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Best Practices to Optimize Landing Page for Ad Words

 October 05, 2016 In this article, you can find out the five best landing page optimization tactics for ad words. A well-optimized landing page yields better conversion-rates and brings down the bounce rate. Improve ..

Google AdWords Call Tracking – Dial the Future

 February 20, 2013 Importance of Call Tracking: It is quite implicit that many of us would know that PPC creates our online and offline conversations the most known example being mobile calls. With a booming market ..

Traffic Travis Adds Productivity to Your Online Business

 December 28, 2012 Traffic Travis is an advanced platform that serves as a tool for on page Search motor marketing of the registered websites. It incorporates a dashboard which shows the up to date SEO standing of any ..

PPC - Pay Per Click Strategies

 March 06, 2012 If you are interested in driving traffic to your squeeze page, this way you can benefit from greater lists that are bound to go viral, you need to think about the different techniques that are ..

Great Options to Increase Profit Through Paid Search ..

 December 28, 2011 A large number of websites that are just starting out and also a number of more developed sites don't have the required traffic to command actual advertisers to buy ads on a website. Nonetheless, ..

Micro Niche Finder Keyword research Tool

 November 22, 2011 As an internet marketer you should know that keyword research is highly important. Your online business can rise and fall on keyword research. You should always think about your online business as if .

SEO Training for Better Job

 September 06, 2011 It is well said that opportunities for SEO related jobs are plenty in developing nations including India. Today search engine optimization has become a global force with local approach and an ..

Discover Unique Strategies for Link Building

 June 25, 2011 Several Link Building Tips which helps someone improve your Page Ranking and Targeted traffic, are highlighted below; Top 10 lists Many of these compilations has been widely used often as viral ..

Don't Compromise Your Advertising Because Of A Tight Budget: ..

 June 17, 2011 A large number of websites which are only starting out and even a number of more developed sites don't have the necessary traffic to command actual advertisers to buy advertising campaigns on a ..

The SEO 10 Step Summary Manual

 June 14, 2011 Understand this, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), can be taught to the masses, but very few individuals are able to methodically go through the steps, scheduled basis, to achieve and maintain the ..

Why Google Makes SEO a PITA*

 January 28, 2011 (*PITA = Pain in the A$$) What? Google makes SEO a pain in the a$$? Nah…say it ain’t so! Why would they do that? I mean, Google is this huge, monstrous entity that looks to serve the ..

Do They Want What You’re Sellin’?

 January 28, 2011 Recently a buddy of mine forwarded me an article on a large tech / info site about the social media coupon site Groupon. Groupon basically works like this – Groupon has built up a huge email ..

Business Promotion Through Search Engine Marketing

 January 07, 2011 SEM stands for Search engine marketing. Through SEM we can promote our website in era of the competition. Today, in competition of business or advertisement or etc, everyone wants to promote their ..

Online Reputation Management the Gozoop Edge

 December 27, 2010 The prime goal of having a reputation online is good public relations. Your online reputation can be the biggest asset you posses. Everything about your Online reputation management is centered to ..

Accomplishing effective pay per click ad campaign

 November 03, 2010 In this entry I will write about several of the general things, that are needed for creating more effective PPC ad. By more effective I mean an ad which brings more sales for your website or blog ..

How to find your best competitors and monitor their activities .

 October 25, 2010 How to find your best competitors and monitor their activities online? Competition today is very fierce and strong… To stay “on board” in such an unstable place as nowadays ..

Mobile Search Marketing - It's the Wild Wild West Again

 June 30, 2010 Ok I'm just going to come out and say it - 2010 is the year of the mobile - at least in terms of using it as a viable marketing channel. The proof: in 2009 more internet enabled phones were sold than .

SEO, SEM, SMM & Internet Marketing courses at Clickprefect

 June 09, 2010 India has made a huge progress in terms of increasing primary education attendance rate and expanding literacy to approximately two thirds of the population. India's improved education system is ..

How to boost your affiliate income via PPC?

 May 14, 2010 PPC or Pay Per Click is one of the methods affiliate marketers use to draw targeted visitors (not just any visitors) to their website. Targeted visitors are very crucial to the success of your ..

What Is Next For Web Advertising?

 May 10, 2010 Web Advertising is the business of drawing public attention to goods and services on the internet, and is performed through a variety of methods. It is an important part of promotional components for .

Social Media Marketing: A Powerful Tool for Online Business ..

 April 28, 2010 Social media is playing an important role in business, it really matters how you can utilize it. In social media not only the content matter but your personality also matters as well. You have to be ..

Social Bookmarking: An Important Element in Internet Marketing .

 April 28, 2010 Social bookmarking is has proven to be an effective strategy for online businesses. The process involves bookmarking of the websites but with added advantages like belonging in a network of people ..

Website Promotion: An Essential for Online Business Growth

 April 28, 2010 Building a website is not just enough for any business, you need to promote your website online. You have to make impression on the world of Internet, let the people know you exist. To make yourself .

Why You Need Website Promotion?

 April 23, 2010 Website promotion is a key for online business success. It is very popular and effective in term of online business growth. It contains many cost effective strategies that do not require a huge ..

Selecting Right Internet Marketing Strategy

 April 13, 2010 Successful Internet marketing strategies account for the fact that no business can be run free of charge and they seek a cheap and best marketing medium. The basic reason behind internet marketing is .

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