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Daniel Craig - Veering Away From Other James Bond Actors

 November 09, 2008 Daniel Craig must have been the luckiest actor in the world when he was granted the role of James Bond for the 21st installment of the biggest spy franchise in the history of box office. Before his ..

The Geometric Forms of Rune Symbols Are Energies

 July 27, 2008 Rune - Vibrations The Age of Aquarius has given us the Laws of Quantum Physics. The Laws of Quantum Physics tell us that all is energy. Energy is a vibration. The Runes are Universal Creative ..

What is a Quantum Computer?

 July 25, 2008 A quantum computer is a proposed computer that would exploit the quantum mechanical nature of particles, such as electrons or atomic nuclei, to manipulate information, and utilize quantum mechanical ..

Living the Secret and the Quantum Side

 July 23, 2008 Approaching middle age I became absolutely sure there was something far more to life than I was experiencing. I am sure, beyond any reasonable doubt, this it is a common experience of middle aged ..

Improve Your Well Being With Flower Energy

 June 24, 2008 Everything and everyone is made up of energy, and flowers offer their energy to us to help uplift us so that we can live our very best lives. We are all Energy at our very core. Everything is Energy .

My Seven-Minute Evolution

 June 09, 2008 According to my best paleological sources, evolution doesn't happen slowly and gradually, it sits quietly in the background, building up ‘pressure’ until, suddenly, it bursts out onto the .

"Light" - The Kabbalistic Meaning

 June 07, 2008 "And God said, ‘Let there be light, and there was light, '" “The light at the end of the tunnel, " “You are the light of my life, " “I saw the light. " If you recorded the ..

The Gift

 June 05, 2008 Mastery is a constant choice. With each choice you define who you are to the Universe and attract like into your reality. It is the law of attraction. You vibrate and attract, vibrate and attract, ..

Six Deadly Emotions

 June 03, 2008 The Greatest Escape presents a radical new way of looking at personal growth that emerges from a new psychology, quantum psychology. It answers the fundamental question: do we really have the ability .

Why You Really Need Quantum Theory

 May 19, 2008 The cool thing about quantum theory, is that you can now prove your off the wall theories with science. For example, if an object travels at close to the speed of light, it actually, physically gets .

The End of Silicon Valley?

 April 02, 2008 According to Moore's Law, the number of transistors on a computer chip will double every two years. The Moore in question is Gordon Moore, one of the founders of technology giant, Intel. The year he ..

Reality - Do We - Or Not Do We - That is the Question

 March 05, 2008 Have you ever had one of those mornings where you groggily get out of bed, make your way to the bathroom and suddenly stub your toe against the bed post? Sir Isaac Newton would certainly understand. ..

Relativity, Quantum Physics and String Theory

 December 31, 2007 Einstein's theory of general relativity and the theory of quantum mechanics are two widely accepted and experimentally verified theories of physics. There's only one problem. They contradict each ..

What is Quantum Computing?

 May 01, 2007 What happens if you throw a tennis ball at a brick wall? What if you through a hundred tennis balls at the wall at the same time? What if you through a thousand tennis balls? Nothing. No matter what .

Thoughts To Ponder - #130

 April 18, 2007 Deepak Chopra, M. D. born and raised in New Delhi, India, is a medical doctor and writer extensively on spirituality and diverse topics in mind-body medicine. His main influences are two: the ..

Thoughts To Ponder - #114

 April 14, 2007 James Twyman is one of the world’s leaders in bringing peace to the earth. Twyman received his Bachelors degree from Loyola University in 1984, and a Doctorate in ministry from Agape Seminary ..

Bohmian Mechanics - Vague and Absurd

 April 01, 2007 This work attempts to show that Bohmian mechanics is vague and absurd on two basic grounds. Bohmian mechanics essentially postulates the existence of a subtle force called “the quantum ..

The NSTP Theoretical Solution Of The Problem Of Yang-Mills ..

 March 29, 2007 This work presents the NSTP (Non – Spatial Thinking Process) theoretical (philosophy of mind) idealistic solution to the problem of Yang-Mills existence and mass gap, the millennium problem ..

Quantum Xtralite Fishing Rods – The Best Value For Your Money

 March 21, 2007 I've been an avid ultra light fisherman for more than twenty years and have never come across a better value for my money than the quantum Xtralite series fishing rods. The Xtralite series of fishing .

The Metaphysical Autoresponder Uses Code-Sometimes Encrypted

 January 23, 2007 I don't mean html. Although the theme of my thoughts this past week has everything to do with the internet, and business. And our great successes. Recently focusing on synchronicity, the output of ..

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