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Busy Families - Ways to Connect With Your Family Even When ..

 April 07, 2008 Let's face it, life is crazy these days. I recently got a “mom's calendar" which has columns for each family member so I know who needs to go where, when. Even with all the chaos, making time ..

Does Your Busy Schedule Take Time Away from Interacting with ..

 April 06, 2008 Sometimes we have a tendency to get so wrapped up in our busy schedules that we do forget about quality time with our children. This isn't referring to time in the car taking the kids to school or ..

Parents - Do You Want A Dumb, Illiterate Child? Keep Them In ..

 April 05, 2008 To teach children how to play the piano, you have to teach them the basics of music - keys, notes, chords, melody, and harmony. With these tools learned, your kids can experience the joy and sense of .

Were You Virgled? Using Hoaxes To Help Kids Be Thinkers

 April 02, 2008 In case you missed Google's April Fool's Day fun, don't worry. They'll get you again-they always do. This year's hoax-Project Virgle-offered space buffs the chance to join the first human colony on ..

How To Modify Autistic Tendencies In Children

 March 31, 2008 Both subjective and objective factors could trigger autistic tendencies. The subjective factor refers that some children might be born with shy and introverted character, which makes them not good at .

How Do You Spell S-U-C-C-E-S-S For Your Children?

 March 29, 2008 Developing success in our children begins when we align our vision with God's. Generally our vision of success is is direct contrast to God's vision. His vision of success doesn't entail materialism. .

College Students Should Develop An Attitude Of Success

 March 29, 2008 The attitude you present tells others who you are, what you are and what to expect from you. When you are viewed as having a great attitude, many more people will naturally gravitate toward you and ..

Kids Want Power And Control - How Can You Give It To Them And ..

 March 27, 2008 When our kids misbehave or act out, there's a reason. It can be any number of things. One is purely to get attention and the other common reason is to gain control and power. As human beings we all ..

The Role Of Parents In Career Development

 March 26, 2008 In order to succeed in this area, you need to be sure to listen to them and be open to ideas spoken. Try to help them with further information, and try never to be judgmental. As a parent, you should .

Holiday Gift Ideas - Seven People In Your Life Who Need a Spa ..

 March 24, 2008 If you want your gifts to be the best under the tree this year, why not give a spa break? Here are seven people you know who could use one. Your wife. Show her how much you love and appreciate her ..

Look Beyond The Teacher

 March 23, 2008 Parents make critics look stupid when it comes to public criticism of teachers. Children go home with various versions of a story and parents react differently to each. They meet up in malls, at hair .

Our Children Are Our Best Teachers - Part Two

 March 21, 2008 There were many responses to an article previously published on The Secret Bank Blog entitled: “Our Children Are Our Best Teacher's. " Through the questions and comments received we felt our ..

My Cardboard Box

 March 20, 2008 How many toys, what type of toys, how many computer games, how many special trips, how much T. V. , or how many new toys does one child need? All of these questions seem to be constant on every ..

Aggression In Children - How To Help Our Children Handle Their .

 March 20, 2008 Aggression in children is part of their normal pattern of development. Two year olds lack social skills, are totally egocentric and have few communication skills. Therefore they act aggressively when .

Spiritual Parenting - How to Affirm Your Child's Innate Sense ..

 March 20, 2008 Spiritual Parenting helps your children to affirm their innate sense of truth. The core of your child's being is his spirituality. From here grows his sense of self esteem and the values and morals .

Life After Divorce - Steps You Can Take to Improve Your ..

 March 20, 2008 Let's just face it after a divorce, relationships with the ex-spouse can be a little strained. If you're one of the fortunate few who has always had a great relationship with their ex, then kudos for .

Book Review - My Funny Dad, Harry

 March 19, 2008 A Tribute to Harry, A Man of Integrity Karen Arlettaz Zemek pays tribute to her father Harry Arlettaz in her book “My Funny Dad, Harry. " This biographical memoir is filled with short funny ..

Attachment Parenting - The Basic Ideas

 March 17, 2008 Attachment parenting follows eight core principals. These eight principals are the foundation of the ideas of attachment parenting and through them it is how you will be able to use attachment ..

Sittercity vs Craigslist - Which Finds the Better BabySitter?

 March 16, 2008 Some parents are turning to Sittercity online to find babysitters while other parents keep an eye on Craigslist postings. When looking at both options, here is what parents found. Availability and ..

Generation Y - What's Next?

 March 16, 2008 Educators, Parents, Business and even GenYers themselves are all in need of information on how to prepare for the looming transition of over 70 million, 16 to Twenty-Somethings as they enter the ..

K12 Virtual Education - Teach a Foreign Language Successfully, .

 March 16, 2008 Have you ever thought this to yourself? "I don't speak a foreign language so I surely can't teach my child to. " Are you thinking you can only teach a foreign language if you can speak it? Well here .

Growth And Development Of Your Baby

 March 12, 2008 One of the greatest rewards of being a parent is watching your children grow. The excitement of witnessing your child's 1st steps or hearing their 1st words is hard to exaggerate. As the years roll ..

7 Secrets of EQ Motherhood

 March 12, 2008 The most challenging tasks for today parents is how to develop high EQ child. Every parents want their children to be success in their life. Your children are learning their life skills 60% from ..

Profound Tips On How To Manage Stubborn Children In Our ..

 March 12, 2008 There are multiple challenges in life, but the most crucial of all is managing a stubborn child or children. The Society will live in today is incredible. It simply makes it extremely easy for ..

Social Eating And Your Baby

 March 12, 2008 Feeding is an integral part pf a child's social development during mealtime children learn how to interact with the family and choose their foods. Parents should not take the socializing power of ..

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