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How to Cook Shrimp Shantung Style

 September 19, 2008 This dish hails from Asian soil, its simple, easy to prepare, delicious and with very little cooking talent required! The ingredients are very easy to fine and prepare. For begginers in cooking this ..

37th Annual National Shrimp Festival - Shrimply the Best

 September 10, 2008 Benjamin Buford “Bubba" Blue had it right. Shrimp really is the fruit of the sea. Portrayed by Mykelti Williamson, “Bubba" Blue, a resident of Bayou La Batre on the Alabama Gulf Coast, ..

A Meal That Will Please Anyone - Even Your Mother-in-Law

 August 31, 2008 I'm sure that you've noticed the price increases in your local grocery store. With the way our economy is today who can afford to purchase a variety of different ingredients to prepare a meal that ..

Why Our Food is Dangerous to Our Health

 August 19, 2008 The National Marine Fisheries Service lists China as supplying 70 percent of America's tilapia. China and Thailand are the largest suppliers of imported shrimp. After traveling over two thousand ..

Finger Licking Awesome Baby Shower Party Food

 July 30, 2008 What kind of party is complete without great food? From sumptuous chicken to delicious baby-back ribs, every kind of party has its own special selection that's called for in every celebration. And if .

Shellfish A Brief Introduction to Six of the Most Popular Ones

 July 24, 2008 Shellfish fall into two basic categories, crustaceans and molluscs. Crustaceans: Have a jointed, fragile external skeleton and include the following: Prawns and shrimps, these can vary in size ..

This Shark Smiled at Me!

 July 07, 2008 My vacation to St. George Island in May was just as relaxing as my last visit to this barrier island off Apalachicola, Florida. Fishing in the surf on the gulf side of this 22 mile spit of sand in ..

Cleaning Wrasse Or Shrimp?

 July 06, 2008 We frequently get asked which is better in a reef tank-cleaner shrimp or cleaner fishes? The debate rages between cleaner wrasses and scarlet cleaner shrimp. Each has its advantages and ..

Catch More Big Carp and Catfish by Leveraging These Hook Bait ..

 June 30, 2008 Many methods can be used to enhance your hook baits effects and productivity. The carp ability to learn is beyond doubt, otherwise they would simply be as easy to catch as they are when virgin fish ..

Summer Patio Gatherings Shrimp, Spiced Mango, and Avocado ..

 June 19, 2008 Want a light and tasty salad that will satisfy your guests with refreshing seasonal summer produce and plump sweet shrimp from our very own local waters? This recipe actually aired on the food ..

6 Seafood Grilling Tips

 June 16, 2008 Grilling season is here. You've got your grill full of gas, you've stocked up on hamburgers, hot dogs, and steaks, and you're ready to go. But those hamburgers, hot dogs, and steaks are getting old ..

Shrimp Recipes & Easy Shrimp Dishes You Can Make

 March 11, 2008 There are many different shrimp recipes that you can prepare yourself in under 10 minutes. Talking about the popular seafood people from all over the world has a great demand and craze for the ..

Ruth's Chris Steakhouse's Barbecue Shrimp Orleans - Make it at .

 February 27, 2008 Ruth's Chris Steak House is that fancy restaurant with the funny name. A restaurant critic once suggested that Ruth's Chris Steak House could be used as a sobriety test: anyone who could say that ..

Choosing And Buying Gourmet Seafood - Wild Caught American ..

 January 01, 2008 Wild American shrimp are delicious steamed, boiled, grilled, fried and in recipes such as scampi. They are also popular as an appetizers such as cocktails, bisques and salads. They also freeze well ..

Setting up a new Freshwater Shrimp Aquarium

 December 11, 2007 Setting up a new shrimp tank can be very easy as long as you do it properly the first time. You don't want to rush into things! Haste makes waste when it comes to mimicking nature, so please don't ..

I Love Apalachicola Bay Shrimp

 July 31, 2007 Most of the shrimp we eat speak a foreign language. Like most folks, I'd never really given a lot of thought to where the shrimp I eat come from. During my last trip to my favorite fishing grounds, ..

Seafood On My Mind!

 March 18, 2007 Vacation meals should be fun to prepare and delightful to eat! In addition, leisure meals should be easy to prepare! I'm pretty sure that's a law in most parts of the country, especially on the Gulf ..

An Indian Curry That Dares to Combine Amazing Spices and ..

 March 17, 2007 Welcome to the Gourmet Indian Recipe Series. Today is the spicy dish that you thought would never happen. . . . 2 of your favourite ingredients and dishes combined into One Taste Sensation. . . . . ..

Salmon Fishing Tip: Make Your Own Salmon Bait

 February 27, 2007 There are times when you just can’t find any suitable bait for salmon fishing. I’ve looked at some of the dried vacuum packed salmon eggs at sporting goods stores but frankly I think you ..

A Fine Kettle Of Fish!

 February 26, 2007 Every year I take up my soup spoon, adjust my bib and continue my search for the best tasting seafood gumbo I can find. It's not an easy job, but I'm up to the task again this year. You can find it ..

Fishing, Oysters, Alligators and Me!

 February 26, 2007 Sleet and occasional flurries of snow are making tap dancing sounds on my deck. Outside the cat is snuggled up inside his box in the garage. He's able to go outside if he wants, through the pet door ..

Chicken Acapulco With Shrimp Sauce

 February 19, 2007 Chicken Acapulco with Shrimp Sauce Yield: 4 servings Ingredients: 4 large Poblano peppers 1/4 cup chopped onion 1/2 pound shrimp, lightly cooked, peeled and chopped 1/4 cup cilantro, chopped 1/4 ..

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