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The Sales Business Cycle - Part 3

 February 11, 2008 In part 1 and 2 we looked at generating leads and converting interest into purchase decisions. Now it's time to seal the deal. Closing and delivery round out the four stages of the sales led business .

Put Your Heart Into Your Goals This February

 February 11, 2008 February is a season of love and romance, when we reaffirm our hearts to the ones we love. It's also one of the best times of year to put your heart into your goals and objectives, and make them ..

The Sales Business Cycle - Part 1

 February 10, 2008 The basic philosophy behind the sales perspective is the more you sell the more money you make. This makes a lot of sense, so let's take a look at business management from the perspective of a sales ..

Management Tips for Office Managers

 January 31, 2008 In today's high-paced, competitive workforce an effective office manager is key to successful business operation. As an effective office manager you need to understand your role, and your key ..

The Century of Management

 January 01, 2008 Businessman believes that time is money, and manager believes that good dealing with people and time is money. Have you ever wondered what is the occupation of 21st century? My personal idea: it is ..

Employers of Choice Have to Give Before They Get

 December 19, 2007 When an employee takes a new job, he or she forges an invisible psychological contract with the new employer. Though not a formal contract, it is a powerful one, consisting of two sets of mutual ..

Organizational Management Education

 November 29, 2007 Efficient business practices demand managers with good administrative training, and you can get undergraduate organizational management education at vocational schools. With a variety of ..

The Advantages Of Goal Setting To Get Ahead

 November 25, 2007 Everyone has heard of the concept of goal setting, but how many people actually use it in their working lives? If you don't currently set goals to help you achieve what needs doing, maybe it's time ..

How To Use Webinars For Successful Training

 July 18, 2007 Employee training is a task that usually comes under the supervision of managers. Each division, whether accounting, advertising, sales or customer service has needs specific to the service they ..

Board Responsibilities for Succession Planning

 July 04, 2007 There is no second ‘First Place. " Once the baton is dropped in the leadership race . . . your credit union is at risk. The Purpose of your credit union is to Serve Your Members. Strategic ..

Management Training in Hampshire

 June 28, 2007 The management training in Hampshire specializes in information technology that ranges from common subjects like word processing, emails and worksheets such as Microsoft Excel. Courses for ..

Sales Training Tip - Keeping Customer For Life

 June 28, 2007 Marketing and sales will, of course, be of the utmost importance to the success of your small business. However, do you even know the difference between the two? Marketing is everything your company ..

Time Management for SME Owners

 June 28, 2007 SME owners have to manage everything: from the hiring and managing of employees to seeking clients to planning the business strategies for the company. Is there a more efficient way out?” ..

What Is People Management?

 June 28, 2007 Your employees are the biggest asset you have. Their performance and attitude can result in the success or failure of your business. The most difficult part of any manager’s job is people ..

The Leadership Mentality & Communication

 June 22, 2007 Have you ever wondered what makes a successful leader successful? When speaking with the folks they lead, I’ve noticed one of the main topics that repeatedly comes up is the leader’s ..

The Fallacy Of References in Sales

 May 24, 2007 I ran into something very interesting today. I had an experienced sales person run into an unusual situation for himself. He was selling a new product that he was not that familiar with and even ..

How To Get Referrals In The Sales Process

 May 21, 2007 First, getting referrals is as easy or as difficult as you make it. The main reason most sales people are not good at getting referrals is simply because they do not ask or do not ask with ..

The Assumptive Close in Sales Training

 May 12, 2007 Now, all of my readers know by now that I am not a big fan of “closes", especially taken out of context. Everyone knows how I feel. You should be closing continuously from the time you meet ..

Software Training – Why It Is Necessary

 May 10, 2007 When something fails it is human nature to blame something else. When a company implements a software system into their organisation and it doesn’t work the most common argument why this is, ..

10 Ways to Overcome Sales Objections

 April 17, 2007 According to the experts who conduct sales coaching and sales training courses, most of the sales objections take place when a sales rep has failed to show to the client the usefulness of the ..

Excuses For Failure

 April 03, 2007 A keynote speaker was asked to speak at a real estate convention in Pittsburgh, Pa. during the time of the closing down of the steel mill industry in Pittsburgh. The outlook was bleak as almost ..

Top 5 Tips of the Most Successful Sales People

 March 20, 2007 Learning from others experiences and mistakes is always a good idea. And for a sales person what better way to learn than from some of the most successful sales people. Some sales training and sales ..

Management Education

 February 18, 2007 If you would like to get your feet wet in the field of management, there is a wide assortment of vocational schools and trade schools geared toward management education. A vocational school offering ..

Online Marketing Essential Tips

 February 17, 2007 Online marketing is turning out to be a powerful marketing tool, and is overtaking conventional marketing strategies. But just like other marketing tools or strategies it has to be used properly for ..

How To Move The Sale Forward

 February 15, 2007 I must admit I get a little bored every time I hear a trainer or article say “There are two types of questions, open and closed. Only use open questions when xyz and only use closed questions ..

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