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Photography Articles 

Love Photography? Here Are 5 Essentials You Need

 August 24, 2016 Do you love to click pictures? Well, that’s pretty good. But do you know the essentials which are required for better photography? Even if you don’t know, we are here to help you. Buying ..

How To Get The Best In Digital Lighting

 October 10, 2015 Digital photography concerns photographs in hundreds of thousands, or millions of tiny square picture elements, “pixel. " Computers and printers use these minute pixels to display photograph ..

How to take a good picture of the car and the beauty

 September 06, 2013 Preparation As for the filming equipment, the lens and flash with large zoom ratio should be ready, the telephoto lenses is still dominated while shooting the car’s show, especially when there ..

Creative composition of portrait photography

 September 05, 2013 Creative in composition in portrait photography does not just need photographers’ combination of picture elements at the time of framing, but more importantly, it is achieved through the use of .

Ten Photography Tips To Teach You Photograph Brilliant Photos

 September 03, 2013 1. Viewpoint - Ansel Adams once said, “a good photo knows where the foothold is". Observe your surrounding, photograph a few more photos from different angles. Find the best light that can be ..

Expose the secrets of private photograph

 August 09, 2013 The first step: trust It is very important to communicate before photographing, and you need to tell the model your way of photographing and the picture you want in advance. Also you can ask the ..

6 Photography Tips To Let You Photograph Wondeful Group Photos .

 August 02, 2013 1. Small group is good People take group photos for memory, we want to commemorate the thing and people at that time. Photographing the small group consist of 2,3 or 4 people is far better than ..

Tips for Portrait Photography in the Sun

 August 01, 2013 Here are a few simple tips for portrait photography in the sun 1. Fill flash Use flash in the hot sun looks a little ridiculous, but in fact the hot sun is the most suitable situation for flash. ..

Shooting in different weather conditions

 July 31, 2013 Photographers favor dramatic weather. Rain, snow, fog, storm sky- using weather can make the photo more beautiful and help you to convey an emotion or feeling. Wet streets reflecting neon light with ..

Color Space Applications in Photography

 July 26, 2013 In general, digital cameras color space is mainly based on sRGB, which is a group of smaller RGB color space. Therefore color performance is very poor; about the high-level SLR camera, you can choose .

No kidding- 9 things which enough to change your career in ..

 July 24, 2013 Print your most satisfying work and give it to non-photographers to have a look Many photographers were shocked on the results of this attempt, because the responses received and what they want is ..

No kidding- 9 things which enough to change your career in ..

 July 24, 2013 Photography enthusiasts are now learning excellent photographic skills online, but never picked up a camera to really use the knowledge. Actions speak louder than words; the skills won’t ..

Use long exposure photograph cityscape photos

 July 22, 2013 Use long exposure photograph cityscape photo Charming long exposure Photograph cityscape at sunset. In general, the period of time after sunset is the best time to photograph cityscape. This is ..

Portrait Photography Path: Take Individual Photo well

 July 05, 2013 Everyone once took photos of others, whether it is an individual photo or a group photo either with a DSLR camera or card reader, or mobile phone. But have you ever thought of the following questions .

Walking in Turkey ,Why Go to Turkey

 June 03, 2013 If anyone sees the most brilliant times of Turkey, he will not find any other places better than Turkey. “A Global History” wrote by H.Blount in 1634 A Brilliant City When I prepare ..

How to Shoot Wonderful Racing Photos

 May 30, 2013 If you haven’t taken a picture of the car before, you may not imagine how difficult it is to shoot a 150km / h racing car. Even the shutter speed and focus will make you in a rush, what’s .

How to Shoot Concert Photography

 May 13, 2013 There are a lot of concerts friends loving to take DC to record this unforgettable moment, so that you can aftertaste in the future. However, because the influence of distance, the lights change ..

How to capture the magic of

 April 26, 2013 Blue hour refers to the moment before the sun just falls or the sky turns black completely (or before sunrise time). Generally, “Blur hour" starts from 15-20 minutes after the sunset or before .

Top 10 Tips for Taking the Best Trick Photography Photos

 September 27, 2012 The one consistent element that makes a photograph interesting are people. We just like to look at ourselves or other people. This applies to trick photography as well, whether it's levitation, ..

Wedding photographers – how to know who’s right for you

 August 16, 2012 You’ve got the dresses sorted and the groom’s tux, probably the cake and you might even know where your flowers are coming from. But what about the pictures? It’s arguably the most .

Photography Courses: Benefit Amateurs And Professionals

 July 03, 2012 Taking the perfect picture or capturing the perfect shot is the goal for any photographer, whether they are a professional or simply an amateur. However, the vast array of cameras, equipment, ..

Pregnancy Photography – How To Produce Flattering Images

 June 09, 2012 Several years ago, it’s difficult to find a pregnant woman who will agree to pose as a subject for a photographer. For many moms-to-be, the image is not pretty. They look puffy, and it seems ..

Shooting a Construction Time-Lapse Film

 May 29, 2012 Taking a series of photographs, of one scene or object, at a set interval, over a long period of time, creates a time-lapse film. The series of photographs are then played back but with the interval ..

Finding a Denver wedding photographer

 February 28, 2012 Some Denver wedding photographers like to use low quality cameras and take over 5000 photos of a wedding. This is where quantity is put before quality. The quality of the wedding photography should ..

Photographers: Brides want DIY wedding Albums, why?

 January 31, 2012 In a market survey conducted 6 months ago, we have found a few interesting findings: On average, a couple will spend $27,000 on their wedding. Out of this budget, on average, $3,000 will be dedicated .

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