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Zero-Potential Prospects Are the Pits!

 January 14, 2009 As a sales manager I used to walk to the front of our bullpen and make this announcement: "From now on, only call those people who are going to say YES!" Of course, it was a joke-sort of. Wouldn't ..

What's Inside a Cigarette?

 September 16, 2008 Cigarettes have thousands of chemicals in them. There are up to 600 and more flavorings and additives found in a single stick of a cigarette. But when the cigarette is smoked, it releases up to 4000 ..

Negotiate Successfully Using 'Inside Information'

 August 26, 2008 When you negotiate and you have ‘inside information', do you know when or how to use it? There is an undervalued force that speaks, but makes no sound, a force that can't be seen, but one that ..

Insider Beauty Secrets

 July 07, 2008 In today's world, beauty is a highly desired commodity. Even though most of us don't measure up to media glamour, we believe physical beauty brings happiness. Despite the efforts of the women's ..

Spike Your Phone Teams Performance With a Script Change!

 June 29, 2008 As you may know, I speak and write extensively about telephone scripting, whether it's in cold calling, appointment setting, prospecting, inside sales, customer service, or technical support. Every ..

5 Ways a Clothes Airer Can Improve Your Health

 June 28, 2008 This is because a clothes airer can dramatically reduce stress levels. Here's 5 reasons why: 1. Too much noise can be stressful. That background buzzing sound will over power your senses. By turning ..

Teenagers Inside the Teenage Brain

 June 16, 2008 Recent research on the human brain provides parents with shocking new evidence to possibly explain the sometimes irrational, illogical and impulsive behavior of teenagers. Brain researchers can now ..

Solving Life Problems - Inside Out

 April 22, 2008 There's a word for people who have no problems. . .deceased. As long as we live in this world, problems will happen no matter what we do. Most of us endure trouble with our relationships, jobs, ..

Advice for Those Who Want a Better Lawn

 April 04, 2008 A good-looking lawn is the dream of everyone who has a lawn. Few people however, want anything to do with the intense amount of work and strenuous effort that usually goes with maintaining a lush ..

What if You Could Live Forever... Inside a Computer?

 April 09, 2007 I’ve written a far amount of science-fiction both in novel form and in articles. But this idea may be closer than you think. Within the area of genetic engineering and the advent of ..

Alaskan Cruise Vacation Packages: The Inside Passage and ..

 February 09, 2007 An Alaskan cruise is a great way to see the awesome beauty of the Inside Passage, as well as an opportunity to experience on shore excursions. You can sail from Vancouver to Anchorage and sail from ..

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