning. What ..

Gifts for Bridesmaids - Alternative Handmade Gifts Idea

 August 26, 2010 Bridesmaids are one of those people who have genuine concern for your wedding day. They are individuals whom you should thank for. Without their presence your wedding day is incomplete. The main role .

How To Hire A DJ For Your Wedding

 July 29, 2010 Hiring music entertainment can arguably be the most important booking made for your wedding. Guests remember whether or not they had fun at your wedding. What you pay for is what you get is a good ..

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