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French language trainer: How do I become one

 August 05, 2015 French language trainer: How do I become one? French language is one of the most beautiful languages in the world. At one point in history, French language was more popular than the English language. .

How Chinese Flashcards Can Help You to Boost Your Vocabulary

 May 22, 2014 leaning any new thing, such as a poem, a chapter, a song or a language comes with its challenges. Especially in the case of learning a foreign language, a person can face many difficulties like not ..

Flash Card Apps with Chinese Reader

 March 13, 2014 New Practical Chinese Reader App is actually an add-on that does not run by itself but requires a flashcard player for support. This is an effective and efficient way of learning not only Chinese but .

An introduction to Linguistic Anthropology

 November 19, 2012 History of the subject of Anthropology The origin of the term comes from greek where ‘anthropos’ means ‘man’ and ‘logia’ relates to study. The origin of the term ..

Tips for proper Norwegian Pronunciation

 July 13, 2012 For anyone learning a foreign language it is always important to be able to properly pronounce and understand the spoken language. This can, unfortunately, only be acquired with a lot of training. A ..

Basic Chinese Mandarin Phrases for your Shanghai Vacation

 June 13, 2012 Basic Mandarin for your Shanghai Vacation Traveling to a new country is always a fun and exciting endevour. Even more so if it is a county and city as large, cosmopolitan and diverse as Shanghai. As ..

Slangs are here to stay

 June 08, 2012 In today's times, few of the sentences and languages that might be heard being spoken by high school and college students is hard to dismiss . Evidently they have got their own vernacular that no-one .

The World of Spanish Fashion - Madrid Fashion Week

 April 18, 2012 World of Spanish Fashion in Mercedes-Benz Madrid Fashion Week Until 2008 the Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week was known as Pasarela Cibeles, and even more recently, from the start of this year, has ..

Outstanding Translation Expertise Converted To A Smart Revenue .

 April 14, 2012 Simply being bilingual is already something. How much more if you know a wide range of languages? If you are multilingual, it is truly advisable to use your skills. There is a lot of prospects for a .

A bit of Irish literature before your next trip to the country!

 February 29, 2012 Before starting your adventure leaning English in Ireland, I recommend you to make a little stop in the way for reading some of its classics. If you are thinking about moving to Ireland for some ..

Discover the Hidden Secrets of Munich, Part I

 February 27, 2012 The city of Munich, or München in German, is the capital of the state of Bavaria in the south of Germany and it is the third most populated city of the country after Berlin and Hamburg. Accoding .

Gain a Greater Understanding of the English Language by ..

 October 06, 2011 The individual who wishes to acquire an excellent knowledge of the English language has many opportunities available to them to learn English to a high level, particularly if they are able to visit ..

Learn English in Oxford

 July 26, 2011 Oxford is city steeped in great history and architecture and is considered one of the most attractive and popular cities in the UK for tourists to visit. The city is located in the county of ..

Learn English in Bournemouth

 July 26, 2011 Bournemouth is a seaside town located on the south coast of England in the country of Dorset and is just over 105 miles south- west of London. It is considered to possess some of the most beautiful ..

PhD in Foreign Languages

 April 01, 2011 In a business globe, you will find continuous hunt for one divergent factor which could modify the stare of exceptional profession. Multinational companies do look for such constant search in a ..

How To Speak Spanish

 January 14, 2011 How To Speak Spanish If you think Learning how to speak Spanish is difficult please read this Article. Aside from the English language which is the universal one and your native language, spanish ..

Learn French Translation

 January 13, 2011 It'll never be simple for any person to translate a language without an substantial cultural background of the language you are attempting to translate. Yes, you can translate a language word by word .

Increasing Demand for Foreign Language Teacher Education

 January 11, 2011 Learning foreign has been always been really astonishing, some learn it out of passion, some learn it out of profession while some just learn it out of hobby. With the increasing demand for learning ..

How To Understand French Fast

 December 05, 2010 Planning a trip to France? Visiting a French speaking nation? You'll have to learn French quick. When touring to another country it's safer to speak their primary language. Speaking their native ..

How Long To Master French

 November 16, 2010 Learning a language is a normal method. There are several things which can affect the time it requires to be proficient in French. Language is a talent. Other folks might be good in math, science or ..

Learning Spanish as a Second Language In California

 October 15, 2010 In California the newspapers and websites are flooded with offerings for Spanish Language instruction. And why not? California, the most populous state has the greatest number of Hispanics and ..

Body Language To Attract Women

 September 01, 2010 How would you like to use entire body language to attract women and have the upper hand before you even spoke a word to her? In case you've been wondering how important this is in regard to learning ..

Many Memories...

 April 28, 2010 November 26, 2006 brought to an abrupt end, an era riddled with valuable lessons, suspense and adventure. That is when my husband and our three children left Senegal, West Africa. Ten years is not ..

Top Reasons For Learning Spanish

 April 04, 2010 Globalization has made Spanish a preferred foreign language and many people are keen to learn it. The reason can be anything - for communicating when you are in Spanish speaking countries, for ..

Your 5-Step Moving Abroad Checklist

 January 12, 2009 Interested in moving abroad? Then the following checklist will help you clarify your position and set you on your way: 1) Determine Where You Want To Go It sounds obvious, but I hear from a lot of ..

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