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Construction Rules and Regulations and Concerns

 March 12, 2016 All activities related to industry are governed by rules and regulations. This also includes the commercial and residential construction industry in USA. The sector comprises of construction ..

The observation rule of photographing scenery

 May 16, 2013 First, understanding the light: The light in sunny day is very hard, if today is “sunny day with no clouds", then we'd better distribute energy reasonably to the morning and evening, then go ..

The 7 Cardinal Rules of Stain Removal

 October 09, 2012 Life is messy. And, whether it's grass stains on your child's jeans, a blotch of mustard on an upholstered dining room chair or a splash of red wine on your wall-to-wall carpet, stains are an ..

Indian Passport Changing Rules & Conditions

 March 04, 2012 As per the rule Indians holding foreign citizenship and passport have to surrender their Indian passport with immediate effect. This rule was inducted by the Ministry of External Affairs in May 2010. .

Wearing sunglasses also has its rules

 July 29, 2011 Sunglasses have become a part of our vision in the recent years. They are as important part of our appearance as our bag, shoes, etc. They emphasize on the features we like and hide those we are not ..

The to 5 rules to follow when getting car insurance

 June 24, 2011 Financial safety is very important for every driver in case of an accident so everyone should have car insurance. Insurance cannot save your life it can help significantly to deal with the ..

Golden Rules for Flipping Real Estate

 December 16, 2010 Since the economy turn, the real-estate market has turned into a “Buyers market”. Investors everywhere are grabbing up properties at discounts unheard of in the previous years. Thousands ..

The Losing Trick Count

 November 23, 2010 What is the Losing Trick Count? The Losing trick count is commonly used by ACOL bridge players in the UK, Australia and New Zealand. It is a more accurate way of valuing an unbalanced hand when you ..

Rules Apartment Managers Must Follow

 October 12, 2010 When you move into your new apartment home, chances are you won’t be speaking directly with the owners of the community. Usually the owner has hired an apartment management company who will ..

How to play Gulugufe - the Butterfly Game

 July 12, 2010 Gulugufe is Chitonga for “Butterfly” (the design says it all) and comes from Mozambique. A favourite among the women in Mozambique, Gulugufe is a two player abstract strategy board game ..

Know These Rules About Pets Living in an Apartment

 June 26, 2010 Apartment living is always a bit more complicated when you have a pet that lives with you. First of all, most apartments don’t have as much space as a house. And there are always higher costs ..

Customer Service is like Dating….at least the rules are the ..

 September 26, 2009 The most important ingredient in the recipe for success is your customer – without the customer there is no retail business. Consumers are getting savvier and are far more knowledgeable than ..

Circumstances For a Sep Ira Early Withdrawl Are Limited

 December 14, 2008 Under the rules of the Internal Revenue Service there are some specific circumstances where you can utilize a SEP IRA Early Withdrawal of your program. Keep in mind that for most individuals the ..

Tidepools - Exploring With Care

 November 09, 2008 As waves pull back from the shore the receding tide leaves pools amongst the rocks, whole worlds of creatures. Each pool a miniature echo system all its own. Sea stars moving slowly on their hundred ..

New York Boating Laws - Know the Rules of the Water

 October 28, 2008 Boating laws can vary from state to state so it is important that you familiarize yourself with the New York Boating laws before you hit the water. Many states require one to take a boating safety ..

Environmental Regulatory Compliance - Air Quality

 October 06, 2008 What is Regulatory Permitting? Our governments keep a tight control on polluters. They have to maintain their licenses and approvals to stay in business. Or to change any emitting characteristic of ..

Breaking Hollywood Rules - Joanne Woodward

 October 01, 2008 I'm always impressed by people who are able to guide their own way apart from the crowd, even if the crowd is a community of celebrities. In this case the context is that of one of the most emotional .

Short Sale Regulations Limit the Use of Simultaneous Closings

 September 23, 2008 It can be quite difficult these days to carry out a successful simultaneous closing on a short sale property with recent short sale regulations. Title companies and mortgage companies are starting to .

Learning About Golf

 September 21, 2008 What is golf? Golf is a game that is becoming increasingly popular. Golf is a game of relaxation and sometimes (very often) frustration. Golf is where you play a small round ball into many different .

You CAN'T Be Pro-Abortion and Catholic

 September 19, 2008 Now, before I begin, let me be crystal clear: This is neither a political statement nor a religious statement, and you won't find my opinion on either in this post (although I do have one). This ..

Monopoly Rules - Jail

 September 09, 2008 The Rules of Jail There are three ways that you could wind up in Monopoly Jail. By rolling three doubles in a row Landing on the Go To Jail space on the Monopoly Board Drawing a Change or Community .

Help Save Road Lives - "Flash Your Lights"

 September 09, 2008 A while back I was given cause to ponder why people sped and took unusual risks on the road like overtake on bends, just to advance one car-length or two in the ‘queue. ' If they were going in .

Trading Rule Part 3 - Set the Difference Between Novice and ..

 September 08, 2008 From the previous article, I mentioned another 4 trading rules after you enter the trade, no 5 - Never average out a losing position, no 6 - Always update yourself with Economy calendar, no 7 - ..

Trading Rule Part 2 - Set the Difference Between Novice and ..

 September 08, 2008 From the previous article, I mentioned 4 trading rules, no 1 - Always do market research, no 2 - Limit your trading size, no 3 - Give your trade a reason, no 4 - Set exit level. In part 2, I would ..

Trading Rule Part 1 - Set the Difference Between Novice and ..

 September 08, 2008 If you ask me what is the major difference between a novice and a professional trader, the difference is whether he or she set the trading rules and follow the rules. There are thousands set of ..

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