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Mortgage Brokers Articles 

Keep to These Basic principles To Get Yourself A Mortgage ..

 June 16, 2011 The main step to get a mortgage lender who's trustworthy is usually to ask close up relatives in addition to friends who definitely are already homeowners in your neighborhood, about whom they will ..

Your Initial 3 Expenses of your House Loan

 June 14, 2011 Getting a home is not really like getting a TV on Best Buy. If a consumer would like to buy any TV from Best Buy they may go to the neighborhood store, a sales person will in all probability help ..

Large Mortgages

 August 26, 2010 It goes without saying finding the right mortgage package is extremely important. When you’re in the market for a large mortgage, this is particularly so. The monetary and personal commitment ..

With the Mortgage Market Tightening What Will Happen to Buy to .

 November 06, 2008 It shouldn't have to be said that the mortgage market is going through a state of flux at the moment and yes that is an understatement. The mortgage market over the last 6 months has turned from a ..

When Will the Real Estate Market Stop Going Down?

 September 30, 2008 A question I get asked quite often is when will the real estate market stop going down? Or have we already hit bottom? This is a tough question to answer but I believe we have not hit rock bottom ..

How Do I Qualify For a Mortgage?

 August 11, 2008 Mortgages are long-term loans usually required to purchase your home. So how do you qualify for a mortgage exactly? In order for a lender to provide the mortgage loan, they would want to know about ..

Home Mortgage Loan Basics

 July 25, 2008 People are saying everyday how tough it is to get a home mortgage. The formula for getting approval isn't very difficult to understand and there are techniques you can use to help you get a home ..

Link Building Strategies For Mortgage Brokers

 July 24, 2008 If you would have asked me a year ago, when the real estate market was super strong and many mortgage brokers could make a living with little or no marketing, few mortgage brokers would have even ..

Mortgage Brokers Getting Competitive Mortgage Quotes and ..

 July 15, 2008 Mortgage brokers are often overlooked when looking for a mortgage. Many people do not appreciate the savings that can be made by using a broker. when looking for a competitive mortgage quote. Not ..

Top Article Marketing Tips For Insurance and Mortgage Brokers

 July 10, 2008 Article marketing is one of the easiest, low cost ways to drive business, increase your exposure and increase your website traffic. In essence, article marketing is simply a case of picking a topic ..

Are Greedy Mortgage Brokers Responsible for the Foreclosure ..

 February 18, 2008 There have been a growing number of stories in the news about homeowners suing their former mortgage brokers over the loan that they were given. Lawyers, as usual, are seeking out victims in order to .

A Look At The Average Median Price Of Homes In Montreal

 January 27, 2008 Montreal is one of the most cosmopolitan and economically diverse cities in North America. The city presents investors a large array of business avenues, and the city's real estate sector remains a ..

Loan Officers - Having Faith In The Mortgage Business Is NOT A .

 November 13, 2007 With the mortgage industry in a state of shock or panic (I'm not sure which) we have Mortgage Brokers and Loan Officers dropping out like crazy. Almost every day I hear of a Broker or an LO saying ..

Mortgage Brokers - To Power Point or Not To Power Point

 November 11, 2007 I had this discussion with my coach in the last few days (yes, I also have a coach) and it's been on my mind, so I thought I would write about it. A few years ago, the Power Point program was all ..

High Demand for Mortgage Brokers

 July 16, 2007 The mortgage intermediary market is facing a potential recruitment crisis due to a lack of graduate mortgage brokers entering the industry. Unlike many other professions, such as accounting or ..

The Difference Between Mortgage Brokers and Mortgage Bankers

 June 20, 2007 Think of it this way: A retail store buys its merchandise wholesale from a distributor. The store then marks up the merchandise, and sells it at retail to Mr. And Mrs. Consumer. It’s the same ..

Why You Shouldn't Trust Your Mortgage Company

 June 07, 2007 These days, as we are more educated to the lending process, we find that lenders are not much more than glorified salespeople. Whereas loaning money was once a single-person or committee decision, it .

Are Mortgage Brokers Due for Seven Lean Years?

 March 17, 2007 The other day I was contacted by an ailing mortgage broker who lamented that times are tough in his industry. He feels the pain because he has plummeted from being the top performer on the sales ..

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