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What are the Hardest Challenges Facing College Graduates

 April 03, 2012 Competition (too few jobs and too many graduates) Here is the scenario… You have graduated college with a good looking degree; you feel on top of the world and ready to pick and choose your ..

Students: It’s Never Too Early to Write a Resume

 April 15, 2010 So you’re a college student with two years to go, or a high school sophomore still trying to figure out what electives to take. You’re either picking out a major or working towards a ..

Tips to Write Federal Resume

 March 07, 2010 When you talk about federal resume the question often comes as to what this it all about. If you are going to apply for a federal job, then federal resume is a must for you. This type of professional .

How to Be a Super Competitor in a Vicious Job Market Despite ..

 November 11, 2008 The economy of the United States is in a state of crisis. Wall Street is suffering massive drops in points. There is a high rate of unemployment due to lost jobs. There is a national housing crisis. ..

How to Write a Good Resume Discover How You Can Write a Good ..

 July 29, 2008 Knowing how to write a good resume begins with gathering the right information. First, you must know yourself objectively. Consider all your professional experience including your education, the ..

How to Write a College Resume

 July 29, 2008 One of the tasks every student will have to face is knowing how to write a college resume. This can be difficult for several reasons. First, your career goals might not be as defined as you wanted it .

Resume For a Waitress Important Tips in Writing a Waitress ..

 July 15, 2008 The basic guidelines of resume writing apply when writing a resume for a waitress. The header of your resume must include your full name and your contact details. This should be followed with a ..

Writing a Great Resume What You Should Follow in Order to ..

 July 06, 2008 Writing a great resume requires planning, and the ability to bring out the best that the person has to offer. It is a skill and an art, and a science. There are ways to write the resume so that the ..

How to Do a Job Resume

 July 01, 2008 When you want to do a job resume, the first thing you should consider is what it is for. A resume is a summary of your skills and qualifications that you submit to a prospective employer so she or he .

3 Steps In Writing A Resume Thank You Letter

 April 11, 2008 The Thank you letter, or also known as the follow-up letter, is written similar as you would a Cover letter. You will use three steps in writing a simple thank you letter. 1. First, you're going ..

Food Service Manager Resume - Take Advantage Of That First ..

 April 09, 2008 You have just submitted your resume for the position of a Food Service Manager. Knowing how much you fit into the position requirements, you feel confident that you will be receiving a call from the ..

Up Your Chances With An Expert Field Engineer Resume Service

 April 09, 2008 Question: Who needs to avail of an expert Field Engineer Resume Service? Becoming an engineer is one of the most prestigious professions of today. In addition to the difficulty in specializing in ..

Guidelines For An Attractive Resume

 December 18, 2007 A resume well written and structured can bring high paying jobs to your door steps. It can be treated as a Sales Material to sell your experience, qualifications, talents etc. There are many formats ..

Writing Tips - How to Format a Professional Resume

 July 16, 2007 Knowing how to format a professional resume can improve your chances in getting your dream job. The layout and design of your resume is as important as what you say, a messy, disorganised or overly ..

Writing Tips - How to Write a Winning Resume

 July 16, 2007 Writing a winning resume is your first step towards your dream career. A well written resume will show your future employers your achievements, skills and how you can make a difference to their ..

Career Change - Resume Problems

 June 06, 2007 What can I do about gaps in employment? There isn't much you can do about your work chronology—what's done is done. However, there are a few ways to present your work history so that the gaps are ..

The Basics of the Cover Letter - Part 1

 May 19, 2007 When you send people your resume, whether it's through regular mail, overnight mail, e-mail, or a fax, it's important to include a one-page cover letter. This letter must be carefully written so that .

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