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Things to Bear in mind When Getting Home Loan Singapore

 August 21, 2013 If this is certainly your first time to get a home loan Singapore, then bear in mind some important ideas which will help you get the type of home and loan plan apt to your requirements and your ..

PPI claims companies turn their attention to mortgages

 November 10, 2012 With billions of pounds in compensation having already been paid out to people who were mis-sold payment protection insurance (PPI), claims management companies are now set to turn their attention to .

Knowing What Mortgage Servicing Really Is

 June 20, 2012 Many homeowners believe the servicer is their lender. They are often the lender, however, many times the beneficial rights are sold to investors. These rights include the payments of both principal ..

The Dirty Little 3 Letter Refinance Mortgage Term We All Hate ..

 May 16, 2012 Pretty much all people looking to take on a new refinance mortgage loan can't stand to hear the term PMI, or private mortgage insurance. Also know as MI, this dirty little mortgage item can add on a ..

If You Are Struggling to Sell Your House - Consider Equity ..

 January 18, 2012 The housing market has been hit like the rest of the financial world, and has not yet shown anything close to the healthy buoyancy that many would like before they try to recover the value they have ..

Ways In Which You Can Use Your Home As A Tax Shelter

 October 26, 2011 Many people barely recall the times when the government lacked clear policies that encourage people to take steps towards owning their own homes. Home ownership is highly pursued by many individuals ..

Credit Available in Foreclosure Bankruptcies

 September 29, 2011 Validation! A foreclosure may actually make you a prime target for credit offers! Finally, there's some great news for those who believe they have been financially ruined because of a foreclosure! I ..

Should I Choose a 30 Year or 15 Year Mortgage?

 July 25, 2011 The choice between 30 year and 15 year mortgage is not an easy one. Each has its own appealing benefits. For instance, the 30 year mortgage payments are lower than a mortgage for 15 years though the ..

When Is Best Time for a Reverse Mortgage?

 July 14, 2011 A reverse mortgage is different from any other mortgage type in that homeowners mortgage their homes during their senior years in order to supplement their income or to utilize the equity in their ..

Mortgage Lead Generation Online

 June 29, 2011 Internet is becoming the most powerful marketing tool today. If you are into real estate industry and you’re looking to expand your mortgage business, the internet can be the answer. Mortgage ..

Keep to These Basic principles To Get Yourself A Mortgage ..

 June 16, 2011 The main step to get a mortgage lender who's trustworthy is usually to ask close up relatives in addition to friends who definitely are already homeowners in your neighborhood, about whom they will ..

Your Initial 3 Expenses of your House Loan

 June 14, 2011 Getting a home is not really like getting a TV on Best Buy. If a consumer would like to buy any TV from Best Buy they may go to the neighborhood store, a sales person will in all probability help ..

How do I Apply for a Mortgage?

 June 06, 2011 Interest rates on new mortgages are extremely low which could make now a great time to apply for a new mortgage. Due to the credit crunch, the process of applying for a new mortgage has become far ..

India’s No.1 Home loan company Mortgage India

 April 11, 2011 Mortgage India The mortgage industry has grown by leaps and bounds in the past few years. The idea of mortgage banking is relatively fresh in India and has come to be known as the housing finance ..

What Sort of Home Loan to Choose

 March 23, 2011 There is no one-size-fits-all type of home loan. Even though this would make things a lot easier, no particular home loan is superior to all other types. When selecting a mortgage loan, it’s ..

What are Discount Points on a Mortgage?

 March 09, 2011 When you are getting a mortgage loan, either for a purchase of a new home or refinance of an existing one, your mortgage lender will talk with you about your options of paying discount points. Since ..

The Top Things to Do Before You Sign a Mortgage

 February 23, 2011 Buying a house is an overwhelming experience for many. There are so many details to keep in mind, so many things to get done. . . Fortunately, the happy day does eventually arrive when you can sit ..

Time for Uncle Sam to Step Up for the Responsible Homeowner

 December 01, 2010 Just about all of the media coverage, as well as the government assistance programs and relief regarding homeowners –from foreclosures to short sales and everything in between- has focused ..

Reasons to Refinance Now

 November 04, 2010 How many homeowners have you worked with in the past who seemed overwhelmed by the entire process? If you’re like most mortgage brokers or real estate agents, then you know quite a few. There ..

How Wall Street Reform Will Affect Mortgages

 August 25, 2010 I’m going to tell you something. It’s important and can perhaps one day save you a world of trouble down the road. Now, don’t be upset, don’t get angry, and don’t read ..

Honesty in Flipping - What to Disclose

 August 14, 2010 This article is about flipping short sale properties, and the parameters associated with this are much different than other types of property sales and investment and should not be assumed to apply ..

The Perfect Storm: Technology

 August 09, 2010 The real estate market has been hit, and hit, and hit, one after another for more than three years now and even through all of that, many of us have managed to keep our heads above water. Yet now the .

The Perfect Storm Rages On

 August 06, 2010 It wasn’t all that long ago when the real estate market was flourishing. For many seasoned veterans, it was a time that they had long worked hard for and they were reaping the benefits of those .

Facts About Taking Out Mortgage Insurance When You're Buying a .

 August 01, 2010 One area of Insurance that few people understand is their Mortgage Life Insurance. These types of purchases are often taken out when a lender authorizes a mortgage and the person applying for the ..

Save Big Money by Refinancing Mortgage Loan

 August 01, 2010 Save thousands by Refinancing your Mortgage When you refinance your mortgage you are taking your mortgage with a new mortgage. Why would you want to do this? Since you have to go through a lengthy ..

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