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Adventure in the South of France

 January 13, 2010 With so much to do in one destination, you’ll be exhausted just planning your break in Nice. Nestled on the revered French southern coast, Nice offers a wealth of things to do and activities to .

Things To Do In Nice

 November 12, 2009 Nice is not necessarily a destination that is synonymous with action-packed, high octane activities but it does, in fact, offer all this and more! Situated on the Mediterranean Coast, Nice will give ..

Get a Flat and Nice Stomach - Practical Advices

 August 15, 2009 A thick or bulging stomach can be due to several factors: Too much fat under he stomach skin, too much internal fat, weak stomach muscles and engorged intestines due to trouble with the digestion. To .

Nice and the South of France in January

 January 19, 2009 For several years I have spent few days in January in the south of France staying near Antibes. The visits have usually taken place near the end of the month and have always been very lucky with the ..

Nice Can Be Nasty

 December 29, 2008 NICE (The National Institute for Clinical Excellence) says if patients can or can't receive new, life-enhancing drugs. NICE says if your NHS doctor or Consultant is allowed to prescribe drugs. These .

Wonders of Costume Jewelry

 December 10, 2008 Costume jewelry offers an easy but glamorous way for those with a penchant for ornaments but the lack of resources to fund it. At times, even those having the resources just cannot manage to keep up ..

Soak it Up on the French Riviera

 October 15, 2008 The French Riviera brings to mind a place where the sun always shines and the famous always visit, but there is a lot for the average person to enjoy as well. And it pays to choose your location with .

N.I.C.E Say We're Mean

 August 16, 2008 So says the chairman of N. I. C. E. It's hard to feel sorry for them, let's face it they'll probably all have private health cover and will never be left in a position where they have to go down on ..

Ideas For a Cheaper Kitchen Remodel

 August 07, 2008 Your huge dreams for your kitchen remodel can often fall to pieces when you find out just how much those dreams can cost. You do not have to give up your dream, though, if you can find a reasonable ..

Manners, Etiquette and Politeness Quiz

 July 25, 2008 People with good manners have the ability to make others feel comfortable. How you behave in social situations will have a big reflection on how those who work or interact with you will perceive you ..

The Price of Being Nice

 July 20, 2008 In the history of human beings, can you identify anyone who has ever made a name for themselves for being ‘nice'? And if you are thinking of Nelson Mandela, Mahatma Gandhi, or Florence ..

Dont Be a Pushover

 July 17, 2008 There are so many people, women especially, that suffer from, “can't-say-no-itis, " or what some like to call “doormat" syndrome that they have lost their true identities trying to please .

Are You Nice? Do You Have to Try?

 June 08, 2008 I go through life behaving the way that comes naturally to me, or the way I was raised, or probably a combination of both. People stop and seem somewhat surprised, or genuinely shocked when I do ..

Review Of The Sony Dream Machine

 May 11, 2008 I recently purchased a new clock radio, the Sony Dream Machine, to wake me up in the morning for work. The old clock radio we had was thrown out in disgust because it was so irritating, and the ..

They Sure Are Nice

 March 06, 2008 A couple of weeks ago we kept our grandchildren, Jake and Maddie, for the weekend so our daughter and son-in-law could finish unpacking after moving into their new home. Little do they know they'll ..

Find the Beauty in Everyone

 March 04, 2008 Recently a dear friend passed away and one of the issues we were confronted with was gossip. Why is gossip so much fun? I believe gossip gives us something to talk about. Is all gossip bad? It is a ..

Its Nice in NICE

 December 08, 2007 I am in Nice, France, the French Riviera. My Hotel is at the top of a big hill. To get here I took the night train from Venice and was cramped into a small compartment with 3 beds on each wall. Six ..

Nicely Nicely Thank You

 March 31, 2007 In Guys and Dolls, there is a character named Nicely Nicely Johnson. Perhaps most memorably portrayed by Stubby Kaye, Nicely Nicely earned his name by always responding to “how are you?” ..

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