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Caveat Emptor: Buying Short Sales and Foreclosures

 August 08, 2012 Few in the real estate community would disagree with the idea that the two hottest keywords in today’s real estate market are short sales and foreclosures. With interest rates at historic lows ..

Short Sales: Facts and Fantasies

 September 21, 2011 Short Sales are a hot issue among real estate agents and bank owners alike these days. The reason being is that with the crash of the market many people are losing their homes. In a nut shell short ..

Short sales - what can go wrong and how to avoid loss

 June 28, 2011 While short sales inevitably form a part of most real estate investors’ business models, they are laden with pitfalls that can be avoided or managed to make sure your real estate investing ..

How To Finance Reos And Short Sales With Private Money

 June 02, 2011 In the current real estate market, it is no longer easy to get hard money funding like it used to be a few years ago. While some hard money lenders have gone out of business, the ones still in ..

Countrywide Short Sales

 February 19, 2011 A Question From A Homeowner About Countrywide Short SalesA while back I saw a question from a homeowner that is going through a short sale and more specifically Countrywide short sales. Here was his ..

5 Questions to Ask Your Short Sale Realtor

 December 13, 2010 "As short sales become less of an anomaly and more of the norm, sellers have a lot more work on their hands than just getting their home listed. Needless to say, not just any real estate agent will ..

Any Recourse for Short Sale Shortcomings?

 November 18, 2010 Short sales can be great deals for investors and homebuyers looking to save a lot of money and are willing to take on a fair shade of work. The problem is that sometimes these incredible deals ..

Shake off Foreclosure with a Downtown Short Sale

 September 25, 2010 Did you know that in San Diego alone the current number of foreclosures is around 27,000? That is an astronomical figure. Property values are drastically falling, and families are losing everything ..

How a Chula Vista Short Sale Can Benefit Both Homeowners and ..

 September 25, 2010 Everybody dreams of the perfect house – that one of a kind place, the dream home. It is the one for which the individual scrimps and saves; the one that is built on hope and decorated with ..

How to Do a Short Sale in Carlsbad

 September 25, 2010 Tourists call Carlsbad paradise because of its beautiful beaches, exciting festivals, and outstanding attractions. You just call it home. It’s the place you chose to settle down in with your ..

How to Do a Short Sale With Help of Realtor?

 August 28, 2010 Short sale homes are a great choice if you’re after a good price, whether for your first home or an investment property. But just like anything in real estate, it always comes with a risk. ..

Bank of America’s New Focus: Short Sale

 August 26, 2010 Bank of America is one of the largest lenders for residences in America. Thus it is also faced with unprecedented number of mortgage defaulters. They are coping with all kinds of loan modifications ..

A Success Guide to Short Sale Process

 August 12, 2010 Getting a short sale approved may seem like a long shot, but it’s not as hard as the banks make it seem. Sure, there’s a good bit of waiting involved and not everyone gets a green light ..

Short Sale is Preferred by Banks too

 July 30, 2010 As Banks are in the business of making money and mortgages are a major business to them, it is not a sign in their favor if the borrower begins to default on payments. This has been happening more ..

Real Estate Experts Provide a Helping Hand with Short Sale

 July 27, 2010 Select a real estate expert who is assisting home owners in getting out of debt and stopping foreclosures through Charlotte loan modification and short sales and who is also assisting those looking ..

How to Compete in the Short Sale market

 July 26, 2010 For any homeowner who is looking to sell his or her home in this current market, then they already know how difficult that challenge can be. With property values having plunged in the past couple of ..

Time is Running Out on the 2009 First Time Home Buyer Credit

 August 23, 2009 As part of its plan to stimulate the U. S. housing market and address the economic challenges facing our nation, Congress has passed legislation that grants a tax credit of up to $8,000 to first-time .

All About Short Sales in Raleigh NC

 June 01, 2009 Raleigh Short Sales A Few Definitions Related to Short Sales REO (Real Estate Owned): This is what property is called once it is taken back by the bank and placed into their inventory. ..

Foreclosure - Have They Made it Harder For You to Sell Your ..

 January 14, 2009 With so many foreclosures on the MLS, Multi-Listing Service, one has to question if the comparables used in the real estate market has been messed up because of them. As many homeowners know, the ..

Making the Best Offer on a Home

 January 14, 2009 Now that some states like Arizona have so many bank-owned homes and short sales the buyers have hit the streets again and are finding out quickly that they are not the only ones.   Buyers are ..

Short Sales - How to Find Them

 January 12, 2009 People always ask me how they can find the best and most accurate information on shore sales in their area.   Most of the information for shore sales is held by the local real estate association and .

Important Things to Know About Loan Modifications

 January 12, 2009 There has been a lot of news lately about loan modifications. And, guess what? As usual, the sharks come out to see who they can bite. So, you need to be aware of some things if you want a loan ..

Foreclosure and Short Sales - 4 Steps to Getting Them Done ..

 January 12, 2009 In today's foreclosure rich real estate market is very essential that you understand the numbers and the stats of your market. Even though prices are lower than they have been in years, it is still ..

Banks Still Doing Loans

 December 15, 2008 Ask any real estate broker these days about the hardest part of their job, and they'll tell you it's finding a lender to fund a deal. As the credit markets have seized up, some banks are turning sour .

Short Sale Or Home Loan Modification, You Decide!

 December 13, 2008 What is a short sale? It is the sale of a home at the market value, not the principle balance of the contract. The process can be unbearable for the buyer and for the seller. If you are choose this ..

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