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Approach to musical theory

 July 28, 2010 Many guitarists trying to stay away from musical theory. Maybe that’s because learning of it more complicating than practice. However, understanding of theory will help you much faster find ..

Everyone is Boss Theory

 June 13, 2009 Do you know that you can actually treat both your boss and subordinate the same? “How could you possibly treat the both parties in the same way?” “Are you kidding me?” Is that .

Leadership Theory Notes - Thoughts on Competing Theories

 August 28, 2008 In a survey of leadership theory will acquaint you with concepts like: leadership traits, leadership behaviors, transactional leadership styles, transformational leadership styles and organizational ..

10 Ways to Maximize Your Guitar Playing

 August 17, 2008 Many times it is necessary to acquire an over-all knowledge and understanding of how to go about practicing guitar, as opposed to just learning techniques, riffs, scales and modes. All of these ..

Transformation Or Information

 June 29, 2008 Nature Cure is the science and art of Natural Living and Natural Healing. I have been following Nature Cure for over 25 years. My understanding of its principles and practice are clearer than ever - .

Why You Really Need Quantum Theory

 May 19, 2008 The cool thing about quantum theory, is that you can now prove your off the wall theories with science. For example, if an object travels at close to the speed of light, it actually, physically gets .

Why Affirmations?

 May 17, 2008 "The significant problems we face cannot be solved by the same level of thinking that created them. " ~Albert Einstein. This quote is true for the world and also for our own lives. One question I ..

Evidence Of God

 April 27, 2008 This article isn't to convince anyone who does not believe in God. Rational discussion doesn't work with people who have decided what they believe, so, atheists are safe to read on. For the rest of ..

Free Introduction To The Laws of Attraction

 April 17, 2008 Every game in life has rules. In soccer you cannot use your hands. You cannot peak at your opponent's hand in poker. You cannot look in the dictionary when you play Scrabble. Each and every one of ..

The Shifting Calories Theory - How Can One Lose Weight By ..

 April 08, 2008 The Shifting Calories Theory (also known as the Calorie Shifting Theory) is becoming more and more popular in recent years. Today, many people have shifted from diets such as low calorie, low ..

Relativity, Quantum Physics and String Theory

 December 31, 2007 Einstein's theory of general relativity and the theory of quantum mechanics are two widely accepted and experimentally verified theories of physics. There's only one problem. They contradict each ..

The Swing Plane - The Truth About Swing Plane And Other Things .

 December 25, 2007 Are you a one-plane golfer or a two-plane golfer? Are you sure? In reality, there are so many different versions of what people consider one plane and two plane golf swings that it is impossible to ..

You're Never Going To Fix Your Slice (Oh No!)

 December 18, 2007 That's right, I said it: You're never going to fix your slice. Why? Simply put, because you are trying to fix your slice. OK, let me explain myself. This article is all about mindset. And if there ..

What Leaders Need to Know About Theory Based Communication

 December 17, 2007 Leadership, sales, marketing, training, mentoring -they all demand communication skills. Understand a few communication theories and you can greatly improve these skills. While I would like to give ..

Trading Stock Options with Darvas Box Theory

 December 10, 2007 Nicolas Darvas was a dancer who invented a trading system while traveling the world, and made over $2,000,000 in about 18 months. Keep in mind: this was in the late 1950's! In today's dollars (at 5% ..

Scientific Success Explained Mathematically and Physically

 September 02, 2007 Is success some elusive and abstract concept? Or is it mathematical and physical? This article will attempt to explain success mathematically and physically. Then after reading this article, you be ..

Caution - Is It Really a "Theory"?

 July 25, 2007 For several decades deception has increased in the form of twisting or otherwise misusing words that once had a definite meaning. At the top of the list is the term “theory". It is part of the .

Dream Debate: Freud's Dream Theory Hobson vs. Solms (2006) DVD .

 July 11, 2007 A powerful debate can be a great tool for persuading people towards your point of view. In the case of "Dream Debate, " the issue is not persuasion or dissuasion, but rather the instigation of the ..

Teach Yourself How to Play the Guitar Using the Internet

 June 30, 2007 With the invention of the internet, learning the guitar is much easier and cheaper than it used to be. Before everyone had computers in their homes, we did things the hard way by playing along to ..

What Constitutes a Learning Organization

 June 02, 2007 The work that was done in the early 90's and subsequently in the field of corporate practice by Peter Senge and his Associates in the Sloan School of Management at MIT and by Chris Argyris and his ..

Martial Arts Book Review - Martial Arts Instruction by ..

 May 21, 2007 I recently had the opportunity to read one of Lawrence A. Kane’s books entitled, “Martial Arts Instruction: Applying Educational Theory and Communication Techniques in the Dojo” and .

The UQV (Ultimate Questioner's Vanity) Theory

 May 05, 2007 The UQV theory is a metaphysical theory that the universe exists as the consequence of the ultimate questioner’s vanity. This theory builds on superultramodern solipsism, the position, which ..

5 Tips To Choosing The Best Online Piano Course

 April 18, 2007 Tip 1: The course must be reputable. Make sure the course that you’re choosing is one that has a good reputation. Do a search on google or your favorite search engine and read reviews, ..

The Life and Death Theory

 March 10, 2007 A rookie police officer who has been working for more than 40 hours straight, wakes to a bump to discover he is sliding sideways in a police car at 90 miles per hour. He manages to regain ..

Testing Transformer - 3 Proven And Simple Methods To Test ..

 March 02, 2007 Testing transformer is very easy if you follow the procedure explained in this article. Generally there are two types of transformer in the market i. e. the linear type and the switch mode power ..

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