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Everything You Could Ever Want to Know About Magnets Version ..

 April 30, 2011 Who knows how many individuals are influenced by High Energy Magnet Canada because it has the power to produce such an effect. Considering that it can affect a lot of people, you may have heard ..

Latest News The Pros and Cons of Industrial and Commercial ..

 April 30, 2011 We know perfectly how hard it can be to find dependable information about Block magnets, and this can help you get rolling in the right direction. There have been plenty of times when I have wanted ..

The Truth About Magnets

 December 23, 2010 Alnico magnets can be made from a variety of materials such as cobalt, nickel, aluminum and sometimes even titanium and copper. Alnico can sometimes be difficult to rework because it is made of such ..

What You Ought To Know About Magnets

 December 23, 2010 Alnico is a stock magnet, also know known as a permanent magnet. A benefit of alnico is that it will maintain its magnetic properties for a long period of time, which is why it is called a permanent ..

Customized Magnets For Your Custom Needs

 December 23, 2010 Alnico is a stock magnet, also know known as a permanent magnet. A benefit of alnico is that it will maintain its magnetic properties for a long period of time, which is why it is called a permanent ..

Detailed Information About Magnets

 December 23, 2010 Alnico magnets are usually composed of aluminum, nickel and cobalt and sometimes also contain copper and titanium. Alnico can sometimes be difficult to rework because it is made of such hard and ..

Magnetic Bracelet Therapy

 June 30, 2010 In ancient history, there were many uses of Magnetic bracelet therapy and it was considered to be a healing agent. This is because of the healing powers magnetic bracelets had. It was found to ..

Magnets and Magnetic Equipment

 September 02, 2008 Magnets are utilized for manufacturing products for both industrial and non industrial applications. Magnets are used in various industries like food processing, chemical, electronics, mines, etc. ..

Save the Date Magnets - For Birthdays

 August 16, 2008 Save the Date magnets can save the day. My brother's very wonderful wife is turning 50 this year. Happily, he is planning a well-deserved party for her. There will be decorations, a display of fun ..

Point Me in the Right Direction, Please Magnets and Compasses

 July 15, 2008 For centuries sailors knew how to use magnets in the form of compasses to show them where they were going. Compasses are fascinating instruments. In fact, when thinking about it, the concept of a ..

Health Care Promotional Products The Ideal Direct Mail Items

 July 06, 2008 Direct mail campaigns are fairly commonplace nowadays. There's hardly a day that goes by without at least one piece of mail showing up in your mailbox that includes a folder, brochure, or business ..

If Youre Pregnant, You Need to Know That Your Baby Will Be the .

 June 29, 2008 There may be some that are cuter than others, and there are even a few out there that I wouldn't want to claim as mine, but there simply isn't such thing as a baby that makes anyone flinch when they ..

Madonna Will She Use Save the Date Magnets For Her Next ..

 June 27, 2008 Madonna is getting divorced. Or is it married? Nope. It's a divorce. It seems to be a routine procedure for the Hollywood crowd. I'm not making any judgment on them, just stating a fact. Some Things .

Business Card Magnet Marketing

 June 24, 2008 So it's time to start thinking about your new marketing plan, with that comes the tools you will need to market with. Now depending on the type of business you have will determine the tools of your ..

The Facts About Computers Seven Common Misconceptions

 June 24, 2008 So - you think you know all there is about computers? There are a lot of popular misconceptions about the machines we live with, work with and play with. So perhaps you might not know your PC as well .

A Tip For Planning an Open House

 June 20, 2008 Do It With Style You're not going to simply open your doors and let people meander around your home, are you? No. A perfectly arranged interior with tasteful surroundings is in order. Add some low ..

Direct Mail Campaigns For Health Care Providers

 June 18, 2008 Healthcare Direct Mail Postcards Target a Wide Variety of Specialties Healthcare providers, like other industries, face the challenge of increased competition and increasing costs on nearly every ..

Opposites Can Attract Online

 March 25, 2008 When working with magnets you will quickly learn that polar opposites attract. This means that the negatively charged pole will be attracted to the positively charged pole and the two will connect ..

Quit Smoking With Magnets

 March 24, 2008 It really is possible to stop smoking with magnets. For some people, magnets can be the “magic bullet" that they have been looking for to stop smoking for good. Read more about them in this ..

Stop Smoking Magnets - The Magic Magnets That Remove Your ..

 March 02, 2008 Smoking is one of the most difficult additions to kick. In fact many doctors say that nicotine in cigarettes is more addictive than heroin or cocaine. So it's no wonder that many smokers have tried ..

What is a Gauss Rating?

 December 11, 2007 A German mathematician named Karl Friedrich Gauss (1777-1855) applied mathematical principles to magnetism. Thus was born the Gauss rating for measuring the strength of magnetism. The gauss rating ..

What Choices are There for Promotional Products?

 August 30, 2007 Promoting your business is important. If no one knows about your business, it will not be very successful. One way to effectively promote your business is by offering promotional products. ..

Ladies, Discover How Magnets Can Extinguish The Burning Pain ..

 June 11, 2007 Let's face it, once you've had Cystitis once, it's an experience that you are unlikely to forget in a hurry. The symptoms most seem to identify with are the constant urge to use the toilet; not too ..

Ladies, Worried About Hrt Link To Ovarian Cancer Risk? Magnets .

 April 18, 2007 Ladies, this one is literally hot off the press. As I turned on my television set this morning, the first headline to greet me was ‘HRT linked to Ovarian Cancer Risk’. By the time you finish ..

Magnets for Pets and People

 April 17, 2007 What started out as a casual after dinner conversation with some friends about the benefits of magnets for humans peaked my interest in to finding out the use of magnets for pets. Magnets have been ..

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