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Inventor to Manufacturer in No Easy Steps!

 July 04, 2008 Digital products have their place in certain niche markets, I do some of that kind of business myself. But the world economy runs on real, physical products and that is where the big money is made. ..

Benefits of Rapid Prototyping and 3D Printers

 June 26, 2008 Rapid Prototyping is a very popular process in the manufacturing, design, and medical industries. It help users to develop quick prototypes and obtain accurate feedback from their target audience. ..

Prototype Development and Prototype Design

 June 18, 2008 Designing and prototyping have revolutionized the manufacturing processes in all industries nearly. There is not a single industry or process that is untouched by the technology of designing and ..

How to Prototype an Idea Or Invention

 June 17, 2008 Each idea is different and the best approach to prototyping depends on the specifics of the idea. However there are some basic principles that can help. The first question to ask is: “What is ..

Prototype Machining History and Rapid Prototyping Assembly ..

 June 16, 2008 Rapid prototyping is a revolutionary and powerful technology with wide range of applications. The process of prototyping involves quick building up of a prototype or working model for the purpose of ..

Prototype Disadvantages and Rapid Prototyping Disadvantages

 June 16, 2008 Rapid prototyping is a process wherein a working model or prototype is developed for the purpose of testing the various product features like design, ideas, features, functionality, performance and ..

Prototype Advantages and Rapid Prototyping Benefits

 June 16, 2008 Rapid prototyping is a process of software development wherein physical objects are automatically constructed by means of SFF or solid freeform fabrication. In the process of rapid prototyping, a ..

What You Need to Know About Rapid Prototyping Systems

 June 11, 2007 Rapid prototyping is the method of constructing physical objects using solid freeform fabrication. The use of rapid prototyping techniques had its start during the 1980's where it was used to build ..

Using Application Processor Prototyping to Create Specific ..

 June 11, 2007 The computer has come a long way from its infancy at the end of the Second World War. These machines once occupied large rooms are now little boxes that have wires allowing pictures to come out of ..

Try It On Paper

 June 09, 2007 Creating programs and websites, software, and even hardware, entails careful consideration in terms of its user interface. Sometimes, in the planning stages of these programs, we get caught up in the .

To Prototype Your Software

 June 07, 2007 Generally, prototyping is used to determine if a design is effective or if it can really perform the functions it was made to do. The same goes with software prototyping. In prototyping software the .

To Prototype or Not to Prototype

 June 06, 2007 Simply put, prototyping is creating a functional and easily modifiable model, simulation or demonstration of a product such as a software. Prototyping can be done before, during and later stages of ..

The Fast Gun of Prototyping

 June 04, 2007 Simply put, a rapid prototyping process is a procedure or method wherein a design is tested during the early parts of its development. This type has been proven to be more useful in projects that ..

The Different Types Of Model Prototyping

 June 03, 2007 Rapid prototyping is an intensive process of collecting information on requirements and on the adequacy and functionality of fairly new product designs. Model prototyping is an important data ..

The Concept of Prototyping from Planes to Automobiles

 June 03, 2007 Before a product is introduced to the public, the inventor has to draw up a plan and put it in paper. This is exactly what the Wright Brothers did when the first airplane was built and took off into ..

The Benefits Of Rapid Prototyping

 June 02, 2007 Rapid prototyping objects have been one of the many contributions of modern technology. Rapid prototyping makes it possible to make out and construct physical objects by using solid free form ..

Simple Ways to Do Prototype Refactoring

 June 01, 2007 Many years ago, people used to rely on Lotus 123 to get work on the computer. WordStar was the program of choice when preparing documents. Years later, Microsoft hit the market that was followed by ..

Rapid Prototyping in the Medical Industry

 May 31, 2007 Rapid prototyping technology or RP refers to the automated construction of prototypes. Usually, the process involves, a computer aided design, which is fed into a machine, which is in turn ..

Rapid Prototyping Building Materials

 May 30, 2007 Rapid prototyping is the process used to generate three-dimensional models that do not require any machining or tooling. Instead, rapid prototyping makes use of cutting edge technology that allows a ..

Prototyping Services in the Military

 May 27, 2007 Nothing is constant except for change. This is the reason that government and those in the private sector always strive to achieve new heights in the development of better machines and equipment. A ..

Prototyping From The Virtual To The Physical World

 May 26, 2007 Virtual prototyping is becoming a cost-effective method used in testing new products and systems. It is an integral part of current rapid prototyping methods wherein virtual designs created from ..

Preparing an Effective Prototype that Sells

 May 23, 2007 In a layman's language (devoid of any technical aspect), prototype could be out-rightly described as a piece of prepared overview, analysis, or a general preview before starting a hands-on project ..

Plastics are the Best

 May 22, 2007 Plastic is one of the more commonly used materials for prototyping. Product development engineers, production consultants, inventors, special project leaders, and retail and production prototype ..

PCB Prototyping Advantage

 May 21, 2007 Advancement in technology and computerization paved way to convenience in mass production of PCB/s worldwide. Prototyping is a modern system used for cost effective manufacturing of PCB boards, ..

Medical Prototypes

 May 20, 2007 With all the recent technological advancements in the area of medicine, it is no wonder that doctors the world over have started shifting its dependence on the computer for virtual models. Instead, ..

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