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5 Tips to trouble free tiling

 July 03, 2017 There’s no better sight than a freshly tiled space - the perfect hygienic and low maintenance solution for most kitchens and bathrooms. However, whether you’re doing it yourself or using ..

Fun ways to add pizazz to your kitchen

 June 02, 2017 Are you bored with your old, outdated kitchen? Fed up with looking at the same walls whilst you whip up dinner? If so, you may be interested to learn that there are numerous things you can do to give .

Installing an Indoor Pool – What to Consider?

 March 03, 2017 Indoor pools are very convenient and can add a lot of value to your home. Thanks to the great design and technology when it comes to constructing indoor pools, it’s now easier then ever. There ..

Where You Can Use Wall Tiles In Your Home

 January 03, 2017 Tiles have long been a popular choice for finishing walls and floors due to the fact their practical, versatile and incredibly hard-wearing. However, when it comes to wall tiles, there are plenty of ..

Innovative ways to use tiling in your home

 December 01, 2016 Are you looking to create a new look for your living room, kitchen or even your conservatory? Let us show you some of the innovative ways you can use tiling in your home. You may be surprised by some .

Important Things to Consider When Building a New Home

 November 10, 2016 For those of you who have a plan to build a new home, you have to check out the home from a couple of angles. You have to consider a couple of lifestyles that have been used by people these days. ..

5 Ways to make your bathroom tiling special

 November 03, 2016 5 Ways to make your bathroom tiling special A bathroom can be one of the biggest selling points of a house so taking extra care when it comes to designing it and paying attention to all those little ..

Reasons to Choose a Course in Interior Design

 May 23, 2016 Trends in the art world are changing rapidly. The rapid expansion of modern media and information has now also filtered into interior design. As a consequence, the interiors of offices, homes and ..

Making The Most Of Your Box Room

 June 25, 2015 Box rooms can often be neglected and underused. Here we look at a few ways to make the most of your box rooms potential Box rooms can often be neglected, commonly used for storage, holding items we ..

Mark Molthan Explains the Use of Color in Dallas Home Design

 February 14, 2014 Many people have understood for a long time - at least subconsciously - that colors can affect our emotions. People typically try to plan their wardrobes and surround themselves with the colors that ..

Encouraging Your Kids To Take An Interest In Art

 March 14, 2013 Art can open kids’ minds up to creative thought, and helps them to look at the world in different ways. Moreover, an interest in art shows a healthy love for culture, and can become a hugely ..

Brighten Your Home With Artworks

 March 14, 2013 Art is in the eye of the beholder and when it comes to choosing art to brighten your home there is a plethora of choice. Depending on your interior design, be it contemporary or traditional, or a ..

Interior design ideas: Create durable spaces

 January 29, 2013 Create a space that is perfect for families with kids and pets. These ideas from a specialist in Salt Lake City Utah interior design can help you design a room that’s safe, easy to maintain and .

Finding Junk and Ideas to Repurpose

 January 25, 2013 It is all about finding the right piece of furniture, a wood shutter or an old door, then the magic begins. Where do we find these pieces? Curb trash, dumpster diving, junk stores, flea markets, ..

How to Bring Spain into Your Homes

 January 21, 2013 The Spanish have a unique culture which many designers choose to incorporate in their interior decoration solutions. If you are interested in adding a Spanish touch to your home here are some tips ..

Are You Interested In The History Of Art?

 January 07, 2013 I was involved in an interesting conversation the other day, which involved a group of friends. They had been examining some paintings recently and one was outlining the history of those paintings to .

Learning More About The World Of Art

 January 07, 2013 In recent times, I've been taking more and more of an interest in what art has to offer for me and my family. For some of you, the only surprise here may be that I wasn't aware of the importance of ..

“Painting for the Holidays: Deck the Walls”

 December 21, 2012 We open our homes to many friends and family during the holiday season, which makes it a perfect time to refresh the look and feel of your interior spaces by painting with cozy colors. A newly ..

Interior design ideas: Remodel your master bathroom

 November 02, 2012 If you're thinking about remodeling your master bathroom here are some useful interior design ideas. In this article I'm going to talk about the traditional, elegant style: incorporating a beautiful, .

Fit Some Stainless Steel Into Your Home

 October 10, 2012 From a snazzy space age egg timer, a soap holder or your favourite wok to a fully decked out modern-looking kitchen, stainless steel is a metal that we can no longer seem to avoid in our homes. But ..

Interior design ideas: Books and Photos

 August 24, 2012 If you've been looking at design magazines or even just out and about at the local furniture shops then you've probably seen these decorative vintage inspired books laying around. We have some ..

Warm Traditions: Family Room Remodel

 July 24, 2012 In the Family Room we designed a plan that took out our clients old fireplace and large unframed mirror and gave them a nice larger double tiered fireplace complete with an onyx stone surround. We ..

Colour Co-ordination for Interior Design

 June 29, 2012 Creating a colour scheme is the most important starting point when looking to revamp, refurbish and renovate any room in your home. Choosing a suitable palette of colours and tones for your room will .

Luxury bedding to your bedroom or guest room

 June 27, 2012 The addition of high quality bedding to your bedroom and/or guest room(s) can enhance the luxuriousness of the room intensely. Not only should your bedding look magnificent; it should feel ..

Luxury Fabrics For Your Luxury Home

 June 26, 2012 If your budget does not permit you to spend vast amounts on furniture but you want to create a feeling of luxury in a room, the addition of luxurious cushions and curtains can transform the ..

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