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Grief Recovery - Learning to Trust Life Again

 November 22, 2008 Death shook my trust in life. After losing four loved ones I did not think I would ever trust life again. Lack of trust turned my life into an exercise in existence, rather than an adventure. I did ..

Postage to the Cosmos - How Much Does it Cost?

 September 01, 2008 Two weeks after my Mom passed, I came home to find grand piano sitting in my garage. . . .complete with sterling silver candelabra and a giant red ribbon tied around the entire instrument. It was a ..

Sadness Or Ego - How to Tell the Difference

 August 30, 2008 A funny thing happened this morning. My friend, who I call ‘sister', called very early, upset about her boyfriend breaking up with her. Now, this may not seem funny at first, but here's why it ..

Does the Disbelief of Grief Ever Go Away?

 August 09, 2008 Disbelief is the first thing that comes to mind after a loved one dies. You can't believe your loved one is gone. Not only that, you can't believe he or she is gone forever. Sorrow defines your days. .

An Ocean of Grief

 August 05, 2008 My grandpa passed away two months ago. He was more to me than just a family patriarch. He was my father figure after my own dad left. He was my mentor, my source of inspiration and my biggest fan. In .

Surviving the Death of a Spouse

 July 22, 2008 "If you're going through hell, keep going. " - Winston Churchill Linda Palucci, widow of Eugene Palucci, did just that when she lost her husband to a brain tumor and cancer on March 21, 1992 after a ..

How to Have Celebration of Life Event Instead of a Funeral

 July 07, 2008 Perhaps your friend or relative didn't go to church and no minister or priest knew them well enough to speak of their life. Or perhaps the person was what is now termed as “spiritual, not ..

Defining Grief

 July 07, 2008 The notion of grief management lies in the ability to cope with a loss which is significant enough to elicit the emotion of grief itself. Grief is often erroneously thought of as synonymous with ..

Religious Perspectives of Death

 July 07, 2008 Death, both to the living and to the dying, means many different things. To some extent the meaning is different from person to person but many times our thoughts are based on our religion. Each ..

Seasons Of Perspective - When Pain Becomes Overwhelming, There .

 May 24, 2008 So many souls are choosing to transition during this time and as they move on to more expansive journeys, those they leave are left trying to piece together torn hearts. Being human can be such a ..

As Long As the Sun Shines Again

 May 17, 2008 I have come to the conclusion that my topic or specialty (in a literary sense), that I write about is grief and bereavement. Sobriety and recovery is another niche of mine. So is suicide and anger. ..

Learning From A Loss

 April 13, 2008 Holding a garage sale to close out our parent's estate was meant to be a form of closure for my siblings and me. Instead, we discovered how no one else really cared about our loss. They were merely ..

Six Steps to Take When You're Grieving and Cry in Public

 April 08, 2008 Crying comes with the grief territory. You may sob uncontrollably right after the death of your loved one. Later in the grief journey you may cry at odd times and in odd places. Worse, you may start ..

Mourning - I Don't Cry Because I'm Weak, I Cry Because I'm ..

 April 06, 2008 Crying is usually the first response to a death in the family. I cried when the surgeon said our daughter was brain dead. The events that followed - disconnecting life support, signing organ donor ..

Grieving The Loss Of A Loved Animal Companion

 April 03, 2008 Today, perhaps more than ever before in history, our animal companions have played a more important role and assumed a greater meaning and significance in the lives of millions of Americans. It is ..

Helping Your Kids Cope With The Death Of A Pet

 April 03, 2008 Children and pets share a very special bond. Pets are loving and affectionate and fun to play with. Pets provide entertainment, companionship, friendship and camaraderie. They are privy to children's .

Funerals For Life

 March 14, 2008 The other day, I had to attend the funeral of my friends brother. Here was a man that served for thirty-eight years in the navy, and, upon retiring, was known for his jolliness and zest for life, and .

Should You Grieve When Your Pet Dies?

 March 11, 2008 When a beloved pet dies the emotions that come out can be overwhelming; grief, loss, emptiness, guilt (if you have made the choice of euthanasia) and depression are just some that can arise. For non ..

Children And Pet Loss

 February 28, 2008 Children and pets often forge a deep, powerful lifelong bond and share a very special and meaningful relationship. They are best friends as well as companions who spend quality time with each other ..

Life After Death - How To Cope With The Death Of A Spouse

 December 30, 2007 Believing in life after death offers a powerful and effective way to deal with the loss of your spouse. The death of a spouse is the hardest thing you will ever deal with in life. During and after ..

Loss and Grief -- When Does the Crying Stop?

 September 18, 2007 Surgeons worked all through the night to save my daughter, but they could not. Her injuries were too severe. She died a day after the car crash and my father-in-law died two days later. A few weeks ..

Mourning Turned to Joy

 June 20, 2007 Are you going through a period of mourning? A loved one passing away, a marriage falling apart, a rebellious teen choosing a path of destruction for his/her life are just a few reasons to mourn. The .

Flowers For Grief And Mourning

 June 19, 2007 The passing of a loved one can be an especially difficult and chaotic time. Death is often unexpected and comes with the sometimes demanding nuts and bolts of planning the funeral and/or sending the ..

Coping With the Loss of a Child

 June 17, 2007 The death of a child is always a dreadful thing. The effect of a child's death is often felt very widely and can have an impact on many people including the extended family, school friends and their ..

Using The Web To Find Support After Losing A Loved One

 June 17, 2007 When you lose a loved one, the best thing you can do is, seek out others who can empathize with your grief. Why is it that we don't always easily move through the healing of grief? Many experts call ..

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