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Regulation Articles 

Construction Rules and Regulations and Concerns

 March 12, 2016 All activities related to industry are governed by rules and regulations. This also includes the commercial and residential construction industry in USA. The sector comprises of construction ..

Indian Passport Changing Rules & Conditions

 March 04, 2012 As per the rule Indians holding foreign citizenship and passport have to surrender their Indian passport with immediate effect. This rule was inducted by the Ministry of External Affairs in May 2010. .

European Financial Super–Controllers

 October 12, 2010 In early September, the European Commission (EC) came to a resolution which brought about that the Council of Finance Ministers of the E. U. endorsed the establishment of several pan-European ..

Door-to-Door Energy Sellers – How to Get a Fair Deal

 January 29, 2010 Most of us are familiar with the direct energy salespeople who go door to door or run stalls in shopping centres and supermarkets. Almost 7 million households in the UK have taken out an energy plan ..

Advertising - How To Succeed 2

 June 15, 2009 History In the ruins of ancient Pompeii and Arabia, messages have been found with an emphasis on commercial and political aspects and themes. The Egyptians used a thick paper-like material called ..

Coming in From the Cold - Hedge Funds and the Media

 December 15, 2008 We have not seen a financial storm like the present one for decades. For many, the sudden intensity of this financial cold snap, and the likely wintry recession ahead, has been a surprise. In days of .

Breathe Deeply - But Hold Your Nose

 December 13, 2008 I have been hearing from Washington how wonderful the new cap and trade bill is and how it is going to solve the world greenhouse gas pollution problem. Of course no one has yet established or ..

The Concept of Corruption

 December 10, 2008 God has boosted people to the terrain with all crucial things inevitably imperative for their survival. God has also sent them some rules for leading their lives controlled and cleanly and as such he .

Getting Your Moneys Worth From the Government

 July 16, 2008 It isn't often that we see a real, tangible result from the assorted bureaucrats, technocrats, plutocrats and republicrats that scurry around the halls of government. That probably explains why the ..

Corporate Governance Board Regulations and Compliance

 July 11, 2008 Over the years the image of the Board of Corporations has suffered significant changes. From the image of cigar smoking, whiskey drinking and managers elite talking big business to the hard working ..

Understanding The Role Of The FDA

 May 19, 2008 The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is the government agency responsible for the regulation and monitoring of most types of foods, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and cosmetics. Created in 1927, .

What Good Will A Market Stability Regulator Do?

 May 15, 2008 Question: You have written that the government's proposed regulatory response to the subprime lending scandal is overkill. How so? Saletta: My primary concern is with Paulson's plan to name the ..

What is Systems Thinking? (Part B) - 5 More Concepts

 August 25, 2007 Systems thinking as it is practiced in modern times has been around for about 60 years, but it has only enjoyed a relatively wide audience among non-scientists over the past decade or so. It consists .

Messaging Compliance Keeps an Eye on the Exits

 August 22, 2007 From the "Where Do We Send Our Resume?" Department: In fact, Orchestria's director of sales consulting, David Miller, says its system once blocked one company's boss from sending a message ..

Supervision For Coaching

 May 28, 2007 How do you ensure quality within an industry that is not regulated? This is a question that is facing many who use coaching within their organisations. There is within the coaching industry a debate ..

It’s Time To Take On Big Water

 January 30, 2007 Jennifer Strange was a mild mannered woman with a husband, two sons and a daughter and who wanted nice things for her family. But all that changed last week as Mrs. Strange became the latest victim ..

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