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EFT Practitioners How to Create an Intake Form

 July 24, 2008 A reader submitted a question in the Practitioners Place section of my blog asking what should be included in an intake form. While I don't think there is a one-size-fits-all intake form for EFT ..

Reprogramming Your Subconscious Mind

 July 24, 2008 Millions of people have been made aware of “The Secret" DVD and have acquired the basics of how the law of attraction works, however are having problems applying these principles to manifest ..

Law of Attraction Manifestation Exercise 22 Today is the Day ..

 July 24, 2008 It happens to all of us at one time or another. We get stuck in a rut. Same things day in and day out. Every day you go to work at the same job, every night you come home and have the same arguments ..

Review of the Sedona Method Does the Sedona Method Get You ..

 July 23, 2008 This article will explain to you the Sedona method and share with you a simple tool to ensure that what ever you desire, will be attracted to you at a subconscious level. You will also discover in a ..

The Power of Now in Conscious Creation

 July 23, 2008 Use the power of now to consciously create your life and expand your spiritual growth. Focus the law of attraction on those things you desire to experience and allow spirituality information to flow ..

Law of Attraction Common Attraction Mistakes and What Einstein .

 July 23, 2008 Einstein knew about the law of attraction well before the wave that sweeps us today. What you will discover after reading this article is all you need to know in order to create what Einstein created .

Law of Attraction See a Penny Pick it Up!

 July 23, 2008 "See A Penny - Pick It Up - All Day Long - You'll have good luck. " I used to love that saying when I was younger and I guess I was always looking for the “magic" even back then. The same way ..

Manifestation Meditation A Practical Guide to the Law of ..

 July 22, 2008 Leave aside the marketing hype, The Secret and The Law of Attraction bear some truth: our thoughts create reality. Let me elaborate. Universe is energy. This was demonstrated by science. Quantum ..

EFT Practitioners Want to Grow Your Business and Reach Your ..

 July 22, 2008 EFT Practitioners and fans of Emotional Freedom Technique: I have a confession to make. It's been way too long since I've picked up the phone and called a certain someone who has been a tremendous ..

Deconstructing Your Negative Thoughts Positively

 July 22, 2008 You have to change if you want your life to change. There is no question about it. When you are living life and not enjoying what it is giving out to you, the only way to change it is by changing ..

Being Positive Through the World Conditions

 July 22, 2008 Make it a point to find the positive in every situation. This can sound a bit like you're not seeing what is around you in the world these days, but quite the contrary: When you make an effort to ..

Sales Manager Training Expect the Best and You Will Get It

 July 21, 2008 One thing often missing in sales manager training courses is the section on expectations. No not the normal definition of expectations. This is the one that can really change your sales performance ..

When Do I Need the Help of an EFT Practitioner?

 July 21, 2008 In the many years I've worked as a healthcare practitioner, it still amazes me the trap that health professionals get into of assisting others with their conditions and yet not reach out and get ..

Law of Attraction How it Really Works

 July 20, 2008 Here's how the Law Of Attraction works - from experience rather than theory. The Law Of Attraction brings opportunities, not end results. You need to act on those opportunities in order to get the ..

Law of Attraction and the Secret The Good, the Bad, the Ugly

 July 20, 2008 Have you noticed that the phrases The Secret and the Law of Attraction have become interchangeable since the launch of the movie The Secret in March 2006? On the up side, The Secret has opened ..

A Secret For Attracting More Abundance and Making Better ..

 July 20, 2008 Take Control of Your Energy and You Will Create More Wealth Opportunities Here is a very important practical as well as psychological fact to know about money. You can earn more, spend less and make ..

You Are Abundant, Manifest Yourself As Abundance

 July 20, 2008 There is this theory floating around our world today, the theory of LACK. It says that there are finite resources on this planet. There is not enough for everyone and thus we must struggle with one ..

What is the Secret X Factor That Plays Havoc With the Law of ..

 July 19, 2008 Do you want the Law of Attraction to work for you - to have it truly deliver the kind of life you want to live? Or is this just something you like to fool with, a fun idea that might hold some grain ..

How to Tap Into the Magic of Now

 July 18, 2008 "Life is now. It's all right now. Everything is now. " - Abraham-Hicks A vibrational shift is happening on our planet these days. Movies such as The Secret, What the Bleep and You Can Heal Your Life ..

The Law of Vibration in Action

 July 17, 2008 The Law of Vibration states: Your thoughts control your personal vibration. Change your thoughts, get emotional about them, and you'll change what is attracted to you. Napoleon Hill stated it ..

In Search of an Advocate

 July 16, 2008 According to the dictionary the word advocate means: 1: one that pleads the cause of another; 2: one that defends or maintains a cause or proposal 3: one that supports or promotes the interests of .

Five Ways to Show Your Gratitude

 July 16, 2008 Gratitude in the Simplest Form There is a proverb that states it takes a village to raise a child. In today's world of bi-continental relationships, electronic gadgets that reach us everywhere, ..

Can You Create a Perfect Life With the Law of Attraction?

 July 16, 2008 The Law of Attraction is an invisible but very powerful law that states that you attract the circumstances of your life by your inner state -your thoughts, feelings and beliefs. If you give some ..

How the Law of Attraction Can Improve Your Family Life

 July 16, 2008 Many people would like to improve their close relationships, especially within their own family. You can certainly use the Law of Attraction for this purpose. It is sometimes necessary, however, to ..

Depression The Secret to Overcoming Your Depression

 July 16, 2008 Dealing with depression is one of the most difficult challenges a person can face in life. Depression takes away our joy, steals our dreams and makes life heavy-laden for even simple tasks like going .

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