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Steel Buildings Articles 

Choose a Steel Building, Build a Lifetime Home for your Horse

 August 16, 2010 If you own a horse, you already understand their amazing intelligence and ability to connect with your heart, even to the point of “becoming one” with your thoughts and gestures. They ..

Why Pre Fabricated Steel is the Greener Choice

 August 16, 2010 As the “Green Movement” goes into full swing, more consumers are seeking out ways in which to conserve energy. This means such things as turning off lights, carpooling to work and buying ..

Steel Buildings Vs Cargo Containers - 3 Things To Consider ..

 July 01, 2010 The shipping industry benefited greatly from the introduction of cargo containers in the early twentieth century. The International Organization for Standardization was formed in 1947 for the purpose .

Winterize Your Home

 December 21, 2008 Every single year you should take the necessary steps to winterize your home. This is important because you can actually save money when your home is ready for the winter. How is this possible? Well, .

What Can Steel Workshops Be Used For?

 October 13, 2008 If you enjoy making things, you are most likely the prime candidate for a steel workshop. Steel workshops are steel buildings that you can use as your own personal space. It is your creative space. ..

Using Steel Buildings to Jump Start Your Business

 July 23, 2008 Every business comes to that point where it must make a key decision to increase its capacity in order to grow. For most, the answer is an affirmative, “yes, I want to grow my business. " ..

Pre engineered Steel Buildings Help Churches Save Money While ..

 July 15, 2008 In today's economy, we are all looking for the best way to take care of business in the most cost effective way. When faced with the need to spend their congregation's money well, to keep design and .

Adding a Metal Storage Shed Will Keep Your Cottage Neat and ..

 July 14, 2008 Do you feel like your life is becoming cluttered and you need to do something about it quick? If you do, then there is certainly a solution for you. You can remove the clutter from your life and you ..

The Top Ten Ways to Keep Your Metal Building Cool

 July 08, 2008 Every year, the summer gets hotter, which means we desperately seek for a place to stay cool. However, some individuals have to work in very hot environments during the summer months. Amongst those ..

Are General Steel Buildings Really the Best on the Market?

 June 24, 2008 Many steel companies out there are fly-by-night companies that are simply brokers trying to sell someone else's building to you, collect your deposit check, and move on to the next deal. They make no .

How to Buy Pre Engineered Steel Buildings

 June 24, 2008 We recommend that you print this article along with the checklist to keep handy while you're talking to any steel building company including General Steel Corporation, Anthem Steel, Butler Steel ..

Building Your Prefab Metal Storage Shed A Great Project For ..

 June 22, 2008 You've needed a storage shed for quite some time and you have a long weekend coming up. This long weekend is going to present you with the best opportunity to embark on your shed project and clear ..

What You Need to Know Before Ordering Your Prefab Metal ..

 June 22, 2008 Before ordering your new prefab metal airplane hanger, there are things you need to know, especially when it comes to the hanger fitting your plane properly. That is why the first thing you need to ..

What Types Of Buildings Can Better Withstand A Fire - Metal Or .

 December 20, 2007 One major question that arises when constructing a new building is whether to use steel or concrete. Both materials have inherent positives and negatives. They differ in terms of cost, ease of use, ..

Steel Building Components - The Evolution of Construction

 July 19, 2007 A rising demand The use of steel building components in construction is increasingly becoming the trend. In today’s day and age of fast and quality work, steel proves to be the best answer and ..

When to Purchase a Metal Building

 July 19, 2007 Have you decided to go for a metal building considering all its advantages? Are you sure but do not know where to start? Does the ‘when’ question bother you often? 7 Tips for choosing THE ..

Metal Buildings in the 21st Century

 July 19, 2007 Today, a number of the most beautiful churches in the United States and worldwide are built with 100% metal. Metal buildings are no longer considered the rusted out barns that blemished the American ..

Questions about Metal Buildings

 July 19, 2007 Variety, durability, recycling ability and flexibility have made metal buildings the superior ones in comparison to other buildings. An ever-increasing demand, several advantages and being in-fashion .

Capitalizing on Climate-Controlled Self Storage

 June 30, 2007 Since the late ‘90s, climate-controlled self storage has become more and more popular. If you're considering upgrading your facility, here are a few things to keep in mind. Ask yourself some ..

Top Ten Reasons To Buy Steel Buildings

 April 12, 2007 Steel buildings have long been a preferred form of enclosure for many businesses. There are several reasons for this, as they provide several advantages over buildings made of wood or concrete. Below .

Beyond the Hype - The Truth About Today's Self-Storage Industry

 March 19, 2007 Conflicting descriptions of no-risk investment and reports of a collapsing self-storage market have potential self-storage business owners scratching their heads. Can self storage units stay on top ..

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