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Seventies Themed Parties Call For Dance Costumes

 March 07, 2008 Seventies themed parties can emphasize the importance that dance music and the popular “hustle" and its many variants played in popular culture. White suits and dance costumes were common place .

Indianapolis 500 Candy Race Car Craft

 March 07, 2008 Kids love candy and many also love the Indianapolis 500, just like their parents. There is not better way to entertain the kids at your Indianapolis 500 party than by combining the two into a fun ..

Country Western Party Craft Activity - Make a Rainstick!

 March 07, 2008 A country western party is all the rage amongst your guests. However, before you get down with that boot scootin’ boogie, you'll have to get the guests into making their own rain sticks! These ..

Kentucky Derby Craft Fan for Staying Cool

 March 07, 2008 A Kentucky Derby party is great fun, but I do declare, standing out in the heat of summer to watch those races just gets one all over heated! That's why, you'll absolutely have to get the guests at ..

Create a Moving Ballerina Party Ornament!

 March 07, 2008 Kids love craft projects, especially for a Ballerina party. That's why you should always look for fun craft ideas to fit your party theme. To not only entertain the kids, but add an extra goodie item .

Beer Party Craft Necklace from Drinking Straws

 March 07, 2008 A Beer party theme can be added to just about any kind of party event, from Mardi Gras, to Luau, to Oktoberfest. Why not liven up your Beer party event with a craft item that adds a little color to ..

Good Luck Charm Bracelet for a Good Luck Party

 March 07, 2008 Nothing says good luck like a Good Luck party. This party is easy to plan and put together if you know where to look for supplies. However, you may have a little looking to do if you are looking to ..

Office Party Craft Pen Holder for Gardeners

 March 07, 2008 An office party can be livened up with plenty of fun activities for your guests. Besides the musical chairs, why not have your co-workers create a Flower Pot Pen Holder for their desks. Loose pens ..

Texas Holdem Craft Wagon for Kids and the Buffet

 March 07, 2008 While the adults at your Texas Holdem party are off playing poker with their buds, you'll have to find ways to entertain the kids. Keep the younger guests at your Texas Holdem event entertained by ..

Create an Olympic Antenna Head for Your Party Crafts

 March 07, 2008 Hosting and Olympics party is an event that only comes along once every four years, so you've got to make it great! When the guests and the kids get kind of bored watching all of the Olympic events ..

Garden Party Caterpillar Craft

 March 07, 2008 Get that garden party started with a fun, caterpillar puppet. This is a great and easy themed party ornament that the kids will just love making up on their own. In fact, we're sure the adults will ..

Homecoming Craft Corsage for the Guests

 March 07, 2008 Your average homecoming party can be aimed at just about any purpose, from celebrating the return of a soldier from war or just celebrating the return of your high school football team. You'll find ..

Alien Toilet Paper Roll Puppets Make Unique Alien Party Crafts!

 March 07, 2008 An Alien party just isn't fun, unless you've got Aliens dropping in at the event. That would really make your guest's night wouldn't it? Well, you may not be able to get visitors from Mars to drop in .

Lobsterfest Event is Complete with a Seashell Boat

 March 07, 2008 There is no need to worry about finding a great party craft item for your next Lobsterfest party. We've got it right here! All you need are a few simple and naturally found supplies and you'll be ..

Congratulations Party Craft Gives a Hand Up!

 March 07, 2008 It's not so easy coming up with a fun way to congratulate a friend or co-worker, but you'll find that a congratulations party craft item goes a long way. These nifty congrats gloves are a great party .

Clambake Craft Fun with Googly Clamshells

 March 07, 2008 A clambake can easily provide you with the materials you need to create fun and funky googly clamshells. These make great tabletop knick knacks to take home after the Clambake ends, plus it's a good ..

Engagement Party Craft Pillow for Cold Feet

 March 07, 2008 For those with cold feet, you can easily warm up any Engagement party tootsies with this excellent party craft item. Have all the guests make their own rice pillows! This year, instead of throwing ..

Daytona 500 Foam License Plate Party Crafts

 March 07, 2008 Even kids who are interested in cars can get bored at a Daytona 500 party without some fun; kid oriented party activities and crafts. However, you'll find that it's easy to keep the kids entertained ..

Fifties Craft Magnets for Your Party

 March 07, 2008 The Fifties is an easy party to throw together with some rock and roll music and a group of guests who are willing to relive the good old days! Do you remember how crafty projects were all the rage? ..

Red Hat Craft Fun with Mini Hats

 March 07, 2008 The Red Hat party is a great way to celebrate with the gals in your society, but sometimes its hard to come up with unique party craft ideas for the event. However, you'll get a lot of hits with this .

Make Your Own Party Craft Nineties Music Video

 March 07, 2008 Ah the nineties, pretty soon it'll be 20 years ago when they first started. The nineties are such a nostalgic time for those who were alive to remember them, it's no wonder you wish to have a ..

Make a Hawaiian Luau Craft Necklace for Your Party Guests

 March 07, 2008 A Hawaiian luau is a fairly festive event, mostly famous for ham and pineapples. It's not hard to see why you've chosen to hold one. Now, all you need is some kind of crafting project to tide over ..

Twenties Folded Party Napkins for Great Looking Buffets

 March 07, 2008 The twenties party can be a great way to spend the evening with your friends, especially when everyone gets dressed up. You can also dress up the dinner table at your Twenties party with some fancy ..

Golf Party Craft Mobile Makes Fun Gift

 March 07, 2008 Golf is a surprisingly addictive sport and as a party theme it's surprisingly fun. That's why you have to make it the party theme for your big celebration in honor of that special someone. If you are .

Love Beads Add A Touch of Nostalgia To A Sixties Party

 March 07, 2008 Sixties parties are a wonderful way to bring people of all ages together for good times, food and a great party craft session. One iconic image that oldsters have from the 1960's youth culture was ..

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