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Final Paint Prep & Sanding

 June 22, 2007 Sorry about the long sabbatical guys, but the work thing has been kicking my ass, 72 hours per week doesn't leave a lot of time to keep up on the old blog, but I'm back now, please keep the applause ..

What Cars Have Done For Me

 March 03, 2007 Hello, I'm sure that you've figured out who this is, yes that's right, it's your favorite American classic car nut, I love them all, as long as they say “Made In The USA" some where on them, I ..

Back In The Day

 February 27, 2007 Back in the day we had so many different dealerships building special muscle cars, that the spacial cars were almost a common thing, we had Baldwin Motion, Nickey Chevrolet, Yenko Chevrolet, and ..

A True Legend - The Corvette

 February 24, 2007 Truly a feat of automotive engineering was the Corvette, but in my opinion they have not built a real Corvette since 1969, well until 2006 with the ZO6, it's a very good example of what the Corvette ..

The Power And The Glory

 February 16, 2007 It's time to strike the ark and pound the metal, your ready to build your muscle car, excitement is coursing through your veins, giddiness in your muscles, your heart is pounding, and your new muscle .

How To Repair Rust In Your Classic Car Body

 February 09, 2007 I thought that I'd delve in to an article about fixing rust in the body of your classic car, this is a huge problem if your buying or own a classic cars that came from a place near the sea, or a ..

An American Super Car

 January 17, 2007 Most of the super camaro's were offspring of the Central Office Production Order or “COPO” camaro's, I know that the Yenko camaro was an offspring of the COPO 9737 Sports Car Coversion which was ..

The Tools You'll Need To Restore Your Car

 January 10, 2007 I'm going to talk a bit about the basic tools you'll need to restore your car, remember I did say basic tools, depending on what kind of restoration you want to do on your car this small list of ..

E85 - Is It The Answer

 January 08, 2007 In my continuing effort to learn about all things automotive, I have learned the one big draw back about E85 ethanol, and the draw back in quite simply, the loss of about 30% of your gas mileage, ..

How To Buy A Classic Corvette

 January 05, 2007 So you want to buy an old Corvette to restore, well hopefully this is not your first attempt at restoring a car, Corvette's a just a bit different then most cars, being as how they are made of ..

E85 - Are You Ready

 January 03, 2007 If you read the articles that I write, then you know that one of my favorite things, is doing things that other people say can't be done, with just a little originality you can achieve all of your ..

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