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Guitar Playing And How You Can Succeed At It

 October 14, 2014 There is a lot to learn when you are just starting out with the guitar. These tips can help you make the process easier for yourself. The knowledge you seek is available for you to learn from. Keep ..

How to Organize Your Guitar Practice

 October 14, 2008 This article offers suggestions on how to organize your guitar practice time effectively. What material should you work on? How much of it? What can you leave out? The article looks at four important .

Guitar Power Chords - The Easy Way to Sound Like a Superstar ..

 October 01, 2008 What's the Deal with Power Chords? If you have ever heard any rock music, punk, heavy metal or any other form of music that features over driven, distorted guitar sounds, then you have definitely ..

Learn Guitar - 7 Tips to Make Learning Guitar Easier and More ..

 September 19, 2008 1. You do not need to learn every chord. Some people will tell you to try and learn a new chord a day. This is nonsense. The easiest way to remember something is to use it. Pick a relatively easy ..

Learn Acoustic Guitar - The 13 Most Important Open Chords ..

 September 05, 2008 Open chords are one of the first things you learn on acoustic guitar. The open chords consist of most of the very basic chords used in music, and while not every style makes as much use of them, it ..

Learn Acoustic Guitar - Movable Chord Shapes Explained

 September 04, 2008 Movable chords are something that anyone that wants to learn acoustic guitar should become familiar with. These chords use the same basic shape to make the same chord for any note simply by moving ..

Want to Learn to Play Guitar? Be Prepared For What's Ahead

 September 03, 2008 Learning any instrument takes time and practice, however, it is a great way to express your creativity. If you are looking to learn to play guitar, there are many ways to receive lessons both online ..

Jamorama Acoustic - 7 Top Tips on How to Be a Better Guitarist

 September 03, 2008 Teaching yourself to play the acoustic guitar can seem like an impossible task at times. Find out how you can turn the boredom of practice into fun learning by using Jamorama Acoustic. You'll be ..

Learn Acoustic Guitar - 3 Important Alternative Guitar Tunings

 September 02, 2008 Commonly, many people that learn acoustic guitar only learn to play in standard tuning (E-A-D-G-B-E). However, there are a variety of other tunings that are available and can open up new options. ..

Easy Guitar Songs - Impress Your Friends With Your New Talent

 September 02, 2008 Beginning to learn the guitar can be difficult without the proper guidance. It is important to take things one step at a time. As learning guitar songs progresses, the songs get harder and the chords .

Learn Acoustic Guitar - The Difference Between Steel String ..

 September 01, 2008 The term “acoustic guitar" commonly refers to two distinct types of instruments, the steel string acoustic guitar and the classical guitar. For a person learning acoustic guitar, which type of .

Learning Acoustic Guitar - 5 Tips on How to Amplify an ..

 August 31, 2008 Most people learning acoustic guitar probably have at least some interest or aspiration of performing in live settings. One issue that arises is volume. Acoustic instruments are only so loud. In ..

Acoustic Guitar Tips

 July 01, 2008 From a player's point of view, playing guitar is a lot of fun. Nothing compares to it and one can never learn too much about it. Simply speaking the more you play, the better you get and the more you .

Easily Learn How to Play Acoustic Guitar

 June 09, 2008 Have you ever stopped to listen for a minute to a musician gently strumming an acoustic guitar or performing a fiery, soul-stirring flamenco number? The sounds of an acoustic guitar bring out mystery .

Learning to Play Acoustic Guitar for the Beginner

 July 16, 2007 The very first step toward learning to play acoustic guitar is to develop confidence and to destroy that “I can't do it" mentality. Your biggest obstacle in your acoustic guitar playing is not ..

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