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Utilizing Social Media for Mobile App Promotion is a Good ..

 September 26, 2014 You have worked for ages and came up with a mobile app that nobody is keen on purchasing or even does not want to download it for free. Well Social media optimization is here to help you out with ..

Mobile Marketing Get In On The Madness!!

 March 27, 2012 Mobile marketing is one of the newest types of marketing, yet it actually incorporates elements of some of the oldest and well proven methods. Many of the same rules that apply to other kinds of ..

Learn How To Use Mobile Marketing To Your Advantage

 March 23, 2012 (Click On Link Below “How To Create IPhone Apps") Mobile marketing is useful for advertising over a large area. Companies can use mobile marketing by traveling to different locations to ..

Top Benefits And Tips For Mobile Marketing

 March 15, 2012 (FREE E-Book Below What About Me) In the world of mobile marketing, there are plenty of great resources available to both new and experienced marketing alike. There are many websites, programs, ..

Amazing Platinum Tips To Improve Your Internet Marketing

 March 06, 2012 Internet marketing is an essential tool for all kinds of people and businesses in getting their products sold. Getting more people to look at products and getting more of them to buy is the driving ..

Forecasts Biggest Holiday Ever For Mobile Marketing Paid Search

 March 06, 2012 Mobile marketing may be important to business planning, but it can be difficult to learn and create a great marketing plan. There are a lot of codes, formats and techniques that you will need to ..

Evolving Your Company Through Brand Marketing Research

 December 23, 2010 A company’s brand is usually an extremely vital asset that's essentially helpful to create positive associations with the company, its products and services. Studies indicate that this kind of ..

Mobile channel in the digital marketing mix

 September 27, 2010 The mobile channel is going through explosive growth. From a digital marketing perspective it forces us to focus on the client objective and what’s really important. Mobile changes and extends ..

VivaConnect Bulk SMS Solution

 May 20, 2010 VivaConnect is amongst India’s leading providers of Enterprise Mobility Solutions. We empower our customers to leverage the power of internet and mobile communications. We allow our customers ..

Telemarketing Campaign Tools Through Voice Messaging Solution

 November 28, 2008 Voice messaging Service (VMS) may be defined as a marketing tool with a human voice features. It is something both innovative and beneficial. This is known fact that human voice does wonder when it ..

Mobile Advertising Presents a Multitude of Marketing ..

 October 30, 2008 According to the internet research firm, eMarketer, there are over 405-million mobile internet users worldwide. Projections see this figure reading over 800-million in four years. Staggering indeed, ..

Advertising Through Mobile Marketing

 September 05, 2008 Mobile Marketing-Mobiles have become major personal devices of all people around the world. Many business experts are suggesting that mobiles are more competitive to computers. These small devices ..

The Latest Advances in Vinyl Graphics

 August 17, 2008 When its time to think about advertising a business or even for fun there is one thing that comes to mind and that is vinyl graphics. These types of graphics are seen on buses and other commercial ..

Boat Wraps Can Be Profitable For Business

 July 28, 2008 Boat wraps can be profitable for business and they can also be a way to reach people that would otherwise not take notice of advertising. They can also be used to promote events because of the way ..

Use Custom Pens For Mobile Marketing

 July 21, 2008 Promotional Pens present an inexpensive mobile solution for your marketing strategy. It offers mobility in terms of having a wider reach to a diverse audience. Being a small, functional and portable ..

Web Business Owners Go Mobile!

 June 27, 2008 Getting information to people quickly is critical to an online business. In an environment where news moves at lightening speeds, it's essential that small business owners take advantage of marketing .

Mobile Marketing, Let Your Business be Seen

 April 28, 2008 If there is one thing that just about everyone in the world has in common is that they have to get from one place to another using some sort of transportation. Many people spend quite a bit of time ..

7 Essential Mobile Email Marketing Tips

 April 25, 2008 Are you delivering your e-mail marketing messages to your customers’ phones yet? If not, you'd better start thinking about it for at least two really good reasons: Mobile Provides One More ..

Fleet Graphics

 April 09, 2008 Fleet Graphics are designs on vehicles that advertise a company. This may range from a simple company logo to full-color billboard style advertisements. In fact, fleet graphics are essentially moving .

Car Advertising - A Low-Cost, Easy Solution for Small ..

 April 09, 2008 For the small business owner, advertising can require a large portion of the budget, as well as being quite time consuming. Advertising on your car can create a much easier, lower cost solution to ..

Mobile Advertising for Companies with Small Budgets

 April 09, 2008 When companies are trying to advertise on the cheap one approach that might come to mind is mobile advertising. This type of marketing is great for cross country advertising as well as local. When ..

More Personalized Mobile Content

 April 07, 2008 The Scoop: The latest partnership between CBS Mobile and Aggregate Knowledge makes it possible for mobile Internet users to obtain the most relevant content for their personal needs. In this one of a .

And the Winner is...

 March 27, 2008 Writing about mobile marketing is one thing. Seeing it in action is another. I enjoy watching the Oscars Ceremony because movies are my favorite hobby. This year, while I was visiting my family in ..

How To Dramatically Improve Collections With Text Messages

 February 11, 2008 SMS, or Text Messaging, is an effective way to send payment reminders or debt collection notices to consumers, it's currently being implemented with a high degree of success by businesses in Europe ..

The Rising Popularity of Handheld Email Devices - How Are ..

 January 21, 2008 Whilst visiting our clients in France, Australia and the USA recently, I observed the differences in usage of handheld email devices (such as Blackberry) in these countries in comparison to the UK. I .

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