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How to use Canon Ink Cartridge

 April 23, 2012 The previous thing you desire to perform is to jam up your printer through dodgy ink. You may have seen printer cartridges on auction at fine below the prices of innovative items with the ..

Making Epson Ink Cartridges Last Longer for startup Businesses

 February 08, 2012 Life is already tough for those who have just started their business. There are so many unexpected expenditures that keep popping up. Things become even more stressful when you realize you have run ..

Do You Have Real Ink?

 May 24, 2010 Ink for my Canon MX310 runs around 24 bucks for 13 mL of ink. That works out to about $1.80 for every mL of ink, or shockingly, $1,800 for a liter. Ink is part a higly lucractive business for the ..

Can You Go Cheap on Your Print Cartridges?

 November 23, 2008 There are several options available for replacing the ink in your printer. Refurbished or remanufactured cartridges or even refill kits that will refill your existing cartridges are all feasible ways .

Black Ink Cartridge - Make it Last

 November 19, 2008 Printers are a necessity for every business. They are also quite costly to keep in operation with the high cost of replacement cartridges. Even is you are not buying for multiple printers in an ..

4InkJets Buying Printer Ink Online

 July 28, 2008 The Trouble With Printer Ink For a long time I wouldn't buy a printer because I didn't want to deal with going to the store and trying to find the right printer ink and then paying more for the ink ..

Printer Ink Page Yields

 July 17, 2008 Page yield is the total number of pages that you can print with a given ink cartridge. Traditionally each printer manufacturer would run their own differing tests to determine page yields and ..

Does the Quality of Your Printer Ink Really Matter?

 July 10, 2008 Companies that make printers always suggest that you use their brand of ink in their printers. Some manufacturers go to the point of warning consumers about problems that recycled ink cartridges or ..

Recycled Printer Ink Cartridges

 June 02, 2008 Manufacturing ink and printer ink cartridges business is a multi million dollar business. Mainly people who own computers also have printers and make use of ink cartridges. In the last two years, ..

Printer Ink - A Step Up From the Standard Typewriter Ribbon

 April 20, 2008 Decades ago when you pounded away at your typewriter trying to produce a document or type up a letter to family you did not have to worry about printer ink. All you had to worry about was the ..

Saving Money on Ink Cartridges

 April 20, 2008 When you buy ink cartridges you know they are very expensive. There are ways to cut down your ink cartridge costs by shopping online and looking for discounts. Many ink cartridge suppliers have ..

Have You Ever Tried Inkjet Printers?

 April 06, 2008 Inkjet printers are booming with popularity. It has been reported that out of all office supplies, ink jet cartridges are the most expensive. Because of the popularity of ink jet printers and ..

Choosing Printer Ink Presents You With Two Choices

 February 27, 2008 There are two main options available to you as far as it goes for printer ink. You can purchase a new ink cartridge or refill your current one. In this article, both of these options will be ..

The Future Of Inkjet Cartridges-Part II

 July 27, 2007 Awhile back I wrote an article about the “Future of Ink Cartridges”, which stirred up some interest to say the least. The reason for this was that you would no longer need a toner ..

Steer Clear of Cheap Printers With Tiny Ink Cartridges

 April 30, 2007 Are you really getting a bargain with a $50 printer? If you factor in the cost of replacement ink cartridges, it could be a lot more. If you walk down the printer isle these days, you'll probably ..

Are Printer Companies In the Printer Business Or The Ink ..

 April 11, 2007 If you've bought ink for your printer lately, you know how expensive it can be. Have you ever wondered whether the printer companies are really printer companies, or are they ink companies? If you ..

Printer Ink - Money Saving Tips

 March 17, 2007 With the advancement of technology the purchase price of a printer has come down to a great extent. But the cost of running a printer has not come down to the same extent. Printer ink amounts to be ..

The Future of Inkjet Cartridges

 March 15, 2007 I do not know about you, but I do remember the days of the first Polaroid camera that would develop a black and white or color picture in just one minute. Wow, at that time, it was great. You did not .

Does The Type Of Computer Printer Paper You Use Matter?

 March 11, 2007 When I need to print a word document or a photo, I, and I think like most, reach for the paper borrowed from your place of employment at the time, proceed to stick it in the paper tray of my inkjet ..

Public Speaking and Training Delivery - Part 1

 March 04, 2007 Design: At the design stage you need to identify the purpose and aim of your training. Why are you considering training? What is the need? Is there a shortfall in the skills level in your ..

Why You Should Use Compatible Ink Cartridges

 February 23, 2007 In today's world, we all use personal computers for either personal use or for a small business. Chances are that we have a printer attached to it. Over the past ten years, the market and use, for ..

Money Saving Tips For Buying Ink Cartridges

 February 22, 2007 Printer ink is one of the most expensive things you'll have to buy for your computer on an ongoing basis, but fortunately there are ways to save both time and money. The best choice for buying ink ..

Why The "Brand Name" Printer Ink Companies Hate ..

 February 22, 2007 If you purchased a Lexmark or Hewlett Packard inkjet printer over the past year, you must have noticed that the price you paid was surprisingly low. However, the ink cartridges that they sell with ..

How To Tell Which Printers Are Cost Effective

 February 21, 2007 Before you purchase your next inkjet or laser printer, you will need to understand the importance of the term “Yield", which we will discuss in a moment. For now, let's take a look at the ..

How to Save More on Toner - Other than By Just Price

 February 20, 2007 Is there more we can explore on the subject of how to save on toner, other than by just price? You would be surprised; there is a whole lot you can talk about. For instance, here are a few examples ..

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