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Best Shower Filter

 December 23, 2009 If you love to spend hours in the shower but are unaware of the disadvantages of not having a shower filter then this article is for you. Showers are both necessary and beneficial. It has been ..

Shower filters: Softer Skin and Hair!

 December 01, 2009 A shower filter removes chlorine and other chemicals from your shower water. This process has several benefits for better health and cosmetic benefits. We’ll discuss a few of them here. • .

Shopping Airsoft Online Saved My Husband's Birthday

 November 11, 2008 I was searching for my husband a paint ball gun for his birthday. Really, I must preface by saying -I am a novice when it comes to any gun. My search starts at the local outdoor store. Of course, I ..

Airsoft Guns - The Basics to Know

 November 05, 2008 Airsoft guns are manufactured in three different, distinct styles: electric, gas, and spring. Each of these three types work in essentially the same way. Compressed gas is expanded into the barrel to .

Blending Soft Style Wing Chun With Hard Style Martial Arts

 July 08, 2008 I am one of those martial artists who have broken away from my traditional routes and have created my own system. It is not an easy road and there are many people who resent this breaking of ..

Is Freeware Movie Editing Software Any Good?

 July 02, 2008 When you are an individual who is sitting at home and you have taped your kid's special events and you want to make movies out them, then a freeware movie editing software package is recommended for ..

Teaching Soft Skills

 June 16, 2008 There are a number of companies that have been started to facilitate training programs and workshops in the area of Soft Skills, People Management and Self Management. While the subject matter is at ..

Full Economic Costing of Professional Services

 June 16, 2008 Defining an Economic Charge-out Rate for Service Businesses Introduction Many companies and professionals deliver services to third parties. Establishing an appropriate rate for charging those ..

Graphology at Home-Lesson 14 - The Letter M

 April 21, 2008 M (Note: The letter m is considered one of the most important letters. ) Picture a diagram of the basic letter M, consisting of its three humps. The first hump represents the writer's ego; the second .

The Sweetest Valentine Gifts Ever

 January 18, 2008 There are lots of romantic Valentine gifts that have a sweetness that nobody can resist. Including some sweets like candies and chocolates to presents have been customary in the whole scene of ..

What I Know And Remember About Baseball - Soft Hands

 January 02, 2008 All too often baseball players perfect the art of collecting the ball in the pocket of their gloves. This is particularly true for the younger players that are still in the learning curve of using ..

Tonneau Covers - Why Your Truck Needs Protection from Thieves ..

 November 26, 2007 Tonneau Covers, also known as truck bed covers, are an excellent idea if you are an outdoor person who goes camping, hiking, or enjoys taking long road trips or frequent, short visits. The type of ..

How To Care For Your Silk Sheets

 June 26, 2007 Sleeping on synthetic fibers can be an uncomfortable experience. Synthetic materials are usually hot and sticky during the summer months and chilly during the winter. Although cotton sheets are more ..

How To Choose A Set Of Sheets For Your Bed

 June 26, 2007 If you’ve been sleeping on the same ratty sheets for years, it may be time to trade them in for crisp, new sheets. While many people are hesitant to buy new sheets because of the cost of a good .

Bathing in Chocolate

 February 12, 2007 Chocolate is making a comeback with health conscious new applications. Research is showing that dark chocolate contains flavanols. Flavanols are antioxidants that can help reduce the risk of ..

Contact Lenses: The Difference Between Hard and Soft Lenses

 January 18, 2007 For those looking to buy contact lenses the different products available are as daunting as they are varied. They can choose from daily disposables, monthly wear lenses, fortnightly contacts and even .

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