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I Want to Be the Kind of Friend I Would Like to Have

 July 25, 2008 Is friendship important? Do you feel or think that others don't want to be your friend? Do you label yourself as “shy" or a “loner"? If you could look in a catalog to find the kind of ..

The Truth About Social Phobias

 July 20, 2008 We have all experienced some kind of social awkwardness during one point or another in our lives. Sometimes we have the fear of talking in front of a large audience or we may feel like we don't fit ..

Book Review The Highly Sensitive Person

 July 15, 2008 The Highly Sensitive Person: How To Thrive When the World Overwhelms You By Elaine N. Aron, Ph. D Copyright 1998 Published by Broadway Books This is the definitive volume on being highly sensitive. ..

Book Review The Highly Sensitive Persons Survival Guide

 July 15, 2008 The Highly Sensitive Person's Survival Guide: Essential Skills for Living Well in an Overstimulating World By Ted Zeff, Ph. D. Copyright 2004 Published by New Harbinger Publications Get ready for ..

Confronting New Situations With Confidence, Attitude and ..

 July 06, 2008 For your children, trying new things can present an exciting new opportunity or an insurmountable barrier. Often times the fear of failure is what keeps children from trying new things and gaining ..

Finding Gold in the Rocks Reframe Negative Self Imposed Traits .

 July 02, 2008 Too often, people criticize themselves and call themselves names. Sometimes we even take on the names other people have given us throughout our lives, even if we don't deserve them. We sometimes base .

You Wanna Make New Friends?

 July 01, 2008 Use shyness to your advantage Force yourself to go up and say hello to strangers at parties, meetings and gatherings. If you're very shy, think of yourself as a ‘successfully shy’ person, .

Socializing Your Child

 June 29, 2008 As we all know, it is important for our children to learn to cope with their peers. While some children flourish in a group setting, others might not. There are some instances where your child may be .

Confidence 5 Things Confidence Isnt

 June 18, 2008 Confidence is something many of us want more of because we recognise the limitations a lack of it has on our life. Although it is a characteristic we want to develop and strengthen, there are many ..

Once When I Was Just a Boy

 June 13, 2008 I can still remember the smell of that cool fall evening when my parents had friends over for a “42" party. I was at that awkward age boys go through around 14 or 15. The girls that age are ..

7 Step Guide to Feeling Crappy About Yourself

 April 19, 2008 A lot of people feel crappy about who they are, where they are and what they've got. If you want the same results, here's how to do it: Take criticism personally. When someone tells you that you've .

Curing Shyness - How To Stop Your Shyness From Holding You Back

 April 05, 2008 Some people find it very easy to think out loud while others prefer to process everything internally before verbally expressing their opinion. The latter type is known by the name of shy individual. .

Social Skills - Having Something Interesting to Say

 March 27, 2008 Just another typical January day. Not a cloud in the sky, and a slight winter breeze pushing the mercury down to -35. Celsius, Fahrenheit, when it gets that low, “Too damn cold" is a more than ..

Confidence - Having it Makes All the Difference!

 March 25, 2008 Confidence is a powerful word. . . Confidence is faith in your own ability. . . and confidence can determine whether or not you will succeed in achieving your goal. One of the major stumbling ..

5 Ways to Stop Second Guessing Yourself

 March 14, 2008 I remember breakfast time one morning, some 7 or 8 years ago. I was standing in front of an open cupboard in my kitchen, my eyes flicking between a box of Frosties and a box of Cornflakes, trying to ..

How To Make Asian Woman Want You In Just Two Seconds Without ..

 March 12, 2008 Have you ever been in a situation where you really want to approach a hot Asian woman without looking like a pervert? Or, have you ever wanted to really approach a girl at work or in school but is ..

Stop Shyness Around Women Today - Simple Steps To Eliminate ..

 January 02, 2008 Q:Why are men shy around women? Research suggests that approach anxiety and “FEAR" around women stems back to the stone age where we would live in small tribes on this planet, tribes no bigger ..

Improve Your Conversation Skills By Changing Your Negative ..

 July 20, 2007 Many people feel nervous and shy when they have to make conversation with others, especially when they don't know they very well. Does this happen to you, especially when you are trying to make small .

How to Overcome Shyness

 June 30, 2007 How to Overcome Shyness We all feel shy at times but being too shy can really hamper your life. The good news it you can overcome this by the following tips. Ask yourself why you are shy. If you can .

Am I an Introvert? Or Just Shy? Or Something Else?

 May 21, 2007 Right now I'm working on an article for my website about the difference between being very shy and being introverted. I'm very interested in this topic because I happen to have both of these ..

Dating Tips for Shy Single People

 April 14, 2007 Shyness is a social affliction. It is a fear of mixing with others. Shy people and unhappy people have one thing in common: they mainly focus upon themselves. But self-focus comes from insecurity ..

Learn Ways to Deal With Shyness Successfully

 April 10, 2007 Almost everybody feels shy at times. Shyness is a common and normal human condition. For some people, shyness can be a much greater problem than for others. When a person suffers from severe ..

Business Success Tips For Introverts

 March 03, 2007 Being an introvert in today's business world is quite a challenge. Networking, prospecting and selling are especially difficult. However, despite being an introvert, I was able to build a very ..

Your First Writers' Conference

 January 30, 2007 "I can't go to Dayton. I don't know anybody. I shouldn't have signed up. What was I thinking?" That's what was going through my head, even as I packed the 4Runner with supplies for my dog, Moppet. He .

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