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Meeting Room Rentals – Top tips on what to look for when ..

 December 30, 2010 When renting an external meeting room for your business the choice you make has a direct impact on the impression your business portrays to its partners and clients. It is therefore imperative that ..

How To Handle Rejection - Gentlemen, Avoid These Three ..

 July 01, 2010 How To Handle Rejection Welcome gentlemen, I would like to discuss with you what I have found to be some intense sticking points when it comes to meeting women. If you want to learn how to handle .

Holiday Inn London

 June 25, 2010 London is the UK’s financial, business and parliamentary centre, as well as a Mecca for tourists, and as such it is packed with conference hotels like us at Holiday Inn. London doesn’t ..

Holiday Inn Manchester

 June 25, 2010 Meeting rooms in Manchester are booked for a wide range of business and leisure purposes. A thriving, dynamic place to work and live, it has been named one of the top places in the UK to live or base .

Top 10 event planning tips

 June 17, 2010 Event management is about far more than finding a suitable venue and checking it is available on the dates you want. There are a thousand and one things to do before, during and after the event. ..

Holiday Inn Leeds

 June 16, 2010 The fastest growing city in UK and the largest city in Yorkshire, Leeds is a dynamic and historic city in which to live or work. The UK’s top centre for business, finance and legal services ..

Holiday Inn Glasgow

 June 16, 2010 Scotland’s largest city, Glasgow has a fascinating history, numerous arts venues and the second largest economy in Scotland, with over 12,000 successful companies. This, plus its well-deserved ..

Holiday Inn Edinburgh

 June 16, 2010 We at Holiday Inn have two Edinburgh conference venues, one near Edinburgh Zoo and the other at Craigleith, near the ferry terminal. Both offer excellent facilities for both business meetings and ..

Holiday Inn Birmingham

 June 16, 2010 With the help of conference hotels like us at Holiday Inn, Birmingham continues to thrive. The UK’s second most populous area and once the powerhouse of the Industrial Revolution, the city ..

All about Holiday Inn Sharjah

 June 04, 2010 If you need excellent conference facilities, we at Holiday Inn Sharjah supply all your needs. Less than 20 minutes from two international airports, and 25 minutes from the Dubai International ..

Why choose Holiday Inn BE

 June 04, 2010 Organising a corporate meeting is difficult task at any time; all the details should be carefully thought out and the facilities must be suitable for your guests as well as being within your budget. ..

Preventing Meeting Participants From Coming Late Or Leaving ..

 October 08, 2008 Meeting leaders and attendees are often irritated by the disruption caused by other members who come late to meetings or miss part of the meeting. The members who showed up for the meeting feel ..

What is Video Conferencing?

 September 25, 2008 Video conferencing is method by which people in different locations communicate in real time with two or more people at different locations via video This ability to see the remote participants as ..

4 Great Conversation Starters For Meeting Women

 September 14, 2008 1. Be yourself. Act naturally The hardest thing to do when starting a conversation with a woman is to relax and be yourself. Believe it or not, though, this is what works best. If you're relaxed you ..

Is This Meeting Really Necessary? Five Indicators When a ..

 August 24, 2008 Is anything to be gained by holding a meeting or is it just “the thing to do" for buy-in on a decision that is already made or a chance to vent on an unpopular idea.  If this is the case, is ..

Common Types of Participative Meetings

 August 18, 2008 There are many types of meetings. Most meetings fall into the non-participatory category, where attendees are briefed on new information rather than asked to participate in the meeting process. The ..

How to Prevent Repetition From Dominating Meeting Time

 July 29, 2008 How many meetings have you been to where you felt like saying something or the eye rolling of other meeting attendees means they seem to be thinking “please shut up so we can continue" to ..

How to Meet the Right One in Business Or in Friendship

 July 14, 2008 I was doing a presentation at Chapters a couple of weeks ago and a guy said, “Look, you've got some great ideas on meeting business people, but what about meeting new friends and maybe women?" ..

Meetings About Meetings

 July 10, 2008 Last year I wrote a post on How often do you retreat? I mused upon how we all needed opportunity to recharge our personal batteries, but how we don't do it enough time. Sometimes are heads are so ..

Meeting Women on the Street

 July 09, 2008 Meeting women on the street is not as hard as it sounds. Living in a busy world you have to take the opportunities where they come. First of all, try to approach her where she can clearly see you. ..

24 Hours a Day is All We Get

 July 01, 2008 We all have the same amount of time in each day - 24 hours; no more and no less. Why is it, then, that some people can get so much more accomplished than others? It's called Time Management. But it's .

How to Manage and Deal With Aggression in Meetings

 June 22, 2008 Aggression at work can be a problem however disagreements can be a good way of getting new ideas out and can produce solutions that are beneficial to the business. The problem however is that people ..

Notes! To Take or Not To Take?

 April 23, 2008 Recording details on paper with the prospect during a sales meeting is a subject that divides a lot of salespeople. Sellers who fall into the “no to note taking camp" will say that note taking ..

7 Ways to Make a Good Impression

 April 12, 2008 Impressions are important: they leave an initial taste in people's mouths that can remain prevalent for the entire relationship. If you are paranoid about what kind of impression you make, run ..

Perfect Planning Tips For Your Book Club Meetings

 April 11, 2008 Having another book club meeting soon? Here are some tips for making your next meeting go smooth and be more fun and valuable for every member. Organization & Preparation Each book club should ..

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