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Ovarian Cancer Articles 

Full understanding helps women to increase the risk of breast ..

 August 08, 2011 Even though women that mothers had cancer of the breast may be worried about developing cancer themselves, many don't completely understand when and why they must be tested or their options to lower ..

Women with certain family-history patterns of breast or ..

 July 30, 2011 Ladies who screen positive for gene strains that promote breast and ovarian cancer usually go for surgery to chop their chance of the illnesses, new research indicates. The study, reported within ..

Learn to Identify the Signs and Symptoms of Ovarian Cancer

 February 13, 2011 Ovarian cancer is a topic that is very dear to my heart as I have just recently lost my wonderful 80 year old mother to this terrible disease. She fought it for over 2 years, but lost her battle in ..

Ovarian Cancer Risk and Breast Cancer

 December 03, 2009 Women who have developed breast cancer or who has a family history of the disease are advised to also watch out for signs of ovarian cancer. This important piece of information must reach the ears of .

Ovarian Cancer - It's Curable, But Women's Awareness is Very ..

 January 11, 2009  Do you ever experience any of the following? * Bloating, abdominal swelling or loss of appetite * Fatigue, indigestion or heartburn * A change in toilet habit or unexplained weight change * ..

Who Else Wants to Learn About Ovarian Cancer

 December 07, 2008 It is a frightening fact that somewhere around 1.5 percent of all women will develop ovarian cancer during their life. Although it is not as common as breast cancer, it is still considered to be the ..

How to Find Out If You Have Ovarian Cancer

 November 17, 2008 There are over 30 types of ovarian cancer that doctors group into 3 major categories based on the kinds of cells the cancer is formed out of. These include epithelial tumors, germ cell tumors, and ..

Ovarian Cancer Symptoms - What You Need to Know

 September 15, 2008 Reproduction is one of the most essential parts of life. However, there are many things that can alter this. One of those things that can alter this is ovarian cancer. Ovarian cancer attacks the ..

Ovarian Cancer Symptoms You Need to Know!

 September 05, 2008 It is essential for every woman, especially those who are 35 years of age and above to recognize the symptoms of ovarian cancer. Even those women who have just a simple cyst or a benign growth on an ..

What Are the Early Symptoms of Ovarian Cancer? Two Signs You ..

 September 02, 2008 I really hate talking about this subject but the more articles and documentation that is out there regarding this terrible disease, the better chance women will start to bother their doctors early ..

What Happens After Cervical Cancer Treatment?

 August 23, 2008 Regular follow-up exams; including a pelvic exam, a pap test, and other laboratory tests, are very important for any woman who has been treated for changes to the cervix or for cervical cancer. The ..

What Are the Symptoms of Ovarian Cancer?

 August 23, 2008 Ovarian cancer often has no symptoms (or only very mild ones) until it begins to spread beyond the ovaries. Unfortunately, there is no effective way of screening for ovarian cancer at this time. The ..

What is Uterine Cancer?

 August 23, 2008 Uterine cancer starts in the cells lining the uterus. The uterus (or womb) is part of a woman's reproductive system. It is a small, hollow, pear-shaped organ in the pelvis. The lower part of the ..

What Are Some Side Effects of Ovarian Cancer Treatment?

 August 23, 2008 Once diagnosed with ovarian cancer, a treatment plan, based on type and stage of the cancer is developed and put into motion by you and your health care team. However, once this has proven ..

Tips on Ovarian Cancer Prevention Part II

 August 23, 2008 In a previous article, we looked at some things women can do personally to help prevent ovarian cancer development. In this article, we'll look at things that can be done in conjunction with a doctor .

Learn About the Stages of Cervical Cancer Part II

 August 23, 2008 Previously, we took a look at the first two stages in cervical cancer development. In this concluding piece, we take a look at the remaining three. In stage III, cancer has spread to the lower third .

Tips on Ovarian Cancer Prevention Part I

 August 23, 2008 You may be wondering about ways to prevent ovarian cancer. There are several, some of which you can do yourself, and other which will require a doctor and surgery in some cases. Bear in mind, the ..

Learn About the Stages of Cervical Cancer Part I

 August 23, 2008 When being diagnosed for cervical cancer, it is important to know what stage it is in. This information will allow the doctor to plan the treatment according to how advanced the cancer is. There are ..

Stages of Uterine Cancer Part II

 August 23, 2008 In this article we will continue our look at the stages of uterine cancer. In stage III, the cancer reached an advanced phase but it is still located only in the pelvis. This stage has three ..

Stages of Uterine Cancer Part I

 August 23, 2008 There are 4 main stages to uterine cancer, each of which is subdivided. In this article we will learn about the first two stages to this cancer. In stage I, based on how far the cancer has spread ..

Learn About Your Risk For Developing Ovarian Cancer

 August 23, 2008 There are several things associated with ovarian cancer that may increase your risk of developing the disease. These include but are not limited to: - History of ovarian cancer in your immediate ..

Nutrition and Cervical Cancer

 August 23, 2008 It is important to eat well during cancer treatment. Eating well means getting enough calories to maintain a good weight and enough protein to keep up your strength. Good nutrition often helps people .

Learn About the Stages of Ovarian Cancer Part I

 August 23, 2008 In previous articles, we touched on various aspects of ovarian cancer such as symptoms, treatments (both alternative and conventional), and risks. But what are the stages of ovarian cancer? The ..

Learn About Factors That Can Affect Cervical Cancer Prognosis

 August 23, 2008 Once someone has been diagnosed with cervical cancer, they often wonder (along with treatment options, recovery time, and lifestyle changes) what their prognosis or their chance of recovery is and ..

Learn About Ovarian Cancer Diagnosis

 August 23, 2008 There is no standardized screening process for the detection of ovarian cancer. However, if your doctor suspects, after reviewing any symptoms you have, that you may have ovarian cancer, he will ..

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