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How Do MP3, CD's And 24-bit Audio Really Differ?

 August 22, 2014 My Dad is a traditionalist. In an almost ant-modern era sulk he shuns 21st century methods of listening to music in favor of ancient, pre-broadband ones. I believe he listens to music on some ..

Monster THX Certified 1/8 Stereo to Stereo RCA Cable Adapter

 June 25, 2011 Monser THX Stereo to Stereo RCA Cable Adaptor Product Description For a more detailed review and customer comments / feedback, please visit Review Compare Australia Home theaters today bring with ..

How to link your Mp3 player to your car stereo system

 September 28, 2010 You will find four typical options for successfully connecting your Mp3 player to your car stereo. I will checklist all of them here in optimal purchase through better to most detrimental these terms .

Where to Buy Integrated Amplifiers

 August 25, 2010 Buying an integrated amplifier is an inevitable process for every audiophile. Learn how to buy the right amplifier and at the right price! Even though integrated amplifiers can cost quite a bit of ..

Auto Audio Systems As Entertainment System? - Is It Worth It?

 November 05, 2008 We all like shopping, and window shopping in particular is even more fun. But what if you have been doing some real shopping, for example, shopping for an Auto Sound System. It's most likely that ..

All About Home Theatre Speakers

 July 25, 2008 A home theater is a combination of two types of media, video and audio. On the video side a home theater usually includes a big screen or a high definition TV set and a DVD or high definition DVD ..

Used Home Audio

 July 24, 2008 There are several reasons in which an individual may be interested in used home audio equipment. The first is to acquire hard to find audio systems that stores rarely keep in stock. The second is to ..

Sony LBT ZX80D Mini Hi Fi System

 July 13, 2008 Looking for a powerful hifi or stereo system that you dont want to take up too much space than the sony LBT-ZX80D mini hi-fi system might just be the hi-fi for you. This masterpiece of sound system ..

Buying Quality Audio Equipment, Part 1 - Techno-Jargon Revealed

 February 06, 2008 Modern consumer electronics really let freedom ring, allowing you to take your audio favorites just about anywhere! From iPods and MP3 players to car audio to home theaters, to get the right audio ..

4 Great Additions to Make your Apartment the "Place to Be"

 January 01, 2008 These days everyone is investing in improving their Home Theater system with new flat screens, high tech video game systems, HDDVD players and such. But if you really want to make your apartment the ..

Parrot MK6000 Stereo Bluetooth Car Kit

 December 21, 2007 Not one for long lonely drives? The Parrot MK6000 stereo Bluetooth car kit will take away the humdrum from cruising, and connect you with your music and friends. The drive becomes “loaded" with .

Motorola T605 Stereo Bluetooth Car Kit

 December 21, 2007 Drive with care and get good company with the Motorola T605 Bluetooth Car Kit. In many ways, the kit gives more satisfaction-in looks, price, and functionality-without the hassle. You get CD quality ..

Five Awesome Bluetooth Gift Ideas

 December 04, 2007 Bluetooth has been spreading into every realm making life easier and more manageable. Wireless signals are where it's all headed and cables will seem like ancient history probably in the next decade, .

Finding The Best Headphones

 July 06, 2007 The headphones market today brims with different types of headphones from different companies ruling the market. It is pretty difficult to decide on the best headphones as different headphones have ..

The Web Radio Revolution Is Now

 February 02, 2007 Have you listened to web radio lately? A lot of folks still don't know what web radio is. Let's note first of all that it is not the same thing as podcasting, although the two are often confused. ..

Some of My Best Friends are Appliances

 January 18, 2007 I have a stereo receiver from Aiwa, the Japanese electronics manufacturer, and when I turn it off, the little LED window tells me “goodbye". The receiver is part of our home entertainment ..

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