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Medical Tourism Articles 

Important Information Regarding Medical Tourism.

 December 29, 2011 Medical tourism term was initially minted by the travel agencies plus the mass media for describing the quickly developing practice of traveling to the international countries for obtaining the best ..

Medical Tourism to Costa Rica: Getting More Preferred by the ..

 November 25, 2011 Medical Tourism Costa Rica or Medical Holidays in Costa Rica is on an upswing. Costa Rica is home to extremely talented doctors and surgeons that provide high standard medical care at a fraction of ..

Eco Construction Gaining Ground at Mar Vista Costa Rica

 November 17, 2011 The idea of Green Construction can be traced to the energy crisis and the environment pollution concern in the 1970s. The green building movement in the U. S. Originated from the requirement and wish .

20. Precision Agriculture World Wide May Feel Affects of US ..

 October 03, 2011 Precision Farming Understanding Medical Tourism and Its Price in Costa Rica Every human in this earth has a dream to excel and earn a better and comfy livelihood. To achieve this people works so hard .

Important things to Consider before Medical Travel or Medical ..

 February 24, 2011 Now days, individuals or even corporate have taken radical steps to save with the high cost of medical care in some countries such as the United States by considering medical tourism, oversee ..

Can You Save On Your Medical Bills With Medical Tourism?

 January 15, 2011 Nowadays you may have come across stories about the increasing phenomenon of medical and health tourism. Patients move around the globe to find medical procedures for getting an appropriate solution ..

Dental Tourism – A Booming Industry

 October 11, 2010 Dental tourism, basically a part of the medical tourism industry, has seen considerable growth in recent years. Though the medical tourism industry has seen growth, dentistry has been the most ..

Medical Travel – Do’s & Don’ts

 October 07, 2010 Medical travel has been a rapidly growing trend in the healthcare industry. With the ever increasing cost of medical treatment and the long waiting time in the developed nations, more and more people .

Marketing your Medical Practice Online

 September 25, 2010 There is a lack of awareness I see with many doctors, medical clinics and hospitals regarding marketing their practice online. Following are some of the questions and concerns doctors have when the ..

Plastic Surgery or Cosmetic Surgery

 September 10, 2010 There is a thin dividing line between elective surgery and needed surgery when it comes to plastic and cosmetic surgery. The discussion has been on for several years, which is why some of the ..

Plastic Surgery Abroad

 August 17, 2010 While cosmetic dentistry is the most sought after procedure when traveling for treatment abroad, plastic surgery is also ranking high in patient’s preferences. In Romania, an upcoming medical ..

Affordable Bariatric Surgery Abroad

 August 17, 2010 Bariatric surgery or weight loss surgery, is a type of procedure performed on people who are dangerously obese, for the purpose of losing weight. Bariatric surgery is a term derived from the Greek ..

Affordable Angioplasty Surgery Abroad

 August 17, 2010 Affordable Angioplasty Surgery Abroad What is Coronary Angioplasty? Coronary angioplasty or percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) is a procedure used to open blocked or narrowed coronary (heart) .

Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) Repair Thailand

 August 17, 2010 Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) Repair Thailand What is ACL Repair? The Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) is a ligament in the center of your knee that becomes damaged when twisted too far, such as .

Romania, a forthcoming medical tourism destination

 July 16, 2010 While medical tourism is a long debated subject, Romania has recently adhered to the concept of traveling abroad for medical care. Private clinics, ranging from cosmetic dentistry, laser eye surgery, .

Selecting the right health-medical tourism package

 June 30, 2010 You should be knowledgeable to check your priorities for medical travel abroad upon enquiring a few medical tourism facilitators. Your priorities must closely match to the information of medical ..

Selecting your rightful medical tourism entity

 June 30, 2010 It is your right to ask and get clarified anything related to the treatment abroad. The important medical tourism entities are your destination country, your health provider and lastly your ..

Medical Tourism – Healthcare Facility Certification

 June 28, 2010 People opting for medical tourism have to consider a lot of things before making their decision. Four of their major decisions to be taken are: Which country to go to (India, Malaysia, Brazil, ..

Medical tourism pros and cons

 October 22, 2009 Medical tourism industry is growing day by day and with this evolutionary change in medical field now more and more patients are looking forward to locate the destination where they can get the ..

Medical Tourism Update in Malaysia

 July 22, 2009 Whilst business trends are changing to keep pace with the economic turmoil of today, the world of medical tourism especially in countries like Thailand, India, Singapore and now Malaysia are enjoying .

Plastic/ Cosmetic Surgery procedures.

 July 02, 2009 Cosmetic and Plastic surgery are the earliest procedures in the history of Medical Tourism. It all started with people traveling around the world for finding low cost and affordable healthcare ..

Medical Tourism Malaysia for low cost procedures by top class ..

 July 02, 2009 As it is becoming popular and popular with increasing number of patients are traveling around the globe for medical and health tourism solutions. May it be a travel trip for fun and pleasure with ..

Malaysia as Medical Tourism

 June 29, 2009 Benefits For Patients At Destination Malaysia Medical tourism, also known as Global Health, is one of the fastest growing industries in Global Healthcare to seek out affordable and high quality ..

Medical Tourism - Americans Traveling Abroad For Medical ..

 November 07, 2008 Medical tourism is the act of traveling abroad to receive medical treatment or surgery in a foreign country. Thousands of Americans’ are doing just that every year, and the number is rapidly ..

You Want to Get Plastic Surgery - Bringing Someone With You

 October 25, 2008 There is a question that many people ask : Can I get my surgery with someone else? The answer to that question is also simple: ABSOLUTELY it should be the best thing to do, and this is because of ..

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