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Mutual Funds Articles 

Top 5 Mutual Funds in India - Buy Smartly in 2013

 December 20, 2012 Investing money in the market through various forms; stocks, bonds, shares, etc. is something we learn only through experience; after we understand how the market works. Usually mutual funds are ..

The Trading Mindset

 July 18, 2011 Trading is really a business. As with any other company, a well thought-out strategy can make the main difference between achievement and failing. A trading plan's a pact you are making with ..

General Insurance, Life Insurance, Mutual Funds

 April 03, 2010 A term life insurance policy is often referred to as pure life time financial protection, since all policy holders are buying is a death benefit. In a way, it is all about renting protection for the ..

Retirement Income Tips - Sane Strategies For an Insane Market

 January 14, 2009 The great crash of ‘08 (as I like to call it) has left millions of American individuals and businesses strapped for cash. Worst yet it has left many who thought they were close to retirement ..

Options Trading Power Secrets - Would You Like to Catapult ..

 January 13, 2009 For the everyday investor Stock Options are still one of the most mystical investment vehicles available. Yet with more than 35 years in existence, options have proven time and time again over the ..

Stock Market Power Secrets - Do You Know These 3 Strategies ..

 January 13, 2009 Let me start by asking some questions: Do you have a stock you've been holding for months just waiting to break even? Do you generate less than 20% profit every month in your trading account? Are you .

Savings Allocation

 January 12, 2009 First of all, I would like to define what do I mean by the word “Savings". In plain english and simpler terms, Savings means money saved or left with us after taken care of living expenses, ..

Mutual Funds Vs Stocks

 December 25, 2008 No two things can ever be exactly the same. There is always at least something that one object has that's different from another, no matter how similar they may be. Even identical twins differences ..

Using Mutual Fund Ratings to Invest Wisely

 December 16, 2008 I've been looking at a couple of growth funds, as well as some no-load funds to get started. Since I don't have a lot of capital to invest at the beginning here, I figured that these types of funds ..

Investing in Life Insurance

 December 15, 2008 Life insurance or life assurance is a contract between the policy owner and the insurer, where the insurer agrees to pay a sum of money upon the occurrence of the insured individuals or ..

Investing in Mutual Funds

 December 15, 2008 A mutual fund is the same as trusting someone else to do the investing for you. Quite simply, mutual funds were created to eliminate the research and time constraint that would be required if an ..

How to Change Brokers and Save Your Funds

 December 14, 2008 Has your account been losing money lately? Been thinking about changing brokers, money managers or account managers? I guarantee they are not going to make it easy for you. They are going to give you .

Investing Can Be Very Rewarding

 December 14, 2008 If you're new to investing, it can look pretty complicated. Investing is one of the best ways to accrue a large income in a short period of time. Investing “success" is not the same thing as ..

Mutual Funds For Everyone

 December 09, 2008 The stock market is a wild and crazy world to be in, and is definitely not for a place for amateurs to be playing about. In this jungle, investing in the wrong places can get you beaten, eaten, and ..

Invest Your Money in Mutual Funds

 December 07, 2008 People nowadays are very particular about financial matters. When it comes to money, they want to make sure they have investments. Investments can be made in different ways. Other people are ..

Mutual Funds - The Need to Know Basics

 November 25, 2008 Almost everybody has the ambition to get rich without lifting a finger - that's because there's plenty of us out there that are driven by laziness and greed. We like to find ways for having our cash ..

Sledding Through the Snow and Avoiding the Money Risks

 November 17, 2008 Think of your money as you would a sledding vacation. Fast, and then not so fast. Risky, and then not so risky. Do you remember as a child how much fun it was to sled down a hill on a toboggan or a ..

Why is Understanding the Stock Market So Hard?

 November 16, 2008 First on the list of recommended preparatory tasks is to obtain a book which covers the Dow theory. This isn't lightweight reading, but will surely serve to make you a smarter investor. Just as ..

Do You Know the Right Path to Invest Your Money?

 October 28, 2008 Investment is the best choice by any individual who wants to save money in the hope of making lot of it. Investments are often made indirectly through intermediaries, such as Gold, Real Estate, ..

Understand Tax and Your Investment Returns

 October 24, 2008 Taxes are paid on these investment returns, whether as the result of true market growth or inflation. While the nominal rate of return may appear impressive, part of the return goes to the government .

Understand Domestic and International Equity Funds

 October 24, 2008 I. Domestic Equity Funds Mutual funds companies located in Canada invest in the common and preferred shares of Canadian corporations. They are called, not surprisingly, domestic Equity Funds and ..

Let's Talk About Mediocrity, Ahem and Mutual Funds

 October 19, 2008 My first investment was in mutual funds which is what most people invest in because the mutual fund industry is very effective at promoting its products. There is a certain sense of security knowing ..

Breakouts and Crossovers - Late to the Party

 October 19, 2008 The arena of trading is a fantastic one in itself. It has to be the largest business on the planet. Thousands upon thousands of eyes are glued to the screens around the world, waiting to buy or sell ..

The 5 Reasons Why Your Portfolio is Tanking

 October 18, 2008 Chances are you're not as rich as you want to be because others are getting rich off of you! 1. Heavy Correlation Having to little or too much of one kind of investment can create havoc for an ..

Retirement at Risk

 September 30, 2008 Every passing day brings us one step closer to retirement. When economic conditions or personal finances are unclear, the road to retirement seems much longer, and the road on retirement seems to be ..

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