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Telemarketing Articles 

What Closing Ratio Can You Expect in Outbound Telemarketing?

 January 24, 2008 Twice this week I've been asked what closing ratio can we expect to get when we do outbound telemarketing? So, I thought I'd share my reply with you, because it departs from conventional wisdom. ..

Telemarketing and the Use of Scripts

 January 05, 2008 The use of scripts can be quite a contentious issue. Experienced sales people feel suffocated by them, new hires often, too obviously, read them and managers fail to understand the real benefit they ..

Telemarketers Are Real People Too

 December 29, 2007 Consider the idea that “telemarketers" are real people, doing a legitimate job. Similarly, people who hand-deliver advertising material to mailboxes. These are people who are paid a pittance ..

Spotlight on Scripting - Can You Write a Great Tone Guide for ..

 December 19, 2007 If I had a buck for every time one of my book readers or tape purchasers asked me to write a telemarketing script for them, I'd have thousands of dollars more than I currently have. In fact, this is ..

Here's Proof - It's Never Too Late To Call Inactive Accounts!

 August 22, 2007 I received a phone message from my insurance agent, yesterday. It was a bit of a surprise that he was saying hello. My policy had lapsed and been replaced by two more policies many years ago. And ..

Sales Success- You're Only A List Away!

 July 21, 2007 When I was in sales management with Time-Life, we’d assign calling lists to reps before every shift. “I want Canoga Park!” one seller would shout. “Is there any Mar Vista ..

5 Ways To Work With Existing Customers

 July 17, 2007 I received an Ezine topic request this week on how to handle ongoing customer contacts without appearing to be a pest or without seeming to call just for another order (which was the reason this ..

How To Avoid Rejection

 July 17, 2007 Anyone in sales knows about rejection. And to 80% of salespeople, this is what they fear the most. Fear of rejection creates call resistance, long lunch hours, sick stomachs and can turn a telephone ..

How To Handle Incoming Leads

 July 17, 2007 I get many requests each week from readers who want to know how they should deal with incoming “warm” leads. “These leads are more qualified because they are calling him, " I hear over and ..

How To Write Effective Phone Scripts

 July 17, 2007 Most inside sales reps I speak with tell me that they don't use a script, and when I take a look at the one their company has given them, I can understand why - most of them are terrible! The problem .

How To Connect With Your Prospects

 July 17, 2007 Years ago I got one of the most important pieces of advice on how to truly connect with my prospects and clients while selling over the phone. When I heard it I thought it was too simple to be ..

The 5-Step Method of Handling Objections

 July 17, 2007 I get so many requests asking me how to handle objections, that I thought I'd go ahead and give you the secret method that I reveal in my in-person trainings - the definite way you should handle and ..

How To Create A Qualified Lead

 July 17, 2007 People ask me all the time what I think makes up a qualified lead. It's simple, I tell them. There are five things that every Top 20% producer knows when he or she hangs up the phone with a prospect. .

Don't Give Up When Your Prospect Says, "I'm Not Interested"

 June 28, 2007 One common sales objection that you may hear your prospect say is, “I'm not interested!" Unfortunately, some salespeople will hear this objection much more often than some of their peers. The ..

Mortgage Lead Companies, Invest Wisely

 June 27, 2007 Investing with a mortgage lead company these days can prove to be tricky for loan officers and mortgage brokers. With so many mortgage lead companies to chose from these days, how does one go about ..

The Almighty Gatekeeper

 June 19, 2007 "What company are you with?" (hold) “What's this regarding?" (longer hold) “Mr. Decision Maker is in a meeting. . . You: “Um, uh. . . When is a good time to reach him?" Sound ..

Making a Living from Home by Answering Sales or Customer ..

 May 26, 2007 Working at home for a large company is a good way to make a living yet still maintain independence. To cut costs on office space, many companies are allowing some of their workforce to work from ..

Your Book is Great - It's You I Can't Stand!

 May 17, 2007 That familiar, slightly annoyed feeling came over me again. I had started reading a certain New York Times bestselling book at least twice before, but still I felt I hadn’t really cracked it. .

How Soon Can We Get Underway?

 May 05, 2007 If we could absolutely know right away who was destined to buy from us, and distinguish these folks from non-buyers, selling would be a lot easier; don’t you agree? Of course, we can’t be .

Mortgage Leads, Real Time,Three Ways to Increase Applications

 April 16, 2007 There are a lot of people in the mortgage business and they will find that the first thing that you need to get is some applications. Many people will want to score at least one mortgage a week. ..

Are Telemarketer's Disciplined Enough to Work From Home?

 April 11, 2007 As a telemarketer, you probably on occasion work from home either as a freelancer or for a company. Whichever the case, you'll need to discipline your self to work effectively to achieve the most out .

The Importance of Achieving "Flow" in Cold Calling

 April 08, 2007 You’ve read bits and pieces about the psychology of cold calling. Most of the popular literature on the subject refers to hurdles that callers face, such as call reluctance, what I refer to as .

How to Create SIZZLING Value Propositions

 March 31, 2007 You know those dramatic commercials on late night TV for slicers and dicers and steak knives and juicers and rotisseries, don’t you? What do all of them, the successful ones, those that stick ..

5 Reasons to Not Divulge Client References Up-Front

 March 27, 2007 I just got this email inquiry from a prestigious, international hotel chain: Hello: I am interested in getting information regarding your seminars, speeches and training programs. Could you please ..

Telemarketing Services - The Purpose of Telemarketing Opening ..

 March 21, 2007 I picked up the ringing phone the other day. “Hello?” I said. Then I sat in shock as I heard on the other end, “Hello, my name is Jim and I’m calling from XYZ Co. We are a ..

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