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Slimming Articles 

Lose That Weight - Lose Up To 12lbs Within 2 Months!

 March 31, 2008 This all-natural slimming products contains specially selected herbs that cleanse your body and help you lose weight. Lose up to 12lbs within 2 months! If you've been trying to lose weight for some ..

Self Hypnosis for Slimming

 March 13, 2008 A slim body is what we all want, who wants those extra large parts of skin drooping down from the stomach, and what about those unwanted fats that are adding to your weight and making you helpless in .

Testing the Cabbage Soup Diet - Day 5

 February 12, 2008 It's day 5 on the Cabbage Soup Diet, and I'm feeling pretty good all over. All in all this has been the easiest diet EVER. I've lost another half a kilo, and with no significant discomfort, illness ..

Testing the Cabbage Soup Diet - Day 4

 February 12, 2008 With Day 4 on the cabbage soup diet I've found a bit of a dip in energy again. One explanation of the cabbage soup diet says that at this point the body needs a burst of carbohydrates and other ..

The Great British Bum Diet

 February 04, 2008 TV's Gillian McKeith knows from personal experience that most women are unhappy with their bottoms. Now, the presenter of “You Are What You Eat" has devised a brilliant diet and exercise plan ..

Secrets To Body Slimming - Learn How I Lost 55 Pounds Easily

 January 23, 2008 Are you looking for secrets for body slimming? Almost everyone wants to become thinner, as we all see fats as an unwanted flaw that not only increases our risk of health diseases, it also makes us ..

Aqua Aerobics - The Gym In Water

 January 06, 2008 Aqua aerobics, or water aerobics is one of the most effective method of exercising. It consists of exercises that are done standing in chest deep water, usually in a swimming pool. An instructor is ..

Best Fat Burning Tips That Are Really Tried And Tested!

 July 24, 2007 Are you desperately in need of some fat burning tips? Are you thinking of different ways to lose your belly fat and trim down to your ideal weight before your wedding day? To lose weight, you do not ..

Do You Know All the Benefits of a High-Fiber Diet?

 June 20, 2007 Forget the fads—a diet high in fiber is much more effective and beneficial than the Atkins Diet or Negative Calorie Diet could ever be. The benefits of a high fiber diet are never ending. Not only ..

The DASH Diet Could Help In The Fight Against Obesity

 June 14, 2007 Like it or not the first line of attack in combating obesity is the traditional diet and exercise plan and most doctors will not even consider such things as gastric bypass surgery until they are ..

How to Look Good Naked

 May 30, 2007 Ladies, have you ever admired sexy lingerie, been all set to buy a piece until you realize one problem…… the fact that you don’t exactly have the perfect beach body anymore! Most women feel .

Diet by Design

 April 30, 2007 If you look to nature, you will see species that always eat by design. They eat only what they are designed to eat. You will never see overweight animals, unless they have been contact with humans. ..

Yoga - The Superior Path To Health - Integration - Personal ..

 April 29, 2007 When you reduce your weight by taking a pill or following a diet, your weigh reduction might be only a temporary achievement. To get permanent results, you have to grow as a person. Remember that ..

Food Intolerance and Obesity - It May Not Be Your Fault That ..

 April 05, 2007 As many as 80-90% of us have some form of adverse reaction to one or more foods or additives. Eating the offending foods can result in a broad range of symptoms such as migraine headaches, weight ..

Obesity - Promising New Approaches to Weight Loss

 March 17, 2007 The reasons why we gain weight are complex, and involve more than just dieting and exercise. Some people seem to eat till they drop yet stay slim, while others gain weight much more easily. Experts ..

Who Else Wants To Eliminate Love Handles?

 January 28, 2007 It's one of the most pressing weight loss problems - how to eliminate love handles. Many people find that those pesky layers of fat around the waist are tough to shift. So what can you do to zap that .

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