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Real Estate agents should really use social media

 September 20, 2017 Throughout the years, social media has grown significantly; allowing companies to reach larger audiences and helping them become more valuable in business. Today, social media is a necessity for ..

Key Things to Consider When Sourcing for Digital Marketing ..

 April 27, 2017 Every business requires an online presence if they want to increase sales and establish themselves as an authority in their respective niche. In the past, all a company needed was a website, but ..

The Latest Innovation in Social Media Industry

 October 12, 2016 Discover the latest innovations that is ushering major transformation in the social media industry. Also, get to know the current trends in social media industry. How is the social media industry ..

Why Social Media is Important in Finding Leads

 October 03, 2016 When it comes to lead generation, there’s just so much going on – there’s inbound marketing, outbound marketing, and even omni-marketing. There are targeted campaigns such as cold ..

Role Of #Hashtags In Social Media And Search

 June 06, 2016 Hashtags are a new way of search and find in social media platforms. It’s become so popular that most of us use it in our personal profiles to generate more visibility to our content. ..

Maintain good bonding with your clients

 March 28, 2016 The advertisers love discovering silver bullets that centre arrangement of suggestions, glitches or missed open doors that can profoundly affect the achievement of the customer. Getting those centre ..

How Can a Local Business Promote Itself?

 April 28, 2015 A few years ago starting a local business was not at all an easy task. To go against the big guns or at least to stand at the same level with them required exceptional investment of time, money and ..

Ways to improve your business through social media

 February 16, 2015 Before establishing your presence on social media, make sure you research about your customer’s lifestyle, where they live etc. This will help you narrow down social media sites from an endless .

How do you manage multiple social media accounts

 February 14, 2015 It has become a norm of the day that you need to be on track in the digital world. Be it in terms of gadgets, apps or social media for that matter, one has to stay updated so that he’s not left .

Moving your product Off-Site

 December 17, 2014 One of the biggest problems with E-commerce sites nowadays is that their users are limited to traffic on the platform and fail to take advantage of the thousands of blog networks worldwide. If for ..

Is Social Commerce the next big frontier?

 December 17, 2014 As the tech boom of the past five years comes to a mellowed plateau the biggest questions on investors hands is how do we monetize this swelling user base. Certain giants, such as twitter have seen ..

Why is social media important for my business?

 August 29, 2014 Hang around with some of Internet marketers and you will surely hear the words “social media" or “web 2.0" every now and then. Before going to be familiar with why it is significant to ..

Are You Using Social Media in Your Estate Agent Business?

 May 02, 2014 Once upon a time that meant a half page advert in the local newspaper. And then the internet changed our lives and portals took over the role of the newspapers and Estate Agents produced their own ..

3 Tools in Social Media for Business and Professional Service

 August 30, 2013 Social media affect and influence everyone who uses the Internet. From social networking, video streaming, and blogging – there is hardly anyone who does not use these services online. This ..

Zugme and Microsoft – Great Minds Think Alike?

 July 07, 2013 About a month ago, in April 2013, a new video was posted on YouTube talking about a new social media network called Zugme. A network that brings together people of all color, age and gender while ..

Zugme – Limitless Exposure, An Insight Of New Social Media.

 July 07, 2013 A buzz word! An umbrella term! New media platform! Evolving nature! Describing social media is not difficult these days. People all over the globe are going crazy for networking. Social media is a ..

Zugme: A New Social Entertainment Network

 July 07, 2013 Social network that attracts people for an indefinite period rather than short term is the main aim of all social media. The one, which succeeds in fulfilling this aim, is the best entertainer. ..

The Positive Effect of Social Media Participation

 February 07, 2013 There is a positive effect of social media activity on the recent trend of online business. Many stalwarts in marketing have expressed satisfaction over the effect of social media in promotional ..

Describia – Describe Anything And Everything

 February 01, 2013 When you search for your topic of interest online, in most cases you find it in Wikipedia. If you want to record your thoughts on that particular topic and want other people to see it, where do you ..

IT in Companies of all Sizes

 January 09, 2013 Insurance plan companies make income by don't have to select the iPad format for the added Kodak videos one by one. This gate can only be operated using expertise in all types of social media ..

Understanding the World of e-Commerce Store Design and ..

 January 04, 2013 Let's say you make the world's greatest widget. Revenues have been decent by exploiting word of mouth and other traditional ways to sell. But then someone asks you: “Hey, I'd love to have one, ..

What A Doctor And A Clown Taught Me About Article Writing ..

 December 18, 2012 How To Decide What To Write About? For many people trying to get in the habit of blogging and becoming active on social media the hardest part is answering the question, “What do I write ..

The Magnitude That Tends To Make Social Media Worth Using

 December 15, 2012 For the past ages, many business analysts have obviously noticed that there exists a improvement in the needs of persons and how to converse with them accordingly. It prompted a change in the ..

Social Media Marketing Is The Life Blood Of Virtual Market

 November 01, 2012 Society is indispensable for an individual for being man as a social animal. Similarly digital beings i. e. websites cannot exist without social networking sites which throw light upon social media ..

No cost Guidebook Abount Significance of Social Media

 September 08, 2012 It may be explained because strategy of bringing any internet site around the best of the research motor by typing a phrase or perhaps a phrase. The faster the web site seems within the top rated on ..

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