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On The Move: Discover Packaging

 September 04, 2016 Can you move before packaging? Well the answer is no and all know it. Well but some pay little attention to it will others are more alert. Your valuable things are going to move a long distance hence .

The Types of Tea Packaging

 May 31, 2013 Tea packaging: An essential element of tea production industry Tea is an important part of our lives. We cannot imagine about a single day in our life in which we might be away from this stimulating ..

Polystyrene and Environmental Concerns

 March 18, 2011 Polystyrene is a polymerized styrene resin. It is a viscous carbohydrate extracted by monomer styrene. It is derived from crude oil and it is one of the most commercially significant plastics in use ..

Four Reasons to Re-evaluate Product Packaging

 November 06, 2010 In their effort to improve business agility and sustainability, enterprises are finding newer and alternative ways to improve competitiveness, cost control and preserve or grow customer recognition ..

Beverage Makers in China Turn to Canned Drinks to Generate New .

 November 03, 2009 Chinese males are increasingly faced with a perennial dilemma that has perplexed Western males for over half a century: Whether to buy a box of beer in glass bottles or cans. China’s beverage ..

Did You Know - How a Producer's Responsibility Obligations ..

 December 16, 2008 Did you know that if your company handles more than 50 tonnes of packaging a year and has a turnover of more than £2 million then you have to recover and recycle a specified tonnage of packaging ..

How Corporations Have 'Downsized' American Consumers

 December 10, 2008 Have you noticed smaller sizes or strange happenings to some of your old standby products on market shelves recently? I have - and I'm not fooled nor am I happy about it. My local newspaper, The San .

How to Recession Proof Your Packaging

 September 23, 2008 The news says everyone is worried about the economy and consumers are spending less. Is this causing your product sales to decline? Typically consumers cut back spending during hard economic times. ..

Beware! Your World is Shrinking

 September 21, 2008 Size does matter! If you don't believe me, ask the companies that are making big money by shrinking things. What kinds of things? Everything, because whether we like it or not, whether we're aware of .

Please Don't Hate Me Because I Love Packaging

 August 20, 2008 Seriously, people packaging makes the world go round. It's something that you take for granted every time you brush your teeth, drink a beer or take a pill. All those products are delivered to you ..

EBay Start Up Supplies

 July 19, 2008 The following is a list of items that I have found to be most useful for being prepared and organized as an eBay seller. I also give a brief explanation of how the item can be used to make your work ..

Green Packaging Noise

 July 13, 2008 I just got a call from Brandweek to comment on green product packaging backlash. I've been writing about it for a while but this week reading about square milk bottles brought it all to a head. While .

The Great Escape - A Personal Experience of Unwrapping Toys

 July 10, 2008 Have you ever tried to extract a modern toy from its packaging? I remember when you were lucky enough to be given a paper bag to carry your toy home in, but nowadays it seems like the manufacturers ..

Taking Our Garbage to the Next Level

 June 28, 2008 In this society recycling is a must. Up until now we have been putting things in our bins and out they go on garbage day. Now, it's a new system. We have a green bin which is approximately the size ..

Brand Packaging Design and the Seven Deadly Sins

 May 07, 2008 A product's package form, functionality and visuals are the cornerstone of its marketing efforts. The overall objective is to quickly garner attention, explain the product and to get someone to take ..

The Search For Earth Friendly Packaging

 April 21, 2008 What is the best packaging for the environment? While materials like glass are superior to plastic - what is the most environmentally friendly packaging available? When one-half of all municipal ..

Printing and Packaging Equipment Financing

 April 08, 2008 Latest technological advancements have raised the quality of printing and packaging equipment. The computer and laser printers are vitally important for some areas like design and production. However .

Be The Duckling - A Branding Mindset

 March 25, 2008 It is amazing how difference is such a feared attribute in our society. We all know the story where a duckling is ridiculed for being ugly. As it turns out he was just different. If businesses would ..

The 'Why' And 'How' Of Doing Packaging Services

 March 24, 2008 Packaging refers to the packing of materials for safe and easy transportation purposes. Few packaging companies even take care of the delivery process of goods or products they pack, especially ..

Bad Things Happen To Good Packaging

 February 14, 2008 Last week, I got a call from Japan News reporting here in the US. They wanted to know what was happening regarding the use of the words “China Free" on product packaging and labeling. The plans .

Extreme Package Makeover

 February 07, 2008 Does your product have the self-confidence it needs to interact with people? Perhaps you did not think it important but your product could be suffering from self-esteem issues and unfortunately when ..

Not Ready For Prime Time Packaging

 January 17, 2008 It's 08 - Are your packaged products ready for prime time? Here are a few insightful tips to help you out. There are many packaging issues afloat in the minds of the consumer. We just came off the ..

Packaging Resolutions You Can Keep

 January 09, 2008 Take a moment to reflect on the past year from a packaging perspective. There were lots of stories in the news about the role packaging plays in our society - from less packaging to “wrap rage. .

Direct Mail Is an Effective Way to Distribute Promotional Items

 December 10, 2007 Direct mail has been the traditional way of communicating with customers and clients. Though its use has become restricted due to the shift towards online marketing, it is still considered to be an ..

Baseball, Father's Day And Packaging

 June 13, 2007 With Father's Day coming up, I have been on the lookout for innovative packages on products for dad. One of the most interesting was a head of iceberg lettuce wrapped in baseball graphics by Tanimura .

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