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ADHD Coaching Tip - The Biggest Problem With Helping Others - ..

 January 31, 2008 ADHD coaching or support is no different than any other type of help. There is typically one person who is identified as having a problem. There are several people in that one person's life who know ..

ADHD Tip - School Can Be A Cruel Place For Kids & Even More So .

 January 19, 2008 Let's be real with one another for a moment. Life is hard. It never really gets easy, and in fact it may only get harder. While we can look back on earlier days and see the positives, we struggle ..

ADHD Tip - It Becomes A Family Affair When A Child Or Sibling ..

 January 19, 2008 ADHD is said to have a strong genetic link, meaning that if a child is diagnosed with ADHD, then a parent is likely to have ADHD as well. However, that's not necessarily the main point of this ..

ADHD Tip - Be Sure To Avoid The Doctor Who Has Seen It All ..

 January 19, 2008 While most medical and mental health professionals set out with the best interest of their patients in mind, above all else, they are in fact only human. In my years of working in various treatment ..

ADHD Tip - The Biggest Problem With Professionals Who Assess, ..

 January 19, 2008 When you suspect your child might have ADHD, it is always recommended that you take her to see someone who specializes in attention deficit disorder. While I fully support this, you really need to ..

ADHD Tip - The Absolute Wrong Attitude To Take If Someone Says .

 January 07, 2008 Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder can be both an advantage and disadvantage as well as being a child's strength or weakness. "How, " you might ask? There are many different perspectives and ..

ADHD Tip - Top 10 Reasons You Want To Be Like Dr House When It .

 January 07, 2008 (Health-and-Fitness/Mental-Health)

ADHD Tip - 7 Steps You Should Take Before Hitting The Panic ..

 January 07, 2008 ADHD has quickly become one of the most popular diagnoses in recent times. While it is said to only affect 4-7% of school-aged children, it seems that almost every other child is being labeled with ..

ADHD Tip - How You Are Shamelessly Held Hostage & Scared Into ..

 January 03, 2008 ADHD messages are all over the place. Everywhere I look, there seems to be a commercial, a print advertisement, and even radio spots about the “devastating" effects that attention deficit ..

ADHD Question - What Exactly Causes ADHD?

 December 30, 2007 Simply put, researchers just don't know. There are theories about what contributes to someone being susceptible to behaviors consistent with ADHD, but nothing that is “known. " ADHD is real, ..

ADHD A To Z - E Is For Energy - When Did Too Much Energy In ..

 December 21, 2007 ADHD and having too much energy have somehow became interrelated. Tell me what kid, at one point or another, doesn't have too much energy? Also, who are we to judge when too much energy is too much? .

ADHD Tip - ADHD As A Medical Diagnosis And ADHD As A Mental ..

 December 21, 2007 ADHD in it's most traditional existence is thought to be genetic and biologically based. Most research and common beliefs suggest that ADHD results from difficulties in specific chemical processes in .

ADHD Tip - Let's Leave More Therapists And Psychiatrists ..

 December 21, 2007 ADHD just rolls off the tongue. Describe a few key behaviors, such as uncontrollable energy, inattention to detail, and an inability to focus your child, and before you know it, someone is telling ..

ADHD A To Z - B Is For Behavior And Bad Behavior Is Not Just A .

 December 10, 2007 ADHD and behavior seem to be linked together for so many parents when it comes to their children, particularly bad behavior. But bad behavior can be a symptom or expression of so much more. Let's ..

ADHD A To Z - A Is For Adversarial - How Relationships Change ..

 December 10, 2007 ADHD is not the end of the world. ADHD is not a death sentence. Most of all, it is certainly not a foreign, unknown disorder or illness! Yet so many people's relationships change with their children ..

ADHD Tip - Will More Medication Always Be The Answer To Treat ..

 October 16, 2007 There I was watching television one afternoon, and a commercial came on that reported, “X% of people who suffer from depression and take medication, continue to experience symptoms of ..

ADHD Tip - Jenny McCarthy, A Gluten Free Diet, And A Battle ..

 October 06, 2007 Just this evening I was speaking with a close friend about parenting and some of the struggles that we as parents face today. We talked about difficulties with bullying, progress reports, behavioral ..

ADHD Strategies -7 Back To School Tips For Better Success And ..

 August 27, 2007 ADHD is a real issue for many kids, many parents, and many teachers. Follow these 7 tips to start the school year off on the right foot, and to ensure you don't let ADHD get the best of you. Tip 1: .

ADHD Tip - New School, New Teachers, New Kids, New Friends, ..

 August 27, 2007 Here in New England, today is the first day of classes for many kids across the region. A crisp breeze is in the air, children are at the bus stop dressed up with new shoes and new haircuts, and ..

Private Practice Tip - Act More Like Martha, Less Like Paris ..

 August 18, 2007 Private practice professionals tend to follow trends that are within their own respective fields. Yet, following, understanding, and being aware of popular trends in society can add extreme value to .

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