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7 Steps to Organize a Great Party at Home

 October 25, 2016 7 tips for throwing a memorable themed party Having a themed party may seem dorky at first, but that’s just because many people do not know how to do it correctly. Organizing a party is just ..

Jubilee Celebrations for personal events

 July 02, 2012 The term refers to celebrating a successful period in one’s life related to wedding, career, age and what not. But then jubilee could be a commemoration of an event, love for anything that is ..

Top Online Advanced Accounting Schools

 March 24, 2012 Accounting is one of the important job profiles of each organization. So if you are dreaming being an accountant you need to earn a specialist degree in accountings. It is crucial for you to develop ..

How To Approach Change In An Organization

 October 27, 2011 According to studies, people do not basically resist change; they resist “being changed”. The key to a genuine change is “changed people”. Unless people are changed, nothing ..

The need for a corporate communication strategy

 January 20, 2011 Communication is something that can help organizations take a step closer to the achievement of their goals, and it can also keep organizations from achieving what needs to be achieved. This is why ..

How to Declutter Your Home

 December 17, 2010 The beauty of a home is not really measured through its size only. Would you go for a house the length and width of a mansion which looks like it had been just hit by a typhoon or a modest-sized ..

Clutter Clearing and Cleaning Tips

 December 01, 2010 Clearing the Clutter: Helpful Tips Stand up in the center of your own living room. Have a sense for that area. Yet before you start to picture nice points, your thoughts get disrupted by the ..

Six Steps to Clean and Organize Garage

 November 26, 2010 A garage’s major intent is to secure as well as keep your own car or vehicles. This can't happen in case your garage has turned into a glorified storage spot, stocked full with cardboard boxes ..

How To Find “Me Time”

 February 14, 2010 Think back to your BK time (Before Kids). What special ways did you treat yourself; give yourself a boost; vitalize yourself? My daughter Ruby is 4 now and before she was twinkle in her Daddy’s .

Create Your Family Vision

 February 14, 2010 Something that we’ve been doing since way before kids and continue to do so since our little treasure came along 4½ years ago is to create a Family Vision, or a Family Mission for the ..

Moms! Have an OK DAY

 December 18, 2009 As Moms and in particular, Moms who work, we can often set the expectation we have of ourselves really quite high. While I think this is important, I also think that at times it can cause us to have ..

Ditch the To Do List – get an Action List!

 December 18, 2009 You may remember the fairy story about the Magic Porridge Pot. In the story, the porridge pot keeps making porridge until it overflows out of the pot, fills the house, slides down the garden path and .

How Tribes Are the Magic Groups Which Secure Your Profits

 January 11, 2009 I've been reading Seth Godin's powerful book tribes and have come away with a number of takeaways and I'm going to go through five of those with you here. I'd heard good things about this book from ..

A Day in the Life of a Teacher - Self Interruptions - How to ..

 December 11, 2008 Tell the truth. . . As a teacher, aren't there times when you actually interrupt yourself? Maybe you've never thought about it that way, but think about it. Here are some ideas to prevent that from ..

A Day in the Life of a Teacher - Interruptions From Others - ..

 December 11, 2008 The average American worker has fifty interruptions a day, of which seventy percent have nothing to do with work. ~W. Edward Deming You probably have your own estimate - and it may surprise you what ..

Preventing the 5:30 Panic - How Menu Planning Makes Life So ..

 December 10, 2008 Without a doubt, the worst place to be at 5:30 p. m. on a weeknight is standing in line at the grocery store with kids. They're cranky, you're cranky, everybody's hungry, and all around you are ..

A Day in the Life of a Teacher - Clearing the Clutter

 December 10, 2008 Desks are not warehouses, museums or retail outlets. ~Don Aslett & Carol Cartaino It took some time for your space to become cluttered and it will take some time for you to clear the clutter. The .

A Day in the Life of a Teacher - Using a Planner For Optimum ..

 December 10, 2008 Planning is bringing the future into the present so that you can do something about it now. ~Alan Lakein Millions of people buy “calendars" or “planners" in late December and early ..

Insurance Sales Success - Organize Or Prioritize?

 November 13, 2008 For an insurance sales person, it is essential to make the best use of your time. Some experts say that organization is the only way to insurance sales success. Other professionals say that unless ..

My Boss Made Me Join

 November 10, 2008 Dear Unhappy Ms. Independent: We'll come to several forks in the road on this journey, so keep both hands on the wheel at all times. FIRST: WHY DID YOUR BOSS “MAKE" YOU JOIN THE ASSOCIATION? ..

Organize Your Desk

 October 20, 2008 Okay, I have to admit, I at times I like to pile. “At times?" I hear my wife saying. Well, maybe I pile a little too often. However, I am changing, and even my wife admitted I am getting ..

Ignore the Financial Markets, Organize Your House and Garage

 October 11, 2008 We're all being affected the by Panic of 2008 in some way or another. Even if it's not affecting your cash flow and only your retirement fund, knowing that you've lost 33% or more of your retirement ..

Organize Your Life - Free Yourself From Clutter & Find More ..

 October 01, 2008 Organization is a fundamental key to success, and an area that I do very well with sometimes, and not so good at others. I think many people probably fall into this same trap. This is why there are ..

How to Use Other People's Money

 September 15, 2008 What do you understand by other people's money? Other people money (OPM) is the money you borrow from banks, friends, Organization or your family members. But the best of all is the one you borrow ..

Create Personal Calm and Peace Using Feng Shui Principles

 September 03, 2008 According to advertising experts, the average person is bombarded, even assaulted by more than 4000 impressions daily in the form of print, email, voice mail, radio, television and blaring ..

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