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Social Media Marketing Articles 

It’s not Marketing Without Social Media

 April 03, 2017 There has been a long and bumpy road for social media marketing to arrive where it's at today. Numerous attempts have been made to downplay the role social media has in the physical (or financial ..

5 Instagram Tips to Ignite Your Social Media Marketing

 February 27, 2017 Instagram is our new BFF (for the uninitiated, read: Best Friend Forever). Right from sharing that good-angled, well-lit picture of a steaming cup of coffee to scouting for that perfect Prada ..

The Latest Innovation in Social Media Industry

 October 12, 2016 Discover the latest innovations that is ushering major transformation in the social media industry. Also, get to know the current trends in social media industry. How is the social media industry ..

Social Networking Sites Helpful For Online Marketing

 October 06, 2016 Working online is not really a new trend especially with the dependence that we all have with the internet. Apart from the convenience that this medium has offered in terms of improving or in ..

Content Marketing Vs. Social Media Marketing

 June 27, 2016 Content is an integral part of social media marketing (SMM), but it turns out that most of the businesses are still unfamiliar with the term content marketing. Indeed, content marketing heavily ..

The Impact of Social Media on B2B Marketing

 June 20, 2016 Social media is considered one of the major components of B2B marketing. For some reason most of the B2B companies have lagged behind B2Cs in the adoption and effective use of social media. It ..

7 Reasons Why You Must Have a Mobile Friendly Website

 June 13, 2016 A mobile website is the basic need of every business. As people are moving the smart way mobiles phones have become the most preferred method for internet access. Following the crowd in this trend, a .

Role Of #Hashtags In Social Media And Search

 June 06, 2016 Hashtags are a new way of search and find in social media platforms. It’s become so popular that most of us use it in our personal profiles to generate more visibility to our content. ..

Benefits Of Social Media Marketing inFlorida

 November 15, 2015 Social media marketing is the new thing in the business town. If you are running your venture in Florida, don’t ignore the importance of social media marketing Florida. Social media marketing ..

Digital Media Vs Print Media: Which works better for you?

 October 30, 2014 It’s true that we all love the smell of print that digital media is unable to capture! We simply enjoy visiting the bookstores and leafing through the pages of new magazines, while the virtual .

Some basics of social media marketing

 July 29, 2014 Social media sites have become a boon for marketers looking to market their business or product online and reach targeted users. Social media marketing has become and integral part of marketing ..

Is your Business “Socially Awkward?”

 June 07, 2014 Is your Business “Socially Awkward?” Remember middle school dances? I’m an 80′s kid so I remember the awkward middle school dances where they were playing Michael Jackson, ..

5 Top Solutions for Finding Great Social Media Content to Share

 January 09, 2013 Even the most avid social sharers can sometimes run out of valuable things to say or share. Engaging in social media is a full-time conversation. Even with the constant flood of information and ..

Building An Integrated Online Marketing Presence

 December 16, 2012 The world of business today has realized the enormous potential of the internet in delivering incredible results in terms of meeting goals and objectives. Though this realization has been slow and ..

Website Development for Better Business Opportunities!

 May 12, 2012 Script Technology provides Website Development services which is the process of planning and creating a website. Our skilled web designers produce the page seen on the web browser by using text, ..

Confused By The Realm Of Social Media Marketing? Help Is Here!

 March 06, 2012 Every business must take advantage of the opportunities presented to it in order to effectively market and sell their chosen brand. No modern business plan is complete without some sort of social ..

Social media marketing and mobile web design – tools for the .

 February 16, 2012 Although mobile marketing and social media marketing are completely different concepts, both of them have brought in marvellous results for those that have invested in them. This is the reason more ..

Social media marketing and marketing through mobile web design .

 February 13, 2012 Social media marketing and marketing through mobile web design have now become the “in” thing as far as online marketing is concerned. More and more companies are no waking up to the ..

Trade Shows: A Gateway to Successful Face-to-Face Marketing

 February 06, 2012 Marketing in the 21st century Today, electronics are a normal aspect of daily living. Most people wake up to alarms set on their phone, which they later use to check the time; an e-mail; the ..

How Shouldn't You Setup Your Social Media Marketing For Your ..

 January 10, 2012 Social media marketing is a vital tool for every organization. Before commencing a social media campaign business owners should consider an assortment of factors. Several social media campaigns that ..

Marketing Your Business Residually Social Media

 December 27, 2011 Marketing Your Business Residually The social media marketing is undoubtedly on of the best web marketing strategies that can benefit your business a great deal. However, there are few things that ..

How video can help your SEO and Web marketing efforts

 November 01, 2011 Yes! The weekend is here! For most, it’s time to unwind and breathe easy for a couple of days… but not for me. This weekend I plan to shoot a few instructional videos for a new program I .

A Content Plan For Social Media Marketing

 November 01, 2011 A well conceived content plan can boost your social media marketing efforts and help you produce content that is consistently relevant and useful to your audiences. Your content plan will help keep ..

Social Media Marketing Guide For Your Business

 October 27, 2011 Companies in their desire of effective social media presence face many hurdles simple due to non-acquaintance with SMM rules. We would try to decrease the variety of failures by introducing you ..

Use Of Social Media In Social Events

 September 26, 2011 The Use of Social Media as a tool for marketing and awareness campaigns is getting more and more popular. The first Reason for that could be that it is way cheaper than any other form of marketing. ..

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