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Autumn Winter Season Multi-pronged Prevent Electrostatic Car

 January 13, 2012 The causes of the electrostatic reaction car basically has two, one is the human body is in contact with the car before itself has charged, car contact with nature will discharge, and the ..

Painless Waxing - The Zurich Way

 December 15, 2011 We are all aware that we are living in a world which puts physical appearance above all. Aesthetics argue that we have come to believe external beauty as being the most important trump one can have. ..

Is Sugaring Good For Hair Removal?

 August 18, 2011 When it comes to sugaring, few people have heard about this ancient technique, I am afraid. It has originated thousands years ago, yet it is still underused in western world. It is a simple mixture ..

A Few Tips to Make Your Waxing Treatment a Little Less Painful

 October 13, 2010 Many people find waxing painful and of course for the first few times it may be slightly uncomfortable but with these little hints and tips you can make the procedure less painful for you. Make sure .

Gorilla Underarms? Seven Ways for Hair Removal

 May 22, 2010 If you have hairy armpits this article is for you. Underarm hair is healthy body hair; still many men and women consider it awkward or unattractive. While removing armpit hair is mainly a sociable ..

Professional Brazilian Waxing San Jose

 December 17, 2009 The Brazilian Waxing San Jose is one of our most requested waxing assistance so you can rest assured we are very accomplished with first time" Brazilian customers. No need to worry if you've never ..

A Few Body Hair Removal Techniques That Are Popular

 August 26, 2008 Body hair is a natural occurrence and all of us have it to some extent. But when you want to show off your body in professions like modeling it can look unpleasant. In general if you wish to go the ..

Moon Phases For Hair September 2008

 July 27, 2008 Apply the principles of moon phases for hair care to more than just a cut or perm. Hair removal through waxing or laser depilatory are among those to consider. Use both the moon phase and ..

7 Ways You Can Do Hair Removal

 July 23, 2008 You can use any of the hair removal techniques from the various options that are available. Some are painful, some are costly and some are time consuming. Here we bring you a few hair removal ..

GiGi Creme Wax Hair Remover

 July 13, 2008 If you want to remove the hair easily and to look great, then cream hair remover is the best way. Some cream hair removers may change the color of the skin. Hence, it is essential to take care before .

Questions About Brazilian Waxing Answered!

 July 09, 2008 The famous Brazilian Waxing even mentioned on cartoon movies such as robots still have people scratch their heads imagining what it really means. Every week my mother gets new first timers at her ..

Effectiveness of Laser Hair Removal

 June 19, 2008 Traditional hair removal techniques, such as shaving, plucking and waxing, provide only temporary results. Some physicians do not recommend waxing for persons who suffer from diabetes, varicose veins .

Underarm Hair Removal - Top 3 Methods for You

 March 16, 2008 Underarm hair removal has become a must for women during the last 50 years because it gives us a more clean and attractive look. But which methods are the best and give you the longest lasting ..

Guide to Shaving Public Hair

 January 24, 2008 Shaving has always been the most commonly used temporary hair removal methods. So this guide to shaving public hair is going to show you how to easily shave your hair while protecting your skin. ..

Smooth Move - Laser Hair Removal

 April 26, 2007 Why is laser removal better than shaving or waxing? If you’ve ever had any part of your body waxed, you know all about repetitive expense, pain, ingrown hairs and living with unsightly, ..

Got Hair? Five Techniques For Hair Removal Down There!

 April 24, 2007 With the approach of summer many women (and men) begin to think about wearing a swimsuit and all that it entails. Remember to consider your hair care down there before purchasing a new bathing suit ..

Tips For Successful Bikini Waxing

 March 14, 2007 There is no replacement for a good bikini wax. You just can not get the same results by shaving. If it is time for you to get that bikini wax there are a few things you can do to make the process go ..

Bikini Waxing – Should You Consider Having a Bikini Wax?

 March 12, 2007 The warmer weather is on the way and many women are considering a bikini wax but is it for you? Lets look at all the facts and see. The advantages 1. More revealing clothes with no sign of pubic ..

Brazilian Wax – For a Clean Convenient and Sensuous Look

 February 27, 2007 Waxing is more popular than ever among women as it is clean allows the wearing of revealing under garments without the embarrassment and is considered sensuous by both men and women. Let’s ..

Pubic Hair Removal - What YOU Need To Know

 February 27, 2007 In recent years, more and more people have been looking into the process of pubic hair removal. One of the main areas of interest is whether there should be total pubic hair removal or just a ..

Finding The Right Hair Removal Treatment For You

 February 27, 2007 If you have decided that you wish to remove some unsightly hair from parts of your body, the next big question is which hair removal method would be the best one to choose. Before deciding, here are ..

How To Shave Your Head - The Facts

 February 27, 2007 Head Shaving One of the more common places that people want to shave hair from is their head. Head shaving usually amounts to a trim using electric clippers leaving at least some hair. Sometimes ..

Hair Removal by Waxing - What You Need To Know

 February 27, 2007 Although often seen as a fairly modern invention, leg waxing has its roots in ancient Egypt. Members of the Royalty and the more affluent Egyptians would use waxing as a method of hair removal. It ..

Unwanted Body Hair Removal - The Facts

 February 27, 2007 In more recent years, there has been a vast increase in the number of people (both men and women) who are seeking the latest body hair removal techniques. It has always been common to remove unwanted .

Pubic Hair Waxing - Should You Consider a Bikini or Brazilian ..

 February 15, 2007 Pubic hair waxing has become increasingly popular in recent years and the bikini and Brazilian wax have become ever more popular. What are the advantages and disadvantages of waxing the pubic hair ..

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