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Meditation At Home For Perfect Healthy Life

 July 10, 2015 Meditation is a holistic way to calm your mind, body and soul. In this hyperactive world, we need some quiet time for ourselves to free our mind from continuous mental activity and bring peace & ..

The Right Meditation Pillow For Inner Healing

 December 05, 2011 Have you attained a state of perfect stillness? You are on the best course towards Nirvana by accurately practicing the art of meditation employing the very best optimizing tool, a meditation pillow. .

How to Achieve Well-being, Balance, Confidence & Create a ..

 August 27, 2011 Fed up, exhausted and miserable with your life? Tired of feeling as if your face is like a slapped bottom and you're filled with frustration, anger, self-loathing, lack of confidence, disappointment ..

3 Best Meditation Techniques Every Beginner Should Try

 July 29, 2011 Meditation is a very powerful method to unravel your true potential but it needs regular practice and patience to see the results. These techniques will serve you to make a good start. Do yourself a .

Meditation and Synchronicity: How Meditation Creates Amazing ..

 March 18, 2011 Synchronicity is actually related to probability. There are events that occur in life which have a small probability in life of happening, yet they happen. For instance you're talking on the phone ..

The Question of Anger

 January 06, 2011 Anger Is normally considered the bad emotion that nobody wants around. Nobody wants to experience anger, nobody wants to see anger, nobody wants to talk about anger, and we certainly don’t want .

Benefits of Yoga

 October 03, 2010 Yoga through meditation works remarkably to accomplish harmony and helps the mind work in synchronization with the body. How often do we find that we are unable to perform our activities properly and .

Three Best Techniques for Effective Meditation and Relaxation

 September 22, 2010 Almost anything you undertake to do starts out by having a plan, your best understanding of how to accomplish it. Being well-advised can provide you with a sure track to attaining your goals. This ..

Mind Power Meditate

 August 23, 2010 Have you ever desired to expand your brain and acquire further of it?Well? For sure you have, likely you have wished an enhanced memory or else the facility to process things more hastily and perform .

Mind Power Meditate

 August 23, 2010 Have you ever wished to better your brain and obtain further of it? For sure you have, likely you have wished an enhanced memory or else the facility to process things more hastily and perform more ..

Wisdom from the Ancients: Ayurveda

 July 14, 2010 Vyaadhiksamatvam vyaadhibalavirodhitvam vyadyutpadapratibandhakatvamiti yavat. (Charaka samhita, Sutrasthana, 28:7)Immunity is the ability of the body to overcome and resist disease. -Charaka: 600 ..

How To Create An Image Based On Good Health And Well Being

 May 14, 2010 Health and well being is the foundation for image control. If you look good and feel good you will project and radiate a positive attitudes, positive vibes. Your associates and the people you deal ..

Better Health through Ayurvedic Rejuvenation

 May 04, 2010 Since humans first roamed the earth there have been oral and written stories of the quest to find the elixir of life-the Fountain of Youth. The Western biblical tradition tells of a Golden Age when ..

What is Ayurveda?

 May 04, 2010 Ayurveda is the wisdom of life and healthy living. The notion of Veda (knowledge) and Ayu (life) together began over 5,000 years ago. The most ancient Sankhya Philosophy identified the close ..

The Beauty Secrets of Ayurveda

 May 04, 2010 Ayurveda has a comprehensive teaching that renders perfection in beauty by various means. Broadly speaking the factors which are responsible for the beauty of a person are -: The Diet and Life Style .

Ayurveda and its most common healing plants.

 April 23, 2010 Humans have long understood the medicinal properties of plants and have imbued trees, plants and flowers with spiritual properties. In a cave in northern Iraq dating to 60,000 – 80,000 BP lay a .

Guided Meditation: How does it compare to the Transcendental ..

 April 15, 2010 In guided meditation, guided imagery or guided relaxation techniques, the instructor offers suggestions to guide the listener into a meditative state. Visualization practices can be similarly guided, .

Wash the mind through meditation

 January 28, 2010 As the physical body is washed with water, Washed mind is through meditation. . Urinated as the child's clothing is purified by applying soapy water, impurities in the mind are eliminated by the ..

Re-connect with the earth and enhance your well being

 October 14, 2009 Summer has a carefree feel to it. The days are longer, the weather is more pleasant unless you live in Southern California where it is pretty good every day, sorry Cleveland. The kids are out of ..

Yoga and Meditation

 August 14, 2009 Different Styles of Meditation Nothing is impervious to change and so is not meditation. While the fundamental focus of Meditation has not shifted from what it had started with, there have been ..

Mindfulness Meditation Technique

 April 10, 2009 A meditation technique where one focuses on the field or background and embrace all the perception around that field is called Mindfulness Meditation. It is in contrast to another meditation ..

About Meditation to Improve Mental and Physical Health

 February 18, 2009 Meditation is a group of mental training techniques. You can use meditation to improve mental health and capacities, to improve your motivation for your goals and also to help improve the physical ..

Finding Peace in a World Filled With Turmoil

 January 12, 2009 It isn't easy finding peace these days. The very things that were meant to help us free up our time like cell phones, washers, and other modern conveniences actually sometimes cause more stress. If ..

The Hidden Meaning to Life and Death and Our Spiritual ..

 January 03, 2009 We have been born into the human form. We are souled bodies, and our soul is of God, the very essence of God. God has created so many living creatures, but it is only in the human form that we can ..

The Art of Meditation and Cancer Prevention

 January 01, 2009 Cancer inflicts thousands every year. The medical and research communities have made great strides in defining how cancer starts. They have been successful in developing treatments that address the ..

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