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Franchise Marketing - What Does the Franchisor Do?

 August 24, 2008 Deciding to join a franchise family is a great opportunity with many benefits. Many of these benefits you will not receive if choosing to open your own independent business. You will receive training .

Revealed - The Ultimate Lead Generation Tool

 August 14, 2008 This strategy is so powerful that when applied in a systematic fashion, to an existing business, it will more than double your profit. Even more appealing, it entails practically no additional ..

Assign Marketing Budgets That Break the Bank!

 August 14, 2008 Profit is achieved by maximising your margin on increased sales. Spending money on marketing wisely will mean your costs can be contained, while sales revenues increase. But how do you do that? This ..

How Microwaves Overcome Writers Block

 July 31, 2008 Do you often struggle to write? Well so do I. And there's a reason why we struggle. We're starting up on a topic cold. And there you are, staring at the darned computer screen, unable to string two ..

Marketing Myths

 July 30, 2008 There are many excuses not to market a business. Most of those excuses deal with inaccurate interpretations by business owners as to what marketing really is. Lets explode those myths right now. ..

Marketing is an Integral Part of Copywriting

 July 30, 2008 I recently came across a few people who did not realize just how much marketing expertise is involved in effective copywriting. Like many people, I landed started copywriting after 20 years in ..

5 Reasons to Use Postcards For Marketing

 July 29, 2008 When considering different forms of advertising, always think about postcards. When I refer to postcards I mean 4 inch by 6 inch (4"x6") flyers. I have many reasons to use them, especially in small ..

Affiliate Marketing Strategy - Strategies to Make Affiliate ..

 July 28, 2008 Do you want to make some extra cash? Do you already have a website or a blog site and you are wondering how you can make some money out of it? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then ..

Does Small Business Marketing Need Much Planning?

 July 27, 2008 Small business marketing is small, as noted by the name, but too many times business owners think that small business marketing is too small for planning, budgets, or strategies. Since small ..

Write Messages That Will Double Your Profit

 July 27, 2008 You understand what your products do and how they do it, but do your potential clients know? Do they know what your product enables them to do? And most importantly, do they know how to put a value ..

Marketing Success Focus on the Customer

 July 22, 2008 Customer focus is what drives successful business. Time and time again you'll hear people say you need to deliver value to the customer; that's what sustains business. There are three types of ..

Why This Common Sales Mistake is Costing You More Sales Than ..

 July 22, 2008 The exact language you're taught to use puts pressure on your prospect. This pressure increases your prospect's anxiety, and reduces their ability to make a decision. A decision is the exact thing ..

Why Cant I Generate My Own Hot Internet Leads?

 July 21, 2008 You can. In fact, it's far easier to do than you may think it is. Just like anything you only need to know how. To succeed you must first understand the purpose of a website. The purpose of your ..

How to Generate Your Own Hot Internet Insurance Leads

 July 21, 2008 Are you tired of throwing money at supposedly hot internet leads that aren't? What if you could generate your own real leads through the internet? Think it's impossible? Well, it's not. Yes, you can .

How to Increase Sales For Your Service Business Through Your ..

 July 21, 2008 Many business owners have a common misunderstanding about what their website is supposed to be doing for their business that is costing them missed opportunities to directly increase sales. Most ..

How Do I Get My Service Business Noticed and Increase Sales on .

 July 20, 2008 The competition for the service business owners is every bit as tough as it is for any other business. You have all the cash flow constraints and strains that every business owner has plus you're ..

How Do You Get Qualified Prospects to Notice Your Business?

 July 20, 2008 Did you know many businesses go out of business before their best potential clients even know they exist? Those businesses run out of money, and close their doors before they even have a chance to ..

Are Your Marketing Strategies and Your Website on the Same ..

 July 19, 2008 Last week a sales rep from a local printing company walked in to my office to pimp his company's “superior" printing services. I gave him a few minutes and he proceeded to give me his pitch, ..

Market Penetration Pricing A Quick Market Entry Pricing ..

 July 18, 2008 Market penetration pricing is a quick-entry price strategy that assumes low price will gain high sales volume which, in turn, will result in lowering costs. This strategy is used in price sensitive ..

How Do I Market My Insurance Business?

 July 17, 2008 Are you sick and tired of hoping you're going to find a new client somehow somewhere? Does it seem like you spend the bulk of your time trying to scrounge up an appointment with someone? Wouldn't you .

Watch Out For These Marketing Pitfalls

 July 17, 2008 You know you need to market your business, but you aren't sure what to do. You've probably been burned in the past because the things you tried didn't work even though you may have invested a lot of ..

12 Marketing Mistakes to Avoid at All Costs

 July 15, 2008 Most businesses not meeting their growth objectives are making one or more of these 12 mistakes. . . Mistake #1: Failing To Have A Marketing Plan. . . The first mistake a business will make is not ..

Life Coach Gets More Clients by Being the Leader

 July 15, 2008 Take control and be the leader You've probably heard the phrase “Its better to work ON your business than IN your Life Coach business" but you probably just heard it and kept on regardless. The .

What Do I Do to Close the Sale More Often?

 July 14, 2008 The sales conversation went well. The prospect seems to be on board. You're ready to wrap up the sale. . . and then you choke. All of a sudden your throat seals off and your mouth dries up. Even you .

Are You Ready to Run With the Big Dogs?

 July 13, 2008 Are you tired of scrounging for the table scraps the big dogs leave behind? Do you want to develop your own banquet table, and feast on highly qualified prospects who sought you out? What if you had ..

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