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The Benefits of Time Tracking In Project Management

 October 01, 2015 While managing a project I usually encounter a tricky issue of how to track the productivity of the resources in the project. Doing stand-up calls and daily status helps to some extent but they ..

Methods For Making Your Targets and Deadlines Within Your Home .

 April 26, 2011 To garner success with your home based business you absolutely need to be beating any goals that you have set. This is a major key to making an income. A lot of home based business owners are running .

The To-Do List That Works: Make One For Yourself

 January 23, 2011 To-do lists are a recurring feature when I try to explain the secret of getting things done. I agree that they can be important, but not every list is equally good for this purpose. Some of them may ..

Ultimate Productivity Tip: Do What Excites You

 January 08, 2011 If you desire to be more productive, all you have to do is complete tasks that make you feel excited. With the right methods, you can be one of those highly motivated people that you admire and envy. .

Agenda Lists and the Modern Man: How to Get the Most out of ..

 January 08, 2011 In order to communicate my ideas and problems effectively, I have to be able to carry out tasks and solve problems. In order to stay organized, it is important that I keep an agenda. An agenda is a ..

Ten Time Management Tips

 December 12, 2010 Time management is not something you learn in school. It is something that you have to learn on your own. It doesn't matter how smart your are if you can organize yourself enough to get all you work ..

The Temptation of Tomorrow

 December 05, 2010 The language of ‘one of these days’ does not help in the efficient functioning of your life. The best decisions are made in the present rather than in the past or in the future. It is ..

Effective Time Management-One Simple But Effective Management

 October 16, 2010 We have all been there-so much to do and so little time to do it. But did you know that one simple technique can make your life simpler, easier to manage, less stressful and allow you to actually ..

Save Time on the Internet

 September 15, 2010 A lot of time on the Internet is unfortunately wasted. Many times it is because you get distracted by videosthe latest viral video or links you have been sent. What you may fail to realize is that a ..

Your Most Valuable Resource is Time

 July 24, 2010 What is the most valuable resource on the planet? Is it gold, silver, or platinum? Is it food or water? Is it electricity or gas? The real answer is none of the above. The single most important ..

Time Management Is A Skill That You Need

 July 06, 2010 You must agree that most of us find it very hard to manage our time. How many times have you wished you had more time in a day to do all the things you want to do. There just never seem to be enough ..

Basic Tips For Dealing With Student Stress

 June 21, 2010 Stress is an issue which can affect anybody, no matter whatever is the age. This is quite normal and majority of the people undergo stress regularly. These days, students have also become a part of ..

Making The Best Use of Time

 May 29, 2010 The Latin word for time is ‘tempus’. In this article I will explore the benefit of developing better skills with the use of time. Have you ever thought to yourself “if only I had ..

How To Be Punctual For Work

 April 07, 2010 I admit - I am seldom punctual for work. I have been working for 8 years now but I constantly struggled with punctuality. On most days, I would ‘just make it’ on time or on other days, I ..

21st Century Leaders – Present Strategic Actions from each ..

 February 24, 2010 Strategies are of little value if they are not implemented effectively. But implementation is difficult in an already busy schedule. Unless each follower can see where they fit and what they need to .

21st Century Leadership - How to keep work flowing to achieve ..

 February 08, 2010 A common question asked by leaders is How can I overcome blockages that reduce the likelihood that my goals will be achieved? In most cases, these blockages are caused by people who don’t know ..

21st Century Leadership – Making it easy for followers

 December 30, 2009 The best leaders make it easy for people to follow them. People follow leaders who provide clear direction by making it easy to know what is happening, and what they need to do, when and with whom. ..

21st Century Management – Where everyone manages

 December 22, 2009 In the 20th century, management was largely handled by managers and supervisors who communicated with the people doing the work. In most cases, workers were responsible for managing their own time to .

Know what is happening, know what to do - Part II

 November 26, 2009 Over many years of consulting and research in the workplace, I have found that one of a manager’s greatest needs is to know what is actually happening, whereas the greatest need for people ..

Planning and Completing Work

 October 27, 2009 I have found the greatest weakness of most planning is that a plan is made initially but not kept up to date. Usually planning is done before all the information about the work is clear, so the plan ..

Filing systems and how can they help you get organized?

 October 16, 2009 Filing system is like a catalyst between the operating system and the drives, which keeps track of the important files you might want to store on your system and also retrieve the information when ..

Filing Systems To Keep Your Office Organized

 September 26, 2009 If you know that paper-less office, clutter-free work stations and time management could actually boost the productivity from your work environment you must have also identified the key challenges to .

Natural Management – Where everyone manages

 August 04, 2009 In the real world, everyone needs to manage their life. We all have 24 hours a day to get the things we need to do done. Some people manage their time and effort better than others. When we work ..

What is SMART Goal Setting?

 June 17, 2009 The method of SMART goals has been the basis for sound goal setting for a long time. It is one of the best used tools by high achievers to reach their goals realistically and consistently, giving ..

Constantly Overreating? - Mind the Gap

 June 15, 2009 How to stop yourself saying the wrong thing at the wrong time Picture the following scenario . A young man picks his girlfriend up in his new car to take her to the beach with the intention of asking .

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