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Getting Your Brand Out at a Conference

 April 30, 2010 If your company is taking part in or sponsoring a conference, you'll want to make sure it's worth your while. Advertising is one of the best ways to get yourself new customers, after all, and there's .

How Do You Copyright Stuff?

 December 07, 2008 To actually Copyright your ‘IP’ - your ‘Intellectual Property', whether a song, a poem, lyrics, a story or article - is really, really simple. You write it down on a sheet of paper. .

Save Money and Look Great Extending the Life of Company Logo ..

 July 17, 2008 If you're supplying your employees with company logo shirts, it's essential that the quality consistently match the professionalism of your company. This does not mean, however, that you have to ..

The Small Business Owners Guide to Buying Logos Online

 July 05, 2008 Getting Started : Starting a new business is exciting. After you put together the basics, you will soon be looking for a logo for your new business. There are thousands of places to get a logo ..

Logo Design- Salient Features of Logo Design

 June 01, 2008 A fundamental element of brand marketing is your logo design (also called a Trademark or commercial brand). It is an exclusive symbol or drawing that characterizes your company. It makes the economic .

Logos- Essential Features of Quality Logos

 June 01, 2008 Every company or business has to make a decision how to describe the company's image to the clients. Logos promote your products and identify your company's image, slinging your business to success. ..

5 Tips On Getting Paid For Your Design

 May 08, 2008 It is sometimes tough to bring the concept of logo designing in the minds of clients. Many had trouble understanding the concept of a “logo". Some people could at least understand the concept ..

Here God, Take My Arm - Literally!

 March 27, 2008 Stunned, I stared in disbelief at a picture - taken somewhere in the vastness of India - printed in a National Geographic. Incredibly, it showed the “sacrifice" a man had made for “god". ..

When The Grinch Stole Christ

 March 27, 2008 Recently I awoke, struggling out of the wispy shadows of a fast-fleeting dream. Whether it was a nightmare or a pizza dream, I never decided. While in the dream, I'd felt like I'd awakened to a ..

The Coming Spiritual Revolution!

 March 27, 2008 Centuries past, a brown robed monk, travel worn and a bit shabby, slowly makes his way into a small, medieval German village. Seeing the monk over a fence of sticks, a villager rushes out while ..

Is the "Kingdom of Heaven" Merely "Right Relationships"?

 March 26, 2008 The Internet is a blast. Casually searching out the writings of Keith Miller, I came across this phrase: “The Kingdom of God is the kingdom of right relationships. " My knee-jerk response? No ..

Gardening Tips From the Master Himself!

 March 25, 2008 The first garden in recorded history - the Garden of Eden - exceeded any other garden in the world in its beauty and perfection. One thing that's always caught my imagination is that that Garden had ..

Ollie Ollie Oxen Free!

 March 25, 2008 To see the theatrical arts practiced in our little town, you have to go to the “Redbud Theater" (and Mexican restaurant!) They once put on an admirable performance that dealt with old folks. ..

Looking for Evil in All the Wrong Places

 March 25, 2008 Years ago, I remember switching channels quickly when the new television series came on which based its weekly stories on ghosts, aliens, flying saucers and other paranormal fantasies. Fantasies or ..

The Breeding Ground of Sin

 March 24, 2008 Recently, I listened to a new Christian song whose chorus repeatedly asked the question, “Are you tired of compromise". Obviously, they meant “spiritual" compromise. Inside I thought, ..

Bike Riding - For Jesus?

 March 24, 2008 Did you hear of the little boy learning to ride his bike in a suburb? His mom felt it was safe since a nice, smooth sidewalk went all around the block. The boy couldn't get the hang of it for a long ..

Choosing the Most Successful Web Design

 February 04, 2008 Creating a web design is a task that would require a considerable amount of creativity and effort. There are a lot of web designing firms and individuals who offer this service however, there are ..

Avoid 6 Common Logo Design Mistakes

 January 10, 2008 A logo is the ever-present face of your company. Words, type, colors and shapes -these attributes help a logo to communicate a message to potential customers about what your company does and how your .

4 Things To Look For In A Logo

 December 20, 2007 For any business to succeed, branding is the key. The logo is the core aspect of branding that paves the way to a successful business. If you are looking to design a logo for your company, then ..

A Business Revolution Called - Logo

 December 05, 2007 A logo uniquely defines its company or organization and it represents the products or services with it. When it comes to buying of products or services, the customers generally relate the logo with ..

Common Mistakes in Designing Construction Logos

 July 15, 2007 There has been a lot of talk about how company logo should be made, especially if it concerns logo designs for construction companies. Construction logos need some kind of character, a steel-like ..

Get Your Construction Logo Custom Made

 July 11, 2007 Engineers and architects have a lot of knowledge in form and aesthetic appeal, so why shouldn't they make the logo design of their own construction business? It might very well work, although not on ..

The Best Time to Get a Construction Logo for Your Company

 July 08, 2007 Every now and then, as a head of a construction company, you may want to re-invent your company image and brand, starting out on your logo design. While this may be seen as essentially good thing, it .

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